Bernie Sanders Drops Out of the Race… but Not Really

Bernie Sanders has officially dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary race (is “suspending his campaign” in election-speak). He said so on Wednesday, April 8. He expected to lose in the Wisconsin primary of April 7, but its results won’t come in until April 13 due to the coronavirus and a delayed vote. So you wonder what is going on.

Let tell you what is going on. First, Sanders said this to his followers:

“I wish I could give you better news but I think you know the truth and that is that we are now some 300 delegates behind Vice President Biden and the path toward victory is virtually impossible. So while are winning the ideological battle and while we are winning the support of so many young people and working people throughout the country, I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful.”

This is technically true but then he sent this little cruise missile into the Democrats’ midst:

“On a practical note, let me also say this. I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates.”

Uh-oh! Democrats were hoping for a clean break, where the militant Sanders pledged to drop out and give his delegates to Biden and go home to Vermont. But his statement means that Sanders is not really dropping out of the race. He is going to continue to gather delegates since he still has many loyal followers on the fringe left who will automatically vote for him even though there isn’t going to be much real campaigning in the remaining states due to the virus.

There are still 27 state primaries to go. This shows that Bernie is not really giving up. And even president Trump knows this, tweeting:

“Wow, Bernie is unwilling to give up his delegates, and wants more of them! What’s that all about?”

Here is what it is about. Sanders said:

“While vice president Biden will be the nominee, (the Sanders campaign) must continue working to assemble as many delegates as possible at the Democratic National Convention, where we will be able to exert significant influence over the party platform and other functions.”

So there you go. Sanders knows that the Democrat party is drifting way to the left and he takes credit for much of that. Now he wants to go to the convention and throw his weight around with however many delegates he finally gets, and it is a significant total – he already has 75% of the delegates that Biden has. It’s is not as if he has just a few delegates; that is what Democrats want us to think.

He is going to tout these delegates at the convention and will imply to the Democrats, “You’d better listen to me. I have millions of supporters. And if I don’t like what you do, I may even tell my supporters to stay home on election day.”

This is a nightmare for Democrats. After all, we know that Obama and other top Democrats have had “the conversation” with Bernie, that he would destroy the Democrat party if he is the nominee, that Trump would drown him. So Sanders is ostensibly going to allow Biden to take the nomination and then hope to get a lot of influence at the convention and then maybe even a post in a potential Biden administration.

But there is something else at work too. Bernie really wants to be president and he is hanging in there since he knows that Biden may screw himself with his horrible performances, like his TV interviews where he can hardly put a sentence together. Or Biden may have a heart attack, or another brain aneurysm (he has had two of them already) or some other health problem.

In other words, Bernie is like the spurned lover who will never accept that the lady doesn’t want him. So Bernie is not totally dropping out. He is still strategizing that he can be a power broker and maybe even take the nomination himself since he really wants to be president.

Political analysts are also warning that a significant chunk of Sanders supporters (up to 15% has been mentioned) are going to vote for president Trump since Trump is an economic nationalist who appeals to white working-class Americans who support Sanders. This sounds counter-intuitive, but it is said to be a phenomenon that believes has validity.

Naturally the Fake News media are immediately touting polls showing Biden winning in November. This is like the polls that said that Republican Ronald Reagan could never beat incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter in 1980 (Reagan won in a landslide) or that Trump could never win.

And Biden is keeping afloat by not showing his face in public during the virus crisis. Once Americans see this bumbling old fool, they will get the message. believes that Trump will thrash Biden.

This whole scenario is certainly causing the bigwigs in the Democrat party to lose a lot of sleep. They know that Biden is a horrible candidate and are praying for a miracle, like president Trump dying.

Their only real miracle today is New York governor Andrew Cuomo, who is being touted as a possible “white knight” to step in and take Biden’s place. Cuomo has become a national figure with the virus outbreak in New York city and his daily press conferences about it, but there are many problems with Cuomo. believes that Cuomo would generate lots of enthusiasm but would end up losing to Trump as well. Here are the reasons:

*First, Cuomo may not even want to run. He knows about political power and he knows that Trump is strong. This is probably why he did not enter the 2020 primaries in the first place. Cuomo surely might like to be president someday but he would not want to risk losing to Trump in 2020. That would probably end up being his only shot at the White House.

*Cuomo is too far to the left. He is a radical socialist. He has done nothing for the people of New York as their state has tumbled into an economic abyss under crushing taxes and daunting regulations, including ‘green’ laws. This includes a ban on ‘fracking’ for the rich natural gas deposits underlying the rural Southern Tier of Upstate New York.

Hundreds of thousands of younger, skilled, educated, productive and even wealthy people have fled New York state since Cuomo was elected in 2010. Hundreds of thousands of jobs have disappeared in the same period.

Even president Trump, a lifelong resident of New York City, moved his legal residence to Florida in 2019, along with many other high-profile people like mega-billionaire Carl Icahn. This hardly makes Cuomo look good.

*At the same time that the New York state economy has tanked, Cuomo has done all of the usual far-left-wing stuff like insuring the most extreme abortion rights and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens; he signed radical legislation in 2019 that coddles criminals; and he also signed the restrictive gun law called The Safe Act which would rouse up Second Amendment backers in important electoral states like Pennsylvania and Michigan.

*Cuomo is a demagogue. He has a horribly annoying way of lecturing his audiences in a very slow cadence as if he is talking to schoolchildren. And if you understand the Democrat New York electorate, you know why he talks that way.

Many people in New York state cannot stand Cuomo and consider him to be a publicity hog and a narcissist. Then again Cuomo could brag that he is in his third term as governor and is very popular. But that does not change the dire economic conditions in the state that Cuomo has presided over. Socialists always support socialists no matter how bad things get.

*Cuomo is corrupt. reported in September 2018:

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s former right-hand man, Joe Percoco, has been sentenced to six years in prison on federal corruption charges, after a jury found him guilty of accepting more than $300,000 in bribes—ziti, as he put it—from companies that had business before the state.

*Cuomo’s father Mario was governor of New York for 12 years and was considered to be a potential presidential candidate in both 1988 and 1992, but he never ran. This was said to be a sign of weakness or fear in his character that his son may also have.

*While he is a long-time Trump hater, Andrew Cuomo praised the president for the job that he is doing on the Chinese virus. And the reason that he did so is simple: Cuomo needs federal money and federal help to fight the virus that is ravaging his state. And so the Trump campaign could re-play videos of Cuomo praising Trump and that would be very damaging to Cuomo.

*Virus patients need respirators, which are very expensive at $36,000 each. The former Republican lieutenant governor of New York state Betsy McCaughey recently wrote a commentary that explained that Cuomo did not buy respirators for the state when it was recommended that he do so in 2015 at a cost of $575 million. Instead he spent $750 million on a solar panel factory. This negligence would look very bad for Cuomo in light of the virus crisis.

*And finally we must never forget Cuomo’s quote from August 2018 that would bury his candidacy. He said “We’re not going to make America great again. It was never that great.” This is pure poison for someone who wants to be president.

All in all does not believe that Cuomo is a threat to president Trump. And neither is Biden.

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