Sanders Voters Reject Biden/ Internet Speeds Spike with ‘Net Neutrality’ Gone

First, let us all be thankful for our truckers and those who run our fantastic freight railroads for their service in this crisis, and for their service every day of the year, in good times and bad, in keeping our economy going. These men – and a few women too – are the backbone of our great nation.

Sanders Voters Reject Biden

One of the main reasons that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not win the White House in the 2012 election is that millions of conservatives, including anti-Mormon Christians, did not turn out to vote for him.

In 2020 Democrats are facing a similar dilemma. Many of the millions of radical supporters of Bernie Sanders are not going to vote for Joe Biden. In fact it has been estimated that a surprisingly large number of them are going to vote for… you guessed it… president Trump.

The Bernie-to-Trump voters may sound like a surprise but it is not really. They know that president Trump is an economic ‘nationalist’ who is serving the interests of working-class voters, many of whom support Sanders. USA Today reported:

If former Vice President Joe Biden secures the Democratic presidential nomination, 15% of Sen. Bernie Sanders’ supporters will vote for President Donald Trump’s re-election, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

So there you go, and 15% is a big number of defections, including thousands or tens of thousands or more voters in crucial individual states that will help to tip those states’ electoral votes to Trump.

This comes after Democrats in general are moving to Trump in large numbers. In the surveys done at Trump rallies, one survey showed that a whopping 21% of rally attendees were registered Democrats. Another showed that 57% of attendees were either independents or Democrats. personally knows about two far-left Jewish Democrats who support Trump wholeheartedly. If this doesn’t scare the Democrats, nothing will.

Top Democrat strategists in Washington know all of this and the Fake News media are doing everything in their power to hide the panic that these Democrats are feeling. To make things much worse, Joe Biden is a horrible candidate.

Every single day, Biden makes a fool of himself. The conservative internet media are chronicling Biden’s slip-ups regularly, with video proof, like when Biden said that it was great to be in Vermont when he was in New Hampshire. Or when he referred to Super Tuesday as “Super Thursday”. Or when he said that he was running for the US Senate and not the presidency.

These clips are pure gold for the Trump campaign. On top of all of this, Democrats are terrified of the three presidential debates that are coming up in September-October. One single gaffe in the debates can harm or sink a candidate. predicts that Biden will ruin himself through repeated mistakes, gaffes, mental lapses and misstatements that will make voters simply give up on him right before the election.

Breitbart News recently addressed the issue of Sanders voters and Biden. Here are excerpts from Haris Alic writing on Breitbart, with a comment after each excerpt:

Breitbart News reports: On Monday (April 13), shortly after Sanders threw his backing behind the former vice president, the senator’s one-time campaign spokeswoman, Briahna Joy Gray, announced that she was not following suit. Gray, who has made no effort to conceal disagreement with other high profile national Democrats, asserted she was unable to support Biden because of his unwillingness to adopt progressive stances on the economy and healthcare.

The ideological differences that Gray noted underscore the challenge that lays ahead for Biden. Since the former vice president routed his opposition on Super Tuesday to become the presumptive nominee, progressives aligned with Sanders began eyeing their options for the general election. Many seem to have found Biden, who has unequivocally come out against universal healthcare and has shown disdain for the “socialist” label, wanting. comment: So there you go; Bernie’s own campaign spokeswoman is jumping ship. And she represents Sanders supporters who will be subtracted from Biden’s total. But other Bernie supporters who vote for Trump are a double-whammy on the Democrats, i.e., it is one less vote for Biden and one more for Trump. This phenomenon literally doubles the rate at which Trump accumulates votes against Biden.

( is still not convinced that Biden is even going be the nominee.)

Breitbart reports: Nor do such (Sanders) activists appear ready to come around any time soon. In recent weeks, as it became all but apparent that (Biden) would be the nominee, a small but vocal “Never Biden” community sprouted up on social media. Its members include former campaign operatives, sympathetic media pundits, and the types of average voters that made Sanders’ 2016 insurgent campaign possible. comment: If Never Biden becomes as powerful as the Never Trumpers then Biden is in big trouble. And believes that Never Biden is indeed a very powerful movement that is being covered up by the Fake News media. This movement is being energized by the anger that Sanders supporters still feel toward the Democrat Establishment after it sabotaged Sanders’ campaign against Hillary in 2016. They see it happening again. They are fed up.

