Lefty Mayor Strangles NY City/ Bush Followers Promote Globalism

Bill De Blasio is the far-far-left mayor of New York City (his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr.). Like all of the leftists in America he is planning to keep his city locked down as long as possible in order to frighten, dispirit and thus control the people and to turn them against president Trump. He said that July and August were the months where “we have to begin to get back to normal.”

“Between now and then, we have to drive the disease down to the point [where] it is truly contained [and] we have very few cases anymore. That’s what I think is going to tell us that we are truly back to normal.”

Wow. July or August… Ironically it was De Blasio himself and his health commissioner and other New York City Democrats who sparked this epidemic by telling people to go out and enjoy themselves as the virus spread. Does De Blasio feel guilty now? He should and probably does.

Residents have been fleeing ultra-liberal New York City by the tens of thousands annually for many years, and particularly under De Blasio. He is widely despised except by the militants. New Yorkers are tired of the taxes, regulations, high costs, crime, filth, decay, corruption and worsening conditions. And after this crisis is over we are going to see a new mass out-migration from the city. There is only so much crap that people can take. Even president Trump moved his official residence to Florida in 2019.

This out-migration of skilled, educated, younger, white and wealthy New Yorkers will leave behind a blacker, browner, poorer, older, sicker city full of higher and higher percentages of unskilled, uneducated immigrants, many of them illegal. This all spells big trouble for New York.

But there is some method to De Blasio’s madness. Gay males are a big and vocal part of New York City’s population. And despite the fact that the AIDS epidemic is being downplayed by the Fake New media, there still are millions of gays nationwide who are infected and who have weak immune systems. Thus you can rest assured that New York City’s gays are terrified of the coronavirus. This is precisely the type of disease that can kill them very quickly. So they have no problem with the quarantine and certainly support De Blasio. After all the alternative is much worse.

Imagine what the New York quarantine is like, spending weeks and months cramped in tiny apartments, alone or with other people. This is going to reach a breaking point. It already has. We just don’t know it yet. The radio station 1010 WINS reported about a muslim in Brooklyn (part of New York City):

Officials arrested a man on Wednesday (April 15) after he approached police who were inside a bagel shop in Brooklyn and told them he had killed his father.

Khaled Ahmad, 26, had been staying with his father inside their Dyker Heights home during the coronavirus outbreak.

He went to a nearby bagel shop at approximately 4:30 a.m., where he confessed to authorities he had knifed his father.

“I killed my father,” Ahmad, who was drenched in blood told them, according to an NYPD spokesperson.

Police later found the body of 57-year-old Imad Ahmad “badly mutilated” inside their home, according to New York Post.

Officials arrested Khaled and went to the home located at 84th Street near 14th Avenue.

Police discovered the victim had suffered multiple stab wounds and was disembodied.

The Post reports that Ahmad had allegedly cut off his father’s arms and part of his head and disemboweled him.

This story is globalization, mass immigration and low-IQ islam all wrapped up in a neat little package. Isn’t ‘diversity’ great!? Obviously this guy is some type of deranged muslim animal, the types of people that open borders are welcoming into our country without any questions or screening whatsoever. Ahmad was “staying with” his father. Was he illegal? Did he come through ‘chain migration’? Let us find out the truth.

Bush Official Wants MORE Globalization

As the dangers of globalization and illegal immigration are exposed through the Chinese virus crisis, Breitbart News reported:

Executives with the George W. Bush Presidential Center say more globalization of the American economy is the answer to the Chinese coronavirus crisis, not the problem.

In an op-ed published in Real Clear World, Managing Director of the George W. Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative Matthew Rooney writes that the policies of free trade, mass immigration, and globalization must be embraced further by the U.S. after the crisis is over.

Economic nationalism, Rooney writes, must be rejected:

“As COVID-19 spreads and stresses healthcare infrastructure around the world, governments and civil society are racing to slow the pandemic by distancing people from one another. Meanwhile, in the United States and in other developed countries, there is a rising chorus of voices who argue that we must deglobalize, dismantle international supply chains, reduce international trade and travel, and close our borders to the world.

