Long-term Virus Economic Toll will be Significant

After Democrats and their comrades on the hard political left like Bernie Sanders have told us for decades that communism is harmless and that leftists have all the answers to our problems, the communists in China have sent the whole world a severe blow.

The coronavirus is already wreaking havoc on the world over just the last six weeks of economic quarantine. President Trump is trying to put a good face on the situation for the US, and that is a good thing. And the US will rebound. But here is the truth (and Nikitas3.com takes no pleasure in being negative):

*The virus and its quarantine are seriously undermining all world economies. Already the global economy was weak; even wealthy countries like Germany were headed into a recession before the virus hit and now it is getting worse. Japan already was in a recession and has been for years. Poor nations are suffering badly.

Most nations are going to go into recession or even depression. This is going to undermine the global economy and the American economy too since our economy is closely intertwined with the global economy. So even if we rebound strongly, the global economy will hold us down.

The US had the best economy ever under Trump and now it is gone with 22 million unemployed and growing. It is going to be very difficult to bring it back to where it was. And wherever Democrats have power they are going to further thwart their economies like in California and New York state which were doing badly even when the Trump economy was doing well.

This economic decline may end up being “V-shaped” with a sharp drop and a sharp rebound. But even then there are millions of businesses and jobs that will never come back.

*Poor countries are being devastated economically. The toll is going to be high on fragile economies in poor nations. This is going to spur immigration toward the wealthier nations precisely as the wealthier nations are struggling.

*Global trade has been significantly interrupted. With slack demand for goods, the whole global economy is being hit by a drop-off in trade. Countless jobs in shipping have been lost while jobs in manufacturing and retail also are being lost.

*The global airline industry is reeling. The US government can bail out the American carriers but not every country will be able to help its airlines. The damage is going to be significant, particularly since these airlines, which are vital to international trade and prosperity, are not going to bounce back quickly. Tens of millions of travelers are going to take a wait-and-see attitude before getting on a plane again since most air travel is discretionary.

Remember the Golden Rule: Airlines make money when planes are full or near-full and they lose money when they are not.

*The US oil industry is being hurt. The global demand for gasoline is so low with the quarantine that hundreds of tankers are sitting out in the oceans full of oil with no place to go. This already is driving many small US oil companies – refiners, drillers, oilfield servicers, etc. – out of business. Tens of thousands of Americans are being harmed, particularly in Texas, in an industry that is crucial to our well-being.

*Millions of restaurants and bars globally may never re-open. The restaurant business is very marginal anyway and thus this closure, even if short, is a blow to these businesses and their workers. This disruption is going be felt all over the world and America, even in small towns.

Nikitas3.com recently visited a town near my home. I walked down one short street and saw five small businesses, including two restaurants, completely gone. Empty. Not shut down but gone. It was heartbreaking. It included one pizzeria that has been in business for decades, and a little toy store.

*The travel/tourist industry is being disrupted. Travelers are not going to jump onto airplanes and cruise ships for vacations just because the virus has subsided. And if the virus bounces back in any way, the damage will multiply.

This is dealing a blow to millions of people worldwide who work in tourist hotels, restaurants, as tour guides, at historic sites, in tourist shops, on tour boats, buses and airplanes, etc. Countless cultural venues like Summer art and music festivals are being hurt. Many have canceled their 2020 season.

This slowdown is going to be very bad for poor countries that need tourism dollars like Egypt and its pyramids or Nepal and its Himalayan ‘trekking’ culture. It is so sad. And even if these tourist economies come back in 2021, the losses in 2020 will be permanent for many people. Meanwhile states and nations with very socialistic economies may never recover from this downturn.

And as the smug Democrats play political games, we know that their friends in communist China launched this ruin on the world. We know that Joe Biden’s son was in cahoots with China along with John Kerry’s son, as were many top Democrats like US senator Dianne Feinstein of California and her wealthy husband.

While Donald Trump has warned us for decades about China…

Is Virus Very Common?

ABC News reported:

The first large-scale community test of 3,300 people in Santa Clara County (California) found that 2.5 to 4.2% of those tested were positive for (coronavirus) antibodies — a number suggesting a far higher past infection rate than the official count.

Based on the initial data, researchers estimate that the range of people who may have had the virus to be between 48,000 and 81,000 in the county of 2 million — as opposed to the approximately 1,000 in the county’s official tally at the time the samples were taken.

“Our findings suggest that there is somewhere between 50- and 80-fold more infections in our county than what’s known by the number of cases than are reported by our department of public health,” Dr. Eran Bendavid, the associate professor of medicine at Stanford University who led the study, said in an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.

This is eye-opening; if it holds true it will totally change the way we think about the virus. It would mean that many more people have the virus or have had the virus than we know and thus that the death rate as a proportion of infections is vastly lower than we think it is. Nikitas3.com will follow this story.

