America Re-Opening!/ Coronavirus Was a Chinese BioTerror Attack

Back in March when president Trump started his daily coronavirus press briefings, he suggested that we would undergo a quarantine period but that he would like to see the country up and running again by Easter Sunday, April 12.

This hope had symbolic significance but many in the media and Democrat party scoffed and said that the country could be locked down through the Summer, the Fall, through 2021, etc.

Well, what a difference a month makes. In his April 16 briefing president Trump announced that many states could return to normal operations effective immediately.

This is very good news. It will help to lift the spirits of Americans and you can guarantee that the enthusiasm is going to be palpable and will lead to more optimism and openings. Meanwhile Boeing is planning to resume operations in Washington state, with virus safeguards in place. has repeatedly explained that the virus crisis is being overblown and mismanaged and suggested that we could have a good economic rebound if we just had the courage. And it looks like that will happen starting today.

It is interesting to note that president Trump has been called a dictator and every other name in the book, but that he is not using any emergency powers to tell states what to do. He is allowing the governors to call the shots.

This proves once again that Trump is truly a Constitutional populist and not the tyrant that liberals claim. In fact they themselves are the tyrants.

For instance very liberal Democrat US governors are being most aggressive about locking down their states for the longest periods of time while conservatives and Republicans are doing the opposite.

Democrats are doing this to inflict maximum financial and psychological damage on their citizens and to make president Trump look bad while Republicans and conservatives are doing their best to help all of their citizens.

For instance Ohio Republican governor Mike DeWine is planning to open up his state on May 1. But Wisconsin’s left-wing Democrat governor Tony Evers extended the state’s quarantine all the way to May 26.

Why? Because Evers is a former state superintendent of public instruction, i.e., he is a high-level unionized public-school bureaucrat. As a far-left Democrat he would be expected to take every advantage of the situation for political gain. He knows that unionized public school teachers and administrators, left-wing public college professors and other unionized state employees aren’t going to lose much or any of their paychecks in a shutdown. He also knows that blacks on welfare who overwhelmingly support him will not be harmed; they aren’t working anyway but always get their checks.

But Evers knows that he is screwing everyone else in the state, especially private-sector conservatives who did not vote for him.

Coronavirus Is a Chinese BioTerror Attack has suggested right from the start that the coronavirus is a Chinese bioterror attack on the world. I suggested it even when all of the American Fake News media were claiming that the virus simply broke out from the ‘wet market’ in Wuhan, China where animals are slaughtered live. Or that it came from eating bat soup.

Yet today I feel certain that it is a bioterror attack, according to what we have learned. And here’s why:

I suggested the bioterror theory early on since information emerged in March that there is a Chinese communist government virology laboratory in Wuhan called the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I surmised without much effort that the virus came from the virology lab (no surprise there) and that the ‘wet market’ excuse was a diversion and a cover-up.

Well, guess what… It is being suspected and accepted by increasing numbers of people, including president Trump, that the virus came from the laboratory; either it was created there or isolated there. After all, it is a high-level (dangerous biosafety level 4) VIROLOGY lab where they were experimenting on bats. And it is being increasingly accepted that the virus jumped to a human researcher in the lab, who then spread it to others in Wuhan where it became an epidemic.

Wikipedia reported about the WIV laboratory:

According to an April 2020 opinion piece by Josh Rogin in the Washington Post, U.S. officials sent to the WIV in 2018 had dispatched two diplomatic cables back to Washington which “warned about safety and management weaknesses at the WIV lab” and “also warns that the lab’s work on bat coronaviruses and their potential human transmission represented a risk of a new SARS-like pandemic.”

During a 15 April 2020 White House news conference President Trump said the U.S. government is trying to determine if the COVID-19 virus emanated from the WIV. The president said he was aware of the reports and said, “We are doing a very thorough examination of this horrible situation that happened.” Also in a Fox News interview, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, “we know this virus originated in Wuhan, China,” and that the Wuhan Institute of Virology is only a handful of miles away from the wet market. Pompeo also said, “the Chinese government needs to come clean”. launched examinations in April 2020 into unverified reports that the virus may have originated from accidental exposure of scientists studying coronaviruses in bats at the Wuhan Institute of Virology rather than a wildlife market…

So how does this prove that it was an intentional bioterror attack?

It is only part of the equation. Whether it was a natural virus or a man-made virus that escaped from the lab, or even if it was a natural virus from the ‘wet market’, we also know one other crucial fact:

Communist officials in China halted all travel between infected Wuhan and the rest of China to save themselves and their country from the virus, but they did not stop international flights from Wuhan to the rest of the world.

This would mean that China unleashed this virus on the world knowingly and intentionally as a global terror attack.

Don’t doubt this possibility. has said many times that the Chinese communists are capable of bottomless evil. Meanwhile the ‘wet markets’ are said to be re-opened. Why would they be re-opened if they were the source of the virus?

Good question. This is why we must investigate evil China and demand that China pay the world $10 trillion in damages. The US also must cut off $1 trillion in debt repayments owed to China. The US must also pull ALL of our manufacturing operations out of filthy China, and begin to make these products here in the USA.

Fortunately the virus seems to be primarily affecting old people who are already sick. And so we must learn to deal with it from that standpoint, rather than closing down whole economies.

Here is an item from the Can You Believe This department:

Top entertainers including Paul McCartney and Elton John are holding a benefit TV concert for the World Health Organization. This is the same WHO that screwed the whole world by covering up the Chinese virus. But then again these left-wing entertainers always seem to side with evil.

Meanwhile Breitbart News reported about Dr. Anthony Fauci, who serves on the president’s coronavirus task force:

Dr. Anthony Fauci told listeners on Snapchat’s Good Luck America on Tuesday that meeting up with someone (for sex) after connecting on a dating app is a matter of deciding how much risk one feels comfortable taking.

During the interview, Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and prominent member of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, was asked, “If you’re swiping on a dating app like Tinder or Bumble or Grindr, and you match with someone that you think is hot, and you’re just kind of like, ‘Maybe it’s fine if this one stranger comes over,’ what do you say to that person?”

“You know, that’s tough,” Fauci said in a New York Post story about the interview. “Because that’s what’s called relative risk.”

“If you’re willing to take a risk — and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks — you could figure out if you want to meet somebody,” Fauci said. “If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then that’s your choice regarding a risk.”

Can you believe this guy? Don’t you think that one of the nation’s top health officials might suggest avoiding such meetings during this time of crisis? Particularly since he has been involved for decades with AIDS, which is spread by homosexual sex, often among strangers as sex partners?

No, Fauci is a fraud. He is a dangerous person. He has lied and misled us about coronavirus, for instance claiming that he warned about the virus in mid-to-late January when videotapes show him dismissing the seriousness of the virus on January 21.

President Trump should dismiss Fauci from his virus task force but probably will not because it would look bad in this time of crisis.

At the same time check this out from The Daily Mail in Britain reporting on April 12:

The US National Institutes of Health, a government agency, awarded a $3.7 million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology
The institute experimented on bats from the source of the coronavirus
They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan
Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats to Yunnan’s caves
The U.S. government funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade


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