Open the Economy!/ Fake Fox News Covers for China/ Trump Curse Strikes Three Times

It is time to end this quarantine and re-open the economy. The US state of Idaho is opening up soon, along with Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. South Dakota never even shut down. It has been reported that 20 US states have had extremely low rates of virus infection. They all can be opened up quickly. They never should have been closed down.

Other states like New York, with high infection rates in New York City, have low rates in rural and small-town Upstate New York. Upstate should be re-opened. called to open the economy on April 7 and expects a snowball effect with more and more states opening up after we understand that this shutdown and other reactions have been severe overreactions. Look at how the ventilators that were said to be in such short supply are not even needed (see below). Meanwhile a whole field hospital that was built in Seattle has been dismantled.

President Trump said at his April 15 press briefing that some states are planning to open up well before May 1. This is good news.

Most of the people who have died of the virus are old people who have other bad health conditions, and thus these radical measures were not even necessary for everyone. It even has been revealed that 3,700 New York City deaths have been attributed to the virus among people who were never even tested for the virus. reports:

On Tuesday, the city’s health department released a revised COVID-19 death count that included those who were not tested but were presumed to have died from the disease. That added an additional 3,700 people, bumping the city’s total count well over 10,000 coronavirus fatalities.

Friends, it is time to stop with this nonsense and realize what is going on. First of all, this virus came from communist China. Second, the media are ignoring that fact to blame president Trump. Third, the virus death toll is 95% made up of people who were dying anyway or who had serious health conditions. Fourth, shutting down the economy is doing more damage to millions of people than the virus itself. Fifth, the death numbers are being faked all over the country.

Thus it is time to totally re-open the economy in states and regions with low virus totals. And even in New York City and other states and cities, the economy can be opened up with measures like testing, social distancing and the wearing of masks.

We also should immediately expel all Chinese nationals from the United States. They are ALL communist spies since we know that only communist party members and their families can travel abroad under the communist regime in China.

It is also time for America to pull all of its factories out of China and start making our products here in the USA.

Trump Cuts Funds to World Health Organization

President Trump has boldly cut funding to the World Health Organization. This is the first time that any US president has acted to rein in the crooks and liars who run these globalist and anti-American organizations like WHO and the UN. Trump said:

“I am instructing my administration to halt funding of the World Health Organization while a review is conducted to assess the World Health Organization possible in severely mismanaging and covering up the spread of the coronavirus.

“Everybody knows what is going on there. American taxpayers provide between $400 million and $500 million per year to the WHO. China contributes roughly $40 million.

“The United States has a duty to insist upon full accountability, one of the most dangerous and costly decisions from the who was is disastrous decision to oppose travel restrictions from China and other nations…

“The reality is that the WHO failed to adequately obtain and share information in a timely and transparent fashion. The world depends on the WHO to work with countries to ensure that accurate information about international health is shared in a timely manner.

“The WHO failed in this basic duty and must be held accountable. The who failed to investigate credible reports from sources in Wuhan that conflicted directly with the Chinese government’s official accounts…”

Congratulations to president Trump. Finally we have a leader who is willing to act against the globalist bureaucracy which is stealing America blind while covering up China’s guilt in spreading the virus.

It is being reported that Taiwanese researchers (Taiwan is the island nation formed by Chinese who fled mainland China in 1949 when communists took over) warned the WHO in December 2019 about something seriously wrong in the virus epicenter in Wuhan, China. But it is being reported that WHO rejected the information since Taiwan is considered an illegitimate nation by communist China and thus the WHO would never act on the information since WHO is a tool of the communists.

At the same time the Fake Fox News website reported:

There is increasing confidence that COVID-19 likely originated in a Wuhan laboratory not as a bioweapon, but as part of China’s effort to demonstrate that its efforts to identify and combat viruses are equal to or greater than the capabilities of the United States, multiple sources who have been briefed on the details of early actions by China’s government and seen relevant materials tell Fox News.

Notice how Fake Fox covers up for China by saying “not as a bioweapon”. How does Fox know that? Answer: It doesn’t. This is pure pro-China propaganda.

Notice that Fake Fox says that the virus came from China trying to compete with the US. This implies that the US is partly responsible for the virus and that the virus is just part of international competition and capitalism. This is typical propaganda from Fake Fox.

Fox News is no longer conservative. Much of it, including its website, is basically CNN with a few conservative stories.

Michigan for Trump in 2020

Republican Donald Trump won the electoral votes in Michigan in 2016 in a major blow to Hillary Clinton and to the Democrats. Michigan had not voted for a Republican presidential candidate in the Electoral College since 1988.

Now it looks like the heavy-handed Democrat governor of Michigan is giving the state to president Trump in 2020. There was a huge car rally circling the Michigan state house in Lansing on April 15 to protest Gretchen Whitmer’s radical shutdown of the state economy. Bretibart News reported:

Thousands of protesters flocked to Lansing on Wednesday for a car protest the governor’s stringent stay-at-home orders and refusal to signal the reopening the economy. (Conservative radio host) Gruber told Breitbart News that the governor is, effectively, “putting Michigan in Donald Trump’s win column again in 2020.”

“I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. Not in the state capital. Not in a protest,” he said, stating that there were “tens of thousands” of people in attendance.

“But you look around. People want to go back to work. They don’t want to be told whether they can do gardening, whether or not they can do a home improvement project, or whether or not they can use their boat with a motor on it or go to their (vacation) cabin up north,” he said.

“They want to be Americans which is being free, and they know the COVID-19 thing is in the backslide. They were okay with it for a while,” he noted, but said it has “gone on too long.”

“The economy is destroyed,” he said.

Most people in attendance, Gruber said, have “never been to a political protest in their life.”