Behar Makes Another Big Gaffe

Here is the Nikita3.com Golden Rule for Liberals: When they accuse conservatives of something it is liberals themselves who are guilty of that thing.

For instance the comedian Alec Baldwin recently said that president Trump is “mentally ill”. This really means that Baldwin is saying that he himself is mentally ill, which he is. And he knows it.

It works every time. Just try it. For instance Democrats call conservatives “racists” over and over yet black America had tumbled into an abyss under 50 years of unchallenged Democrat rule in cities across America. So it is really Democrats who are ‘racists’.

Here’s one more. Anti-Trump Hollywood actor Rob Reiner said:

“Trump will lose in a landslide because Americans will literally be voting for their lives…”

He really is saying that Biden is going to lose in a landslide because he knows that Biden cannot possibly win. And to see just one example of how badly Biden is doing in media appearances, he said during a CNN interview:

“Um, you know, there’s a uh, during World War… Two, uh, you know, where Roosevelt came up with a thing that uh, you know, was totally different than a, than the, the, it’s called, he’s called it a, you know, the World War Two, he had the World, the War Production Board.”

Woah. And don’t be fooled – Democrats are terrified of Biden’s inability to function; they are certainly plotting to hide him until election day. If Biden shows up for the presidential debates – and he may not – he will get shredded by Trump.

Recently anti-Trump commentator Joy Behar of The View TV show said:

[T]he truth of the matter is that even if Joe Biden was locked in a trunk in a basement in the middle of the Canary Islands, he would still win this election. That’s how bad (Trump) is. So I’m not worried about it that much because everybody knows Joe Biden. It’s like having a relative that you haven’t seen for awhile, but you know he’s great.

Applying the Golden Rule, let Nikitas3.com explain this to you: Behar really is saying that Democrats are effectively locking Joe Biden in a trunk in the basement to keep him away from the media.

Nikitas3.com believes that Biden may even refuse to debate Trump and will give a lame excuse for doing so like saying that “Trump is a dictator and I don’t debate with dictators” or that “Trump was impeached and is therefore not a legitimate president and so I will not debate him.”

After all, the media and Democrats know that Biden will eliminate himself from the race if he shows up for the debates and so it will actually be considered the safer option for him not to show up. Thus the media would have to totally cover for Biden for not showing up.

Nikitas3.com still does not even necessarily believe that Biden is going to be the nominee to run against Trump. We can be sure that Democrats are considering many alternatives.

Notice that Behar says “so I’m not worried about (Biden) that much”. Following the Golden Rule, that means that she is obsessively worried about him. Guaranteed. And so are all the Democrats. They see the videotapes of Biden stumbling through these interviews.

Media/Hollywood Ties to China are Alarming

Larry O’Connor writing on Townhall.com explains why our news media are all sucking up to communist China and refusing to hold China accountable for the coronavirus:

Every single major broadcast and cable news outlet covering the COVID-19 pandemic has a direct and critical interest in pleasing the communist regime in China. Every single one of them. To understand this critically important connection between these American news outlets and the Chinese government, you only need to understand the power of the Chinese market when it comes to the film industry.

It’s not breaking news that the Chinese market is the single most important region for growth and revenue for Hollywood. The profitability for many films these days is almost entirely dependant on ticket sales in China. If a major film doesn’t sell in China, it’s a problem for the studio. And films are only allowed to be shown in China if the communists in Beijing give permission. That’s the beauty of a totalitarian, communist state. Nobody in the country sees “Avengers: End Game” unless the authoritarians are accommodated.

This directly affects how Hollywood makes its movies.

Much has been written about the growing influence the Chinese censors have on the product coming out of Hollywood. Both conservative and liberal news outlets have lamented this growing trend.


– CBS News is part of a conglomerate of media and entertainment companies called National Amusements. The companies under their control include (movie makers) Viacom and Paramount Pictures.

– NBC News/MSNBC is part of (movie makers) Universal and Comcast.

– CNN is part of AT&T Time Warner, which owns (movie maker) Warner Brothers.

– ABC News is owned by (movie maker) Disney, which owns, well, pretty much everything else coming out of Hollywood.

Beyond the direct concerns of the film producing and distribution arms of these major corporations, they also have other direct interests in not ticking off the (Chinese) communists. These companies also own theme parks, cellular telephone networks, cable networks, movie theatres and much more.

All of their movies and theme parks sell toys and clothing which are manufactured in China. Cell phones and infrastructure equipment are manufactured in China. Cable boxes and broadband devices are manufactured in China.

Angering the Chinese government is just bad for business for these companies.

Are we to believe that the CEOs of these (news outlets like CBS, ABC, etc.) pick up the phone and direct how (news) stories are to be reported? No, of course not. Spare us the straw man arguments here.

But to suggest that these companies are not aware that their product is viewed, scrutinized and judged by the government of China and there is an incredibly well-documented history of certain accommodations made to placate the Chinese propagandists is dangerously naive.

