Democrats, Media Push China’s Guilt out of Virus Story

It didn’t take long for Democrats, leftists and their media friends to seek to shift the blame from China to president Trump for spreading the coronavirus around the United States and the world. was out walking on Sunday when I ran into a neighbor who I had not seen all Winter. He said to me that he believed that he had contracted the virus, or something like it, last Fall and he started railing against president Trump for dragging his feet and allowing the virus to spread.

Yet we all know that Trump has been more proactive than any other president would have been, for instance with the wise Chinese travel ban that certainly saved the United States from massive woe. The president even went into overdrive to help hard-hit New York City even though New York hates Trump and he would have dragged his feet if he were the political ogre that they say he is.

Even New York’s left-wing governor Andrew Cuomo praised Trump’s prompt actions in helping the city while Cuomo himself wildly overestimated the impact that the virus would have.

But my neighbor would have none of it. He was howling mad. He did not know that I support the president, which would have made him madder. But he said something that explained it all. He said that he has been watching TV for many hours every day, and as the crisis has developed and Americans have been shut in, the massively anti-Trump TV coverage has been having its desired effect of turning millions of Americans against the president with fabrications, lies and misstatements.

Another anti-Trumper in my neighborhood, who knows that I support the president, scowled at me for not believing in “science” when I suggested that deaths from the virus would be far fewer than the 2.1 million or 200,000 offered by Fauci. Unfortunately for my neighbor, I am correct, particularly since the virus death totals are being heavily padded by inaccurate reporting methods and pre-existing medical conditions in older people who are dying anyway.

He suggested that my ignorance comes from supporting Trump. Interestingly the “junk science” that he believes in and that applies to ‘global warming’ was on full view when we had snow on April 18. And when we had the coldest Winter in the last century in 2018. And when one town in Northern Michigan got 25 feet of snow this Winter.

Yet neither of these scowlers said anything about China’s role in creating and spreading the virus. It was all Trump, Trump, Trump.

We saw another example of this hideous mindset when the world’s top left-wing celebrities including Paul McCartney, Elton John and Lady Gaga appeared on a televised benefit concert for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Yet we all know that WHO covered up for China’s allowing the virus to spread and that WHO’s director is an Ethiopian communist who would be expected to cover up for the communists in China.

This is the WORLD HEALTH Organization. Yet in the most important role that this organization has had since it was founded in 1948, WHO failed miserably.

In fact WHO played a major role in not informing the world of something that would have been easy to report on. WHO simply would have had to say was that this virus was loose in China and that flights from China should be halted to the rest of the world. But it did not. And the result has been catastrophic.

Meanwhile it has not been reported that WHO is branch of… you guessed it… the United Nations.

Friends, these people on the left are devils. They always side with evil people whether they are covering up for muslim terrorism, black crime, MS-13 sadism or Chinese disease. Cover, cover, cover. They never stop.

And so you wonder: What makes these people tick? And the answer is simple: Socialism and communism are systems that reward failure and punish success. Because people who become communists and socialists consider themselves in their own minds to be failures. This in fact is what draws them to the left.

Now we have the international left completely pushing China out of the virus story. Joe Biden said before the virus broke out about China that, “They’re not bad folks!”

They’re not bad ‘folks’? This is the way that the international left softens evil. It is like our failed president George W. Bush’s statement immediately after the 9/11 attacks when he announced that his administration planned “to conduct a full-scale investigation to hunt down and find those folks who committed this act…”

You would never hear president Donald Trump refer to terrorists as “folks” or to communist China as “folks”. President Trump is a realist who knows the truth when he sees it.

In fact the Fake News media mob jumped down Trump’s throat when he referred to the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” when that is exactly what it is. Meanwhile the media are all over the place saying that the virus cannot be blamed on any single country or source and then shifting the spotlight to alleged and non-existent ‘hate crimes’ being perpetrated against Asians.

Yet one recent news report says that people inside China are directing their anger at non-Chinese. This is called “misdirection”, where a guilty party suggests that someone else is guilty. This is a classic tactic of the left.

For instance, American blacks and their media friends have been saying for decades that blacks are the victims of discrimination and racism in order to shift the spotlight from the horrible behavior of blacks and their own racism in millions of attacks on white people.

And then if you want to see real, vicious political retribution in this crisis, look no further than the Democrat governors who have whole states on lockdown even though rural, small-town and conservative parts of those states, i.e., Trump Country – have very low rates of virus and need not be shut down like the heavily-infected cities do.

Then the media claim that the people demanding their freedom are radicals who don’t care about “science” or about life at all. When in fact this is the opposite of the truth.

New York governor Cuomo even said that he might seize medical equipment from rural hospitals and send it to the infected city if it was needed. And this comes after politicians in the City told residents to go out and have a good time and not to worry about the virus.

Shocking, friends, shocking. Meanwhile a China-born CBS reporter got into a feud with president Trump, once again seeking to shift the blame for the crisis away from her native country. The Gateway Pundit reported:

Jiang argued with and corrected Trump throughout. Toward the end a fed up Trump told her to “keep your voice down” and demanded of her how many Americans had died from the virus at the time he issued the China travel ban at the end of January. She could not answer when Trump turned the tables on her and repeatedly demanded an answer from her. Trump asked Jiang about eight times how many cases and how many deaths and she could not answer. There seven cases of domestic spread on January 31 when Trump issued the China travel ban. The first death was reported on February 29.

Jiang, whose Twitter bio says she is a “Chinese born West Virginian”, recently caused controversy by accusing without proof an unnamed White House staffer of using the joke phrase “Kung Flu” in a conversation with her about the coronavirus.

No, no, let’s not talk about dirty China. Let’s talk about something else. Here is CNN’s Fareed Zakaria. Notice the big BUT toward the end of the paragraph to ultimately blame it all on, you guessed it, president Trump:

The question is was Donald Trump telling the truth about China then, or is he telling the truth about it now? Let me be clear, with regard to COVID-19, China engaged in a cover-up and the W.H.O. did not push back enough, though both deny it. Local officials in Wuhan knew about the disease early but chose to minimize fears about it and punished doctors who spoke out. Beijing, for its part, kept a tight lid on information, refused help from the C.D.C., and gave the W.H.O. limited access to Wuhan. Some health experts say it is likely that China is still giving us unreliable data about the numbers of infected and dead. And China’s repressive regime has always controlled and manipulated information to serve its larger interests, BUT none of that changes the fact that Donald Trump was well aware of the potential dangers of the virus by late January at minimum and by mid-February at the latest.

Indeed he was aware. That’s why president Trump banned flights from China on January 31 and was called a racist by the media for doing so.

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