Why Some Conservatives Turned on Trump/ Blacks Divert Us from their Failures

First, here is a quick word about British prime minister Boris (Alexander) Johnson. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of a London hospital with coronavirus on April 6 but then he was released from the hospital on April 12.

Huh!? How did that happen so quickly? What treatment did he get? Did he get chloroquine, which president Trump has touted, which looks like a “miracle drug” to treat coronavirus? That is the drug that Democrats don’t want us to know about since it would be useful in ending the crisis and helping president Trump. It is the same drug that the American Fake News media are vilifying and are seeking to turn public opinion against.

How Did ‘Conservatives’ Like George Will Turn so Liberal?

Many national political commentators who preached conservatism for decades have turned on president Trump and on the conservative agenda. These include George Will, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg and others. And so we must wonder: What happened to these people? Nikitas3.com offers these explanations:

*These people were not conservatives to begin with. But they made their fame and fortune talking like conservatives.

They may well have recognized that liberal commentators were everywhere and so they realized that they could make money and fame for themselves by being conservative, where the field was much less crowded and where they could stand out.

And by appearing to be simply “the opposition” to liberalism, they got away with being conservative because the Democrats still controlled much of the agenda. But when Trump changed that, people like Will and Kristol may have flipped to the liberal side because they knew that the media were turning hard against Trump and that their careers could be damaged if they stuck with Trump.

*These people are possibly being paid large sums of money to ‘flip’ against president Trump. This would be no problem for someone like the skunks in Silicon Valley or like mega-billionaire and radical communist George Soros who has a fortune estimated at $10 billion. Soros has been using his wealth to fund left-wing causes and could have paid George Will $20 million to “flip”. Easy. And it would be a super-effective expenditure to ‘flip’ a national conservative figure like Will.

The famous and influential Drudge Report website was pro-Trump through 2016 but since has become just another anti-Trump Fake News media outlet. Was owner Matt Drudge paid off? Was he offered a huge sum to sell? Both explanations are possible.

*These commentators were Republicans and not conservatives. They were not committed to the conservative agenda. They were people like John McCain and Mitt Romney who expressed support for Republican ideas, but were not conservative, as many in the Republican party have fled president Trump and his agenda.

It is important to remember that the Republican Establishment in Washington hated conservative president Ronald Reagan even though Reagan was one of our most successful presidents and he saved the Republican party from destruction, as Trump is also doing today.

*Commentators like George Will may have decided to curry favor with the Fake News media and the Washington Establishment as they get older (Will is 78) and consider what their legacy will be. They want to get good treatment until they die and after they die and so they have switched sides.

This is like anti-Trumper John McCain who became the Democrats’ favorite Republican and who got gushing media coverage after he died, just as he would have wanted. George Will certainly saw that happen and probably liked it very much and wants it for himself.

*They are being threatened by people on the left. For instance MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is a vehement anti-Trumper who was a conservative Republican congressman from Florida from 1995 to 2001. Unfortunately a congressional intern named Lauri Klausutis was found dead in Scarborough’s office in 2001. Does someone on the Democrat side have dirt on Scarborough? Are they threatening him in order to make him anti-Trump?

To make things worse between Trump and Scarborough, Trump tweeted this after Matt Lauer was run off of the Today show on NBC in the MeToo scandal:

So now that Matt Lauer is gone when will the Fake News practitioners at NBC be terminating the contract of Phil Griffin? And will they terminate low ratings Joe Scarborough based on the ‘unsolved mystery’ that took place in Florida years ago? Investigate!

Wow. Kaboom. Of course we could say that these ex-conservatives just don’t like Trump personally. But that does not explain their switch. Nikitas3.com believes that there are other things going on.

Meanwhile the allegedly conservative columnists at the New York Times and Washington Post have gone full anti-Trump. But this is no surprise. They were hired because they were not real conservatives to start with and they are probably being threatened with their jobs if they don’t go after Trump.

The Post’s allegedly conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin has gone so far off the rails that she recently tweeted:

If Biden is serious about winning he needs to accuse Trump of willingness to kill people.

Nikitas3.com sees something very wrong here. A real conservative would not say this. It would be interesting to know the truth, but we never will.

Blacks Divert Attention from their Own Failures

A black Democrat state representative from Ohio said that president Trump should be tried for crimes against humanity over some of his remarks at the daily coronavirus task force press briefings.

