Chinese Virus Death Numbers Being Spiked Artificially

Dr. Deborah Birx, the ‘scarf lady’ who appears daily at president Trump’s COVID-19 press briefings, admitted that the number of deaths from the virus are being artificially spiked.

A reported asked Birx: “Can you talk about your concerns about deaths being misreported by Coronavirus because of either testing or standards for how they are characterized?”

Birx answered: “If someone dies with COVID-19, we are counting that as a COVID-19 death.”

In other words, if you are 88 years old and have cancer and are dying anyway and you get the Chinese virus and die, you are counted as a virus death. That would be like saying that an 88-year-old person who is bedridden with diabetes and heart failure and who catches the flu and dies actually died of the flu.

Friends, this is a complete fraud that exposes these leftists for who they really are. Birx’s husband worked for Bill Clinton and Birx has worked for Obama on AIDS. She is a full-time, lifelong health bureaucrat. And this spiking of the numbers is typical of how the government is lying to us again and again over this virus. And they are doing this to make the crisis look worse than it is in order to harm president Trump.

But then again, these bureaucrats like Drs. Fauci and Birx are famous for making wild predictions, like 2.1 million dead from the virus. And then when that predictions looks like it is off by millions, they try to make the virus look worse than it is by saying that anyone who died with the virus died of the virus.

Yet we had report after report from Italy that virtually all of the people who died of the Chinese virus were old people with underlying health conditions and that virtually no young people were dying, and very few middle-aged people.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on those who already have died of the virus, only 1,9% of the people who have died in New York City had NO underlying health issues.

This is a shocking statistic…

So not only have we had this virus as an evil gift from the communist government in China, but the same people who are seeking to minimize China’s guilt – Democrats, leftists, Hollywood, the Fake News media, etc. – also are inflating the number of deaths.

Dr. Scott Jensen, a Minnesota physician and Republican state senator said he received a 7-page document coaching him to fill out death certificates with a COVID-19 diagnosis without a lab test to confirm the patient actually had the virus. He said:

“Last Friday I received a 7-page document that told me if I had an 86-year-old patient that had pneumonia but was never tested for COVID-19 but some time after she came down with pneumonia we learned that she had been exposed to her son who had no symptoms but later on was identified with COVID-19, then it would be appropriate to diagnose on the death certificate COVID-19.”

This is even more beyond the pale, that they would be asked to actually fabricate a diagnosis. This shows how the leftists are doing everything in their power to exploit this crisis for political gain, i.e., hurt president Trump.

This virus is a life-and-death situation and these government hacks like Fauci – who predicted wildly inaccurately back in the 1980s that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions – are using fake numbers and then faking them even further.

After all, Fauci started with a prediction that 2.1 million could die of COVID, then dropped that prediction by 90 percent(!) down to 200,000, then cut that in half again by to 100,000. And now that number has gone lower to 81,000. That number fell to 61,000 on April 8!

Fauci gets his numbers from an outfit called the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) which is headquartered at the University of Washington, in Washington state.

IHME is funded by the mega-billionaire Seattle globalist Bill Gates. And his IHME group is just like these academic ‘global warming’ groups that predict the future in the most dire terms.’

Not only were IHME’s COVID predictions wrong, but they are wrong even with the death numbers being spiked artificially. Because we know that tens of thousands of younger people all over the globe have recovered from the virus but few elderly have. So while elderly people are dying largely of their underlying conditions like cancer, diabetes, etc., they indeed are having their conditions worsened by the coronavirus. But a simple cold, flu or pneumonia would do the same thing.

These dire predictions are like the predictions being given about ‘climate change’ or “global warming” that are always at the extreme and obviously being wildly exaggerated to make the worst-case scenario. Except that we are supposed to panic about these “climate” predictions that are 100 years down the road, when hardly anyone today will even be alive to verify them.

Unfortunately for Gates, Fauci and IHME, we already have actual coronavirus death numbers and hospitalization numbers and we know that the IHME numbers are way off. The Covid Tracking Project, which is another outfit run by eggheads, reported its predictions for April 5:

– All beds needed: 179,267
– ICU beds needed: 33,176
– Invasive ventilators: 26,544

But the actual numbers recorded at the Covid Tracking Project for April 5 were:

– Actual hospitalizations: 22,158
– In ICU: 5,207
– On ventilator: 656

Look at that – the number of ventilators needed is off by a factor of 40! This is typical. Far-left Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state, who was putting out the most alarmist figures and demanding thousands of ventilators, suddenly said that he does not need all of the ventilators that he thought that he needed.

We need to stop trusting these government bureaucrats and other people on the left. We need a full investigation of China for giving us this virus and of these groups giving us these fake figures.

And Gates, who passes himself off as friendly, smiling computer geek, is nothing of the sort. Behind the scenes he is a hard-core globalist. He even suggested in March that the entire American economy should be totally shut down until the end of May.

This is intended to kill the American economy, which is what the globalists want so that China can take over the world economy. After all, China is not shutting down their economy while Gates is not satisfied that the US economy is not shut down entirely. After all it is still running at about half-speed or more, according to calculations by

Update: Gates and Fauci are closely linked to the Fake New media, David Rockefeller, George Soros and the China-centric World Health Organization. A photo posted by The Gateway Pundit shows Gates’ father posing with Rockefeller, Soros, CNN founder Ted Turner, and New York media bigwigs.

Meanwhile others on the left are seeking to exploit the Chinese virus for nefarious political ends. Breitbart News reported:

The Brennan Center for Justice, which is heavily financed by George Soros, has submitted a letter to the governors of all fifty states urging them to use executive action to “release as many people as possible from incarceration” due to coronavirus fears “provided they do not pose serious public safety threats.”

The letter cited concern that the U.S. prison population could face greater risk of illness and death than the general public due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

The Brennan Center recommended that all governors use the power of clemency where they can.

The document states:

Ideally, people who are older, medically compromised, or nearing the end of their prison terms could have their sentences commuted to time served and be released outright. We urge you to grant the broadest relief to the largest group of people possible, but should this prove impracticable, we urge you to consider clemency relief in other forms, such as reprieves, which temporarily suspend a sentence, or conditional pardons.

So there you go. This is part of a movement to treat criminals well and to empty our jails, which is the dream of the extremist left and the Democrat party that have been soft on criminals since the 1960s. It gets worse. The radical left-wing Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar has proposed legislation that would extend cash benefits from the $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill to members of “mixed status” families.

“Mixed status” really means ‘illegal immigrant’. So once again we have Democrats seeking to exploit the crisis for their own agenda. It is awful.

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