Post-Virus Economic Bounce will Re-elect President Trump

As has been saying for weeks, this Chinese coronavirus crisis is being way overblown. The first estimates from the “expert” Dr. Fauci said that 2.1 million people were going to die. This figure came from a University of Washington outfit called IHME which is funded by globalist mega-billionaire Bill Gates.

But to date only 18,777 people have died and virtually all of them were elderly people age 80 and older with underlying medical conditions who were probably going to die soon anyway. Meanwhile new hospitalizations are on a rapid decline.

As of April 11, there were reported to be only 496,535 total infections in the US. At the same time California has seen only 584 deaths in a state with 39.4 million people that has been largely shut down. It is thus no surprise that the word “pandemic” has the word “panic” in it.

US Army soldiers built a temporary hospital in Seattleā€™s CenturyLink Field football stadium but the hospital never saw a single patient. On Good Friday the hospital was dismantled.

The US Navy hospital ship Comfort was dispatched to New York City by president Trump after dire predictions that it would be needed in a stricken city. Yet the Comfort has had just a few patients.

At the same time Boeing announced that it will recall 2,500 employees as early as Monday, April 13. And you just watch – as more people venture out and go back to work there is going to be a snowball effect since Americans are tired of this quarantine and are seeing that this whole crisis has been massively exaggerated and hyped.

Things have gotten so bad that the police in Greenville, Mississippi gave $500 tickets to parishioners who parked with their windows rolled up in the parking lot of a church to listen to a Good Friday service on the radio by their pastor inside the church.

In fact the greatest damage from the virus is going to be economic, which is just fine with the globalists and American Democrats. You can hear disappointment and panic in the Fake News media as the crisis slows. The media do not want Americans back to work. They want fear and economic collapse for one simple reason – to make president Trump look bad. They do not care one whit about the well-being of the nation.

We can easily compare this to ‘global warming’. The “greenie” alarmists have been warning us of a planetary ‘climate’ catastrophe with no evidence whatsoever to back it up except anecdotes about a naturally-changing climate. And their computer models are precisely the same types of models that have grossly over-exaggerated the Chinese virus.

And then when president Trump offers an optimistic view on the outcome and for a revitalized economy, the Fake News media attack him for “happy talk”.

Why? Because liberals and leftists are by nature dark, negative, self-doubting, self-loathing and pessimistic people who thrive on failure. Their lives revolve around a scenario where tens of millions of people just like them become desperate and think that handouts from the government are the only way to survive.

Yet it is media-induced and government-induced panic that is destroying millions of Americans financially and psychologically as 10% of the American workforce – 16 million people – has applied for unemployment benefits due to the quarantine, which itself is stressful and isolating.

Here is some typical Fake News from Fake Fox News:

The United States has reached a grim milestone in the fight against coronavirus, passing Italy to become the country with the most deaths in the world.

A tally by Johns Hopkins University showed Saturday that 18,860 people have now died in the U.S. since the start of the outbreak.

As a result, the U.S. has now overtaken Italy’s total of 18,849.

Fake Fox News fails to mention that the United States has 5.5 times as many people as Italy, and thus our death rate is just 18% of Italy’s, not the same as Italy’s. But this is how the Fake News frighten us and deceive us. has been correct all along. I predicted 20,000 deaths and that was before I even discovered that most of the deaths are among old people with pre-existing conditions and/or are being mis-reported. believes that liberal doctors are intentionally spiking the death statistics to hurt Trump while we know for certain that the government is urging doctors on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s own website to list the cause of death as Covid-19 even if there is no proof but only a suspicion. Or even if it not the cause of death, but only one of many conditions.

This is all intended to make president Trump look bad even though he saved us from tens of thousands more deaths already by banning flights from infected China and then from infected Europe. predicted several weeks ago that the crisis would generally be over by late April while the media and left-wing activists were saying that it would last until Summer, would come back to life in the Fall and could shut down the country for the next 18 months.

Meanwhile these same activist are ignoring reports that the communist government of China allowed flights from the virus epicenter in Wuhan, China to the rest of the world but banned flights from Wuhan to the rest of China. If this does not expose these vile Chinese rats for who they are, then nothing does.

This all sounds like the alarmists who have been telling us that America must drastically alter our way of life over ‘climate change’ but they say nothing about the world’s biggest polluter which is… you guessed it… China.

Naturally the greedy and inept bureaucrats who run the Amtrak rail passenger system are getting $1 billion from the federal bailout plan. This comes after Amtrak has received $75 billion in taxpayer subsidies since 1971 while totally mismanaging a grossly inefficient system that should be largely shut down.

As Americans realize that we all have been ripped off in multiple ways by this crisis, and many economists are predicting a big economic surge as the crisis ends. We know that the media are praying for bad news, but they are going to get another kick in the teeth as the economy surges in the next few months, just in time to re-elect president Trump.

President Trump recently held a press conference that lasted for more than two hours. He answered every question imaginable. He is being totally transparent, yet the media are still attacking him. Their most recent ploy was to claim falsely and without a shred of evidence that the president had a major financial stake in one of the companies that makes a cheap drug called choloroquine that has been discussed as a possible cure for the Chinese scourge.

Yet chloroquine has been shown to be very effective in treating the virus. It is a common drug that was first introduced way back in 1945 and has been prescribed for decades for malaria, which also involves respiratory distress as the Chinese virus does.

In short, these Democrats don’t want any good news about the virus and are hoping for the destruction of America in any way possible. The House of Representatives even is planning a special investigation into this crisis to try to bring down Trump. But you can rest assured that they will never mention China’s central role in creating, covering up and spreading the virus.

Meanwhile the Democrats’ terrible presidential candidate Joe Biden is so confused that he first called president Trump a xenophobe and a bigot for banning the flights from China. Then Biden said that he supported the ban. Then Biden said that Trump should have imposed the ban earlier.

This shows why the Democrats are in panic and are doing all of the crazy things that they are doing. They know that Biden is going to lose. And in the long run – and even in the short run – president Trump is looking like the real leader. His approval ratings over his handling of the crisis are high despite the Democrats’ never-ending attempt to smear him.

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