“You know why? They used to have jobs. They didn’t have time. Now they’ve got to go here because they don’t have job. A million Michigan residents jobless because of this whole mess,” he said, adding that the anger is building up not only in Michigan “but in Pennsylvania, in New York, in Wisconsin, across this country.”

“Right now, what Gretchen Whitmer has done, is put Michigan back in Donald Trump’s column. Look at this,” he said as protesters honked in the background. “You think these people aren’t going to vote? These people are all going to vote. Every one of these people. Every direction you look here. They’re all going to vote. Every one of them.”

This rally is great news for president Trump. Michigan is a crucial electoral state that Trump probably would have won anyway in 2020, and now it looks like he certainly will.

It gets worse. Whitmer banned Michiganders from visiting their vacation homes and blamed it on… the weather. She said:

“We just got snow, I’ve got snow on the ground right here Michigan, in Lansing. We’re expecting up to 30 inches in the upper peninsula. The fact that we’re cracking down on people traveling between homes or planting or landscaping or golfing — really for a couple more weeks isn’t going to meaningfully impact people’s ability to do it because the snow will do that in and of itself.”

Michigan for Trump!

Update: Whitmer is so evil that she banned the purchase of paint and home improvement supplies at Home Depot and other stores, but is allowing the sale of state lottery tickets, i.e., screw the people who want to fix up their houses, but keep the cash flowing to the state. This will allow the state to continue welfare payments to people who don’t even own homes.

Update: Whitmer has banned people from using their motorboats but is allowing people to use their sailboats and canoes. This is part of Green Tyranny.

Nancy Pelosi was speaking in an internet interview from the kitchen in her California mansion as Americans lose their jobs, businesses and income. She showed off her pair of refrigerators (total cost is reported to be $24,000 for the dual refrigerators) and her $13-a-pint ice cream. How utterly shameful.

Pelosi also deleted an internet video of herself on February 24 telling people to come out and enjoy the Chinese New Year in Chinatown in San Francisco. That is no surprise. It shows once again that Democrats played a central role in spreading the virus and then covering up for China.

Cuomo Pulling Back on Virus Panic

When the coronavirus panic was at its peak it was being suggested that New York state officials might seize treatment equipment like lung ventilators from rural hospitals in Upstate New York to give to hospitals down in New York City. recommended at the time that rural hospital officials lock their doors, refuse to allow any equipment to be removed and tell Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo to go to hell.

Well, it turns out that the equipment was not needed anyway. After Cuomo cried like a frightened little girl that New York state did not have enough ventilators, Breitbart News reported:

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said on Wednesday at a press conference that he would start giving away ventilators to other states during the coronavirus crisis.

“We’ve stabilized our healthcare situation. New York had one of the earlier curves. There are other places in this country that are now seeing increases in the death rate,” Cuomo said, explaining why he was ready to donate ventilators.

Cuomo announced he would send 100 ventilators to Michigan and 50 ventilators to Maryland.

Cuomo spent weeks spreading the alarm that there might not be enough ventilators for New York, demanding that the federal government provide him 30,000 to 40,000 ventilators for his stockpile.

So once again nailed it. These Upstate hospitals never should have even thought about giving up their equipment, particularly since Cuomo and City Democrats have nothing but contempt for Upstate and its conservative population.

So Much for Global Warming

On April 15, it was reported that a pileup involving dozens of vehicles on a Chicago expressway left several injured after a light snow made travel hazardous.

Hmmmm… April 15. That sure doesn’t sound like ‘global warming’ to Meanwhile look again at Whitmer’s quote from April 15:

“We just got snow, I’ve got snow on the ground right here Michigan, in Lansing. We’re expecting up to 30 inches in the upper peninsula.

30 inches of snow in mid-April. Global warming? I don’t think so.

Update: Snowfall in Calumet, Michigan so far in 2020 – 296 inches, or 25 feet.

So much for global warming…

Trump Curse Strikes Again… Twice

You may have noticed that the relentless attacks on president Trump have subsided somewhat. For instance we aren’t hearing from Hollywood cranks like Rosie O’Donnell and Jim Carrey anymore. Some liberals like the California governor are even praising Trump for his handling of the coronavirus.

The reason is that many anti-Trumpers have been hit by The Trump Curse, and fear of the Curse is real and widespread. And it has struck again. The mayor of Auburn, California will step down after posting social media messages comparing Trump supporters to the Ku Klux Klan.

Auburn is 30 miles northeast of Sacramento and mayor William Kirby was confronted by angry citizens at a city council meeting for sharing a photo of a KKK hood with the caption:

“Good news for Trump supporters is that most of them already have masks…”

Kirby is also a doctor. And good riddance to Kirby.

Update: Kirby was killed in an April 18 plane crash.

Meanwhile WKRG reported about two more anti-Trumpers, both medical doctors, who will suffer serious consequences for their radical bias, anger and stupidity against the president:

Geoffrey Michael Fraiche, 41, Laura Ann Webb-Fraiche, 38, were arrested and charged with criminal mischief, trespassing, larceny and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche are accused of stealing (a man’s Trump) flag on April 7, according to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

Ring surveillance video shows the two driving up to the man’s house on a golf cart with at least two children with them, according to deputies. The report says Fraiche and Webb-Fraiche used a ladder to take down the man’s Trump campaign flag.

The man said their actions caused about $500 in damage to the base of the flagpole and the flag itself cost $200. He wished to pursue charges.

Fraiche’s arrest report says he is a gynecologist with at Sacred Heart Hospital. Webb-Fraiche’s arrest report says she is a gynecologist at West Florida Hospital.

So there you go. It will be interesting to see how these hospitals react. recommends that they fire these doctors and find doctors who can act like adults.

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