Trump Suspends Immigration/ Covid-19 Debunks ‘Climate Change’/ NJ Gestapo Shuts Flower Farm

President Trump will soon sign an executive order to temporarily suspend legal immigration into the United States. This is great news.

Yet almost all visa processing by the State Department, including immigrant visas, has been suspended for weeks anyway. This action will make it official and more permanent.

This suspension is good news. First, it is certainly intended to protect the US from foreigners carrying the coronavirus. But just as important, millions of people who have come here under legal visitor/tourist visas have become illegal immigrants. They come under the guise of visiting and they never return home. So for the price of an airline ticket, they immigrate illegally and without any problem. has been calling for an end to these visitor visas from certain countries and for certain people for years. We need to get illegal immigration under control. One report says that 45% of all illegal immigration into the US comes from people who fly here on visas and never go home. They come largely from Africa, the islamic Middle East and Asia. Enough!

Virus Debunks ‘Climate Change’

We have never had an opportunity like this coronavirus crisis to debunk ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ or whatever they are calling it these days.

In the last five weeks oil consumption for motor fuel has dropped dramatically all over the world as quarantined citizens have cut their driving by huge margins. This means that the world is emitting vastly less carbon dioxide (CO2) into the air, which allegedly causes ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’.

Thus with this major drop in CO2 we should be seeing a huge shift in the weather, right? If the CO2 is driving the ‘change’ or ‘warming’ then the weather should be shifting dramatically as CO2 production drops dramatically, right?

But the weather has not changed one iota. lives in New England and the weather is not one bit different than it has been for the 66 years that I have been on this earth. The last 5 weeks have been just like every other March/April period – it gets a little warm here and there during the days, but is generally cool to cold, and almost always cold at night.

And since the planet is supposed to be burning up in ‘warming’, then how can it be so cool in the first place. How did we get snow on April 18? How did Calumet, Michigan get 25 feet of snow this Winter? How was the Winter of 2018 the coldest and snowiest in the last century in New England if we are in the midst of ‘warming’?

Friends, the lack of a dramatic shift in the weather and climate as gasoline consumption crashes is just one more proof that ‘climate change’ is a hoax.

Have you ever heard of the Climate-gate email scandal? Most likely you have not since the Fake News media and Al Gore do not want you to know about it. It was two separate hacks of emails in 2009 and 2011 which showed that top global ‘warming’ alarmists were worried that their end-of-the-world predictions were not panning out and that their apocalyptic numbers were not adding up.

How about the three major “warm” periods including the Minoan Warm Period (500 years of very hot climate during the time of the Minoan civilization in Greece around 1500 BC); the Roman Warm Period (400 years of very hot climate during the time of the Roman empire); and the Medieval Warm Period, (another 400 years of very hot climate during the Medieval period from 900 AD to 1300 AD).

You will never hear a peep about these periods since the ‘greenies’ do not want you to know about them. And these periods all happened long before the burning of coal, oil and natural gas which ‘greenies’ claim is causing “warming” and ‘climate change’ today. Yet today’s allegedly “warming” planet is nothing in comparison to those 1,300 years.

It was so hot during the Medieval period that a group of Vikings from Scandinavia moved to Greenland and settled close to the Arctic Circle. Would they do this if it was freezing cold? No. Greenland is vastly colder today than it was back then. In fact the Vikings named it Greenland since it was so green at the time, without all of the ice and snow that it has today.

New Jersey Officials Close Flower Farm Drive-Thru

New Jersey state officials ordered a 99-acre tulip farm to halt its annual drive-thru amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Dalton Farms, located in Swedesboro, N.J., received the order from an assistant prosecutor from the state of New Jersey.

This is a perfect example of the sickness among these Democrat governors like Murphy in New Jersey. It would be uplifting for people to get in their cars and go out and look at the lovely Spring flowers after being cooped up for so long.

But no, that is too much for the Democrats. They want Americans as depressed as possible since most Democrats are depressed anyway and they want to spread their misery.

Meanwhile Texas cops arrested two hispanic women for violating a stay-at-home order for offering beauty and cosmetic services in people’s homes.

Undercover cops working on a COVID-19 task force enforcement detail busted the two women after receiving anonymous tips from snitches that the ladies were soliciting business on social media offering at-home beauty services.

Gee, wouldn’t it be nice if the cops cracked down like this on illegal immigration? Instead of on hard-working people who want to feed their families.

A Devastating Ad Makes