Let’s Get the Economy Moving!/ US Leftists do China LoveFest

As we fret about the death toll from the Chinese virus, we should consider several facts. First, the death toll to date is massively lower than the “experts” predicted. Remember that Dr. ‘Deep State’ Fauci – who has spent his whole life in government and wrongfully predicted back in the 1980s that AIDS was going to ‘break out’ into the heterosexual population and kill millions – said at first that the coronavirus could kill 2.1 million Americans.

He then lowered it to 200,000, then 100,000 and now it has gone down to 81,000, according to a Washington state outfit called IHME, which is funded by globalist Bill Gates and is offering projections that Fauci repeats. And that 81,000 appears to be coming down as the IHME realizes how absurd its predictions were and adjusts them to reality.

On the other hand Phony Fauci said in January 2020:

… this (virus) is not a major threat for the people of the United States. And this is not something that the citizens of the United States right now should be worried about.

What the….??!! What does this guy believe? Fauci must go. President Trump should get rid of him and replace him with someone who is not tainted by decades of wrong predictions.

Without a moment’s training in epidemiology, Nikitas3.com predicts 20,000 deaths, and many of them should not even be called virus deaths. They are old people who were dying anyway, but are being counted as victims of the China virus as instructed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (i.e., federal government) guidelines. This was true in Italy where virtually all of the deaths were among old people who had underlying health conditions.

Yet we are shutting down vast swaths of the American economy for this virus. Actually Nikitas3.com conjectures that the economy is running at half-speed or better and is not shut down by any means.

Millions of people are working from home and tens of millions more are going to work anyway in health care (of course); in trucking and on the railroads; at the airlines, but at reduced capacity; on construction sites; at restaurants selling takeout food; on farms; in nursing homes; at manufacturing plants and in the coal mines; doctors, dentists and architects; at oil refineries and power plants; logging in the forests; at liquor stores; at millions of small businesses including chimney sweeps, lawn mowers, painters, electricians, etc.; at places like Amazon, Home Depot, WalMart, lumber yards and car dealerships; at grocery stores, gas stations and drug stores, etc.

Meanwhile as millions of brick-and-mortar stores lose business, that business is being made up by internet retailers like Amazon. So it is not a loss to the economy, but it is a loss to the owners of brick-and-mortar stores, which is unfortunate.

Even the Mexican border wall is continuing to go up. And don’t forget that 22 million government workers on the federal, state, county and local level aren’t missing any paychecks, including 3.4 million public school teachers.

And here’s an interesting statistical quirk: It is being reported that 11,000+ people have died of the virus, yet the quarantine is actually lowering deaths among people in car crashes and other accidents that would be happening on job sites and other places without the quarantine. Nikitas3.com estimates that there have been 1,000 fewer car crash deaths and 100,000 fewer injuries since the coronavirus shutdown started.

And while 2.8 million Americans die every year of old age, disease, accidents etc., let us look at the actual number of coronavirus deaths in the US states on the bottom end of the spectrum as of April 7. Look at these paltry numbers, many of which are old people who were dying anyway (New York state was listed at #1 with 4,758 deaths):

26. Oklahoma: 51 deaths

27. North Carolina: 50 deaths

28. South Carolina: 48 deaths

29. Nevada: 46 deaths

30. Minnesota: 30 deaths

31. Oregon: 29 deaths

32. Rhode Island: 27 deaths

33. Kansas: 25 deaths

34. Iowa: 24 deaths

35. Vermont: 23 deaths

36. Arkansas: 16 deaths

37. Delaware: 15 deaths

38. Utah: 13 deaths

39. New Mexico: 12 deaths

40. Idaho: 10 deaths

41. Maine: 10 deaths

42. New Hampshire: 9 deaths

43. Nebraska: 9 deaths

44. Alaska: 6 deaths

45. Montana: 6 deaths

46. Hawaii: 5 death

47. South Dakota: 4 death

48. West Virginia: 4 death

49. North Dakota: 3 deaths

So why are these states being quarantined at all? Actually some of them are not being strictly quarantined, and that is good news. They have refused to become victims of the media hysteria. And it is time for us to look at the whole country and ask the question: Is this quarantine really necessary?

Nikitas3.com says that we should end the quarantine in many places, starting in states and counties where there are few cases, and we should simply ask old people to stay home and demand masks and social distancing for the rest where it is applicable. Chloroquine can help to make this happen in a significant way by giving instant relief to those who contract the disease.

Let’s get Americans back to work!

Leftists Commence China Love-Fest

We can always rely on US leftists and Democrats to do one thing repeatedly and without hesitation – embrace any individual or group that does evil to our country.

For instance the Democrat party for decades has been friendly to communist governments the world over. Democrats defend criminals serially. They excuse and explain away terrorism. They turn a blind eye to mass criminality by blacks. They support endless access to abortion. Democrats are closely allied to crooked labor unions that are involved in myriad evil activities like murder, corruption and theft.

Remember the Golden Rule: Socialism and communism reward failure and punish achievement.

We also are seeing Democrats in the US cozying up to evil China after China launched the worldwide pandemic. This is to be expected; it has been going on for years. After all China has a $12 trillion annual economy so has lots of money to pay off people all over the globe for their loyalty.

And now we see that the World Health Organization (WHO) lied about the coronavirus in order to shield China, thus allowing the virus to spread worldwide. Tiana Lowe at The Washington Examiner reported this about the US TV networks:

ABC, NBC, and CBS will all stream a benefit concert to raise money for the WHO.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, and Jimmy Fallon will all host, and a number of A- and B- (and C-) list celebrities are set to perform or appear in some way. In a less than subtle plot reveal, the concert is aptly named “One World: Together At Home.”

Worst of all, the networks are now so recklessly delusional that they genuinely believe Americans, worried about whether they’ll make rent next month, want to watch a bunch of celebrities in their Hidden Hills mansions laud one another and pat the WHO on the back for its failures.

WHO helped cause this problem. It spread China’s lies, even maintaining in mid-January that human-to-human transmission of this virus was impossible. The organization has, under Chinese pressure, promote crackpot pseudoscience such as traditional Chinese medicine. An of course, the organization also recommended against wearing masks.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the celebrities all showed up to preen and self-congratulate for this terrible organization, and no one watched?

You can be absolutely sure that China is funneling tens of millions of dollars to CBS, NBC, ABC, Kimmel, Colbert and Fallon for their service. Don’t doubt it for a second. And this could not come at a more opportune time as the networks see their ad revenues plunging and stock prices tumbling.

New York City Ventilator Rip-Off

Fox News reported:

In 2006, then-New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration began purchasing ventilators to allow the city to be prepared for a pandemic like the current coronavirus crisis — only for the city to later auction them off, according to a report.

ProPublica reported Monday that the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene issued a report in 2006 on the city’s preparedness for pandemic influenza — similar to the 1918 Spanish Flu or the 2019 novel coronavirus — that projected the city would need thousands of extra ventilators in order to properly treat all of its residents who got sick. The plan was then put into action, with the city initially buying 500 ventilators before it ran out of money to buy more and to maintain the ones it had already stockpiled, according to ProPublica.

Those ventilators were then auctioned off some time before 2016 because the city could not afford to maintain them in working order, partially because the model of ventilator the city had purchased was no longer in production after 2009, the report said.

Enough said. More corruption and incompetence in another Democrat-controlled city. We do not know what really happened there. It looks shady.

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