Breitbart reports: Biden, for his part, has offered several olive branches to the disaffected Sanders supporters.

… Those efforts, however, have not been successful. More than a few members of Sanders’ movement have rejected the olive branches as not going far enough. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who endorsed the Vermont senator last year and campaigned for him ahead of the Iowa Caucuses, described Biden’s proposal as “almost an insult.” comment: Uh-oh! When a hysterical militant like Cortez is mad at Biden, that means that millions of outraged, vocal, maniacal leftists are mad at Biden. That is very bad news for Biden.

Breitbart News reports: Policy differences are not the only reason why many members of Sanders’ political movement remain uncommitted about backing Biden. Some, in particular, are concerned about new sexual assault allegation leveled against the former vice president by former staffer Tara Reade as disqualifying.

In fact, when Reade’s allegations first surfaced last month, a top Sanders supporter announced they believed the accusations were true. Others from the Never Biden community soon echoed the sentiment, with some even openly saying the allegations were disqualifying for the former vice president’s candidacy. comment: If the Outrage Mob on the MeToo left gets half as angry at Biden as they did at Kavanaugh, then that alone will sink Biden.

Breitbart News reports: All of this poses a major predicament. In 2016, President Donald Trump won the White House, in part, because disaffected Sanders supporters opted to stay home or vote third party. Decreased turnout for the Democrat ticket that year, coupled with Trump’s populist appeals to white working-class voters in the MidWest, led to a GOP victory.

A similar scenario could repeat itself this year. Exit polls from last month’s Michigan primary found that only (40% of) Sanders supporters would be willing to back Biden in November, according to Politico. If those numbers hold on election day, it would spell disaster for Biden, especially as Michigan is considered a must-win if Democrats have any hope of retaking the White House. comment: Woah… Only 40% would support Biden, while 60% would not. That is very bad news for Biden since Sanders has 8 million primary votes already, and probably will have 15 million by the end of the primaries. 60% of that total alone is 9 million Sanders voters who would not support Biden. And 15% of Sanders voters would be 2.2 million votes for Trump.

Internet Speeds Spike as Net Neutrality Fades

Breitbart News reports:

Brendan Carr, a commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission, … claimed that internet speeds have increased by 70 percent since (the FCC’s decision under president Trump to eliminate ‘net neutrality’).

… Carr claims that private investment has substantially improved the quality, availability, and reliability of American internet services.

“What net neutrality was really about was greater government control of the internet through a complex regime called Title II,” Carr said.

“Since, we, the FCC, voted to reverse those Obama-era rules on net neutrality, internet speeds in the U.S. are up 70 percent. More miles of high-speed fiber were built out last year than ever before. There is more competition for American’s broadband dollars. The digital divide, the percentage of Americans without high-speed internet, has closed by 30 percent,” Carr added.

Carr claimed that America’s internet infrastructure has remained strong during the Chinese virus pandemic because private investment has increased since the repeal of the Obama-era rules.

“During this COVID-19 pandemic, we are having a massive stress test of our internet infrastructure and it is holding up exceptionally well because of all that investment that has happened since the repeal of those Obama-era rules,” Carr continued.

This is no surprise. We all know that the more that government gets involved with anything the less efficient that it becomes. Let us all be thankful ‘net neutrality’ was repealed.

Universities Wasting Billions on ‘Diversity’ Bureaucracy

Here is more alarming news about our horrible, price-gouging universities. Breitbart News reports:

American colleges and universities continue to spend millions on “diversity” initiatives even as they prepare to demand billions in bailout cash from the federal government in response to the Chinese virus pandemic.

MarketWatch reported last week that several for-profit colleges and universities could receive $1 billion in federal bailout money as a result of the Chinese virus pandemic. At the same time, thousands of students around the country have already demanded pro-rated refunds for the spring semester as classes have shifted online.

According to a report by Campus Reform, universities and colleges continue to spend millions on “diversity” programming. Columbia University, for example, has spent $185 million on a program that aims to cultivate a more “diverse” faculty.

At institutions around the country, “Chief Diversity Officers” often make an annual salary that borders on $200,000. Breitbart News reported in May 2018 that the University of Michigan spends $11 million annually on salaries for employees that work in the university’s “Diversity and Inclusion” office. The office boasts approximately 100 employees who each receive a full salary and benefits.

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