This female condemned Trump’s expression of hope that the drug chloroquine will successfully treat coronavirus patients and said that, “I’ve been to (the International Criminal Court in) The Hague (Netherlands). I’m making a referral for crimes against humanity tomorrow.”

OK, so, first, chloroquine is showing great promise in applications against the virus conducted by real doctors, not by stupid black politicians. It is good that president Trump has raised the name of the drug publicly. Thousands of people are using it today in clinical trials.

Second, Nikitas3.com does not believe for a second that this Ohio moron even knows where The Hague is or that she even has been there. After all, how did she go there and get back with all of the travel restrictions on Europe? (Answer: She didn’t.)

Third, she is doing what most blacks do which is to lash out at Trump and, by association, at all white people. And there is a reason for this: Blacks have been seeking for decades to blame white people for and divert attention from the failure of black America to get off of the bottom of the US economy.

Despite 400 years in America, blacks are still on the first rung of the economic ladder, even below many immigrants who have only been here for 10 years and who came only with the clothes on their backs.

Meanwhile a prominent black Democrat congresswoman from Texas named Sheila Jackson Lee put on a face mask ostensibly to prevent herself from getting the coronavirus and she put it on wrong without covering her nose. And this congresswoman is one of the most vocal Democrats in America who constantly criticizes president Trump and white people.

Lee does this for a reason: To shift the spotlight from the failures of black America, like not knowing how to put on a simple face mask. Who could forget the black Democrat congressman named Hank Johnson who worried that the Pacific island of Guam might “tip over” as a result of too many people on the island.

Ditto for all of the media/political blacks who constantly attack president Trump and cry racism and discrimination every minute of every day like Sharpton, Jackson, Cummings, Joy Reid, John Lewis, Cory Booker and all the rest of the incompetents.

Black Democrat congresswoman Maxine Waters of California is constantly railing against president Trump and threatening him with impeachment yet her congressional district is largely black and is considered the most dangerous district in America with a sky-high crime rate and poverty rate. But you would never know that from the way that she talks. You would think that the big problem in America is, you guessed it, successful law-abiding white men like president Trump.

How about the black singer Rihanna who tweeted:

“If one of y’all motherf–ers ask me about the album one more time when I’m trying to save the world, unlike y’all president…”

What the…?? Her latest album is delayed? Awwww…. what a bummer! It must be Trump’s fault that she is only worth $450 million and not $600 million. Notice that she is not blaming China for the virus and suggests that she herself is saving the world. This is classic left-wing narcissism.

These black “leaders” do everything possible to shift the focus from the myriad failures of their own race. It is a common psychological tactic called “misdirection”.

Ironically the failures of black America are directly attributable to the socialist policies promoted by the Democrat party, primarily single motherhood; the tolerance of sloth, mass illegitimacy and bad behavior; and horrible public schools controlled with an iron grip by Democrat party functionaries.

This criticism obviously does not apply to conservative blacks who are smarter and work harder than all Democrats, both black and white.

Nikitas3.com calculates that blacks have taken $75 trillion in handouts on the federal, state and local level, and in private charity and in-kind services in the last 60 years, yet they are still on the bottom of the American economy. Meanwhile blacks’ horrible behaviors have alienated them from every other group in America… except for white liberals.

If you want proof of blacks failing on their own without white people to blame, just look at Africa. When white European explorers first sailed to Africa in the 15th century, Europe had already made 2,000 years of advances in science, mathematics, technology, architecture, art, literature and music including the construction of the most fabulous and complex cathedrals in all of human history. But the explorers found the Africans living in grass huts and eating bugs for dinner.

Could the Africans have blamed the white Europeans for their primitive state?

Well, today they sure would. And you can be sure that Maxine Waters would be at the front line of the blamers and screamers.

Conclusion: These black leaders should shut their mouths, stop criticizing everyone else and work on their own problems and failures.

Now look at this from Breitbart News to show that Africa’s dismal ways of living are being adopted by stupid whites in the European Union government bureaucracy:

The European Union will soon permit the sale of locusts, crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms as food across the continent.

The European Food Safety Authority is expected to announce the ruling within the next few weeks, granting bugs a “novel food” classification that would allow the mass production of bug-based food items by autumn.

Wow. Amazing. Stupidity is obviously more contagious than the coronavirus.

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