So now we know. Here is an example: MSNBC’s Jeremy Bash, a former chief of staff for former Democrat congressman Leon Panetta at the Pentagon and the CIA under Obama, said to soften the image of China:

…”we do have to work collaboratively with China and other countries to solve this problem. Scapegoating this as the Chinese Virus or denigrating or engaging in xenophobic rhetoric about China or Chinese individuals is counterproductive.”

So it begins. The Democrats love affair with China is now going full speed ahead and it is all about money. And anyone who suggests China’s culpability in the virus crisis is accused of ‘scapegoating’. Wow.

Friends, let Nikitas3.com tell you the truth. Communist China screwed the whole world. China is a dirty, corrupt, oppressive, evil nation that knowingly unleashed this virus. And this is why American Democrats love China. Democrats hate America just like China does.

We should cut way back on our economic ties to China. We should cut off $1 trillion in debt repayments to China. We should demand $10 trillion for global damages from China for the virus crisis. And we should bring all of our manufacturing home from China.

Meanwhile The Guardian (UK) reported:

Over the past few weeks, as Chinese health officials reported new “imported” coronavirus cases almost every day, foreigners living in the country have noticed a change. They have been turned away from restaurants, shops, gyms and hotels, subjected to further screening, yelled at by locals and avoided in public spaces.

“I’m walking past someone, then they see my blue eyes and jump a foot back,” said Andrew Hoban, 33, who is originally from Ireland and lives in Shanghai.

Experiences range from socially awkward to xenophobic. An American walking with a group of foreigners in a park in Beijing saw a woman grab her child and run the other way. Others have described being called “foreign trash”. A recent online article, under an image of ship stacked with refuse being pushed away from China’s coast, was headlined: “Beware of a second outbreak started by foreign garbage.”

Imagine the arrogance of these Chinese devils. They ruined the world and now they are mad at foreigners. This is so sick as to be beyond words. And it gets worse. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Radio Free Asia (RFA) reported on Thursday that the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) outrageous effort to pressure the legislature of Wisconsin to pass a resolution praising Beijing for its handling of the coronavirus effort “backfired spectacularly,” leading to a motion that will condemn the CCP for lying to the world if it passes.

The Chinese consulate sent emails in February and March to Wisconsin Senate President Roger Roth, a Republican, urging him to pass a resolution praising China. The emails even contained the text of a resolution written by the CCP for the Wisconsin legislature to rubber stamp, praising the Chinese government for being “transparent and quick in sharing key information of the virus with the WHO and the international community” – the exact opposite of what actually happened.

Roth told the Wisconsin Examiner in an interview last week he was so stunned by the audacity of the first email, and its dubious origin from a Hotmail account, that he dismissed it as a prank. When he received a follow-up email from the consulate in March, he instructed his staff to research it, and they determined it was a genuine communique from the Chinese consulate, whose diplomats sometimes use Hotmail and other public email services because they are “faster” than their official email accounts.

Conclusion: The Chinese are manipulative narcissists. Even the people in Asia despise the Chinese. Period. End of sentence.

Democrat Senator Lies about Trump Response on Ventilators

And just to show how the liars in the Democrat party are exploiting this tragedy, The Gateway Pundit reported:

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) falsely accused President Trump Friday of killing Americans hit by the COVID-19 Chinese coronavirus by not sending ventilators. No American has gone without a ventilator who needed one let alone died for a lack of one, even though at times there has been panic about potential shortages that did not pan out. States that were begging Trump for ventilators, like New York and Washington, are sending surplus ventilators to other states.

Duckworth falsely accused Trump over a tweet he made criticizing her fellow Democrat New York Governor Andrew Coumo. Trump truthfully said as part of a feud with Cuomo earlier Friday, “Cuomo ridiculously wanted “40 thousand Ventilators”. We gave him a small fraction of that number, and it was plenty. State should have had them in stockpile!”

Duckworth’s heartless lie in response, “As he watches Americans die by the thousands, Trump remains incapable of showing empathy or leadership. He *could* have saved lives by sending more ventilators, but he didn’t. That’s true regardless of who Donald “I don’t take responsibility at all” Trump tries to blame.”

The Trump campaign replied calling out Duckworth, “Tammy Duckworth is lying. Governor Andrew Cuomo, a Democrat, said no one — NO ONE — died because they didn’t have a ventilator. It’s a pretty sick thing to lie like this!”

So we all can see how it works. Democrats lie compulsively. By the way, Duckworth’s mother comes from Thailand which is, you know, right near China.

Look at how California governor Gavin Newsom lied when he said that 25 million Californians would be infected with the virus. But the recent number published on the official California covid-19 website says:

As of April 16th, there are 27,528 positive cases and 985 deaths in California.

Thus Newsom is off by a factor of 1,000. This is just like the ‘global warming’ alarmists who use totally fake numbers in their “junk science” to frighten us all.

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