The danger of a pandemic did not arise because of globalization. Pandemics have appeared periodically throughout history. Deglobalizing will not protect us from pandemics in the future. On the contrary, we will ultimately come to see that global cooperation is key to responding successfully to pandemics.”

OK, folks, if you don’t know who Bush is, then you are not paying attention. Bush and his acolytes are anti-Trump and anti-conservative. Bush is a globalist who never challenged China. He never sealed the Mexican border but he did get us into the disastrous Iraq and Afghanistan wars, neither of which Trump would have entered. The Iraq war has destroyed that nation and spilled over into and badly harmed next-door Syria.

There recently was a photo of Bush and his wife looking adoringly down at their new grandchild. Sadly more than 6,000 US military troops killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will never see their grandchildren thanks to the warmonger Bush and his warmonger friends John McCain and Condoleezza Rice.

And it is a brazen lie that ‘The danger of a pandemic did not arise because of globalization.’ It sure did. Under globalization we have exported millions of jobs to China and totally opened up to China, including large-scale immigration and visitation from China. Yet at the same time there was no “global cooperation” from China and from the World Health Organization to stop the pandemic early on when it needed to be stopped.

Rooney writes that we conservatives and nationalists want to “dismantle international supply chains”. That is a smear on conservatives. We actually want to preserve and strengthen our economy by producing goods at home like steel, medical supplies and drugs, and consumer goods rather than relying on evil regimes like China and supply chains stretched all over the world.

We should all thank God that Trump trounced Jeb Bush in the 2016 primaries. Bush would have thrown the election to Hillary with his awful style of Republican surrender. And even if he did get elected, he would be pushing a globalist open-borders agenda.

Joy Behar asks Backfire Question

In response to the Michiganders protesting the Democrat governor’s lockdown of the state, leftist commentator Joy Behar of The View TV show asked:

“Well, I would like to ask them if (the protesters are) willing to sign away their right to treatment if and when they get infected. Are you going to say, I don’t need a ventilator because I thought I should go out and defy the governor’s order, OK?”

This is classic smarmy New York arrogance. First of all Behar is a wealthy celebrity who could go years without working, unlike all of the protesters in Michigan. Second, she is telecasting her TV show from her home while most Michiganders cannot work remotely and need their jobs. Third, Michigan is a largely rural state that has very low rates of infection outside of Detroit and so the whole state does not need a radical lockdown like they are getting.

And then remember that Behar’s TV show is still operating. It has not been locked down. There are obviously people at the show’s headquarters in New York City running the program in violation of the city’s quarantine. So Behar is not locked out of her job or her income.

Behar’s condescension is the new Democrat strategy – anyone who does not want to be locked down, even in low-infection areas, is said to be threatening our public health.

And we know that liberals and Democrats are lying about the crisis. In South Dakota, conservative Republican governor Kristi Noem has kept her state open but has warned its citizens to be responsible. Then there was a virus outbreak at a pork-processing plant in the state and so the media blamed Noem.

But the plant was considered an ‘essential’ business that remained open and would not have been under a quarantine order if there was one. So you can’t blame Noem for the outbreak.

Nikitas3.com wonders whether there are anti-American agents intentionally spreading the virus around the US. After all, the virus struck the pork plant shortly after Noem had gotten wide publicity for her policy.

Was the plant intentionally targeted with infection in order to hurt and embarrass Noem? Let us investigate. Don’t think for a second that leftists would not do this.

Is Democrat Gov Cuomo a Secret Rush Limbaugh Listener?

Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is a far left liberal who hates Rush Limbaugh. Yet he recently said, “The federal government has passed three bills to address this (virus) crisis. Of those three bills, the state governments have gotten precisely zero, zilch, nada in unrestricted aid. That is passing the buck without passing the bucks.”

Interestingly the phrase “zero, zilch, nada” comes right out of Rush Limbaugh’s lexicon. Is Cuomo a ditto-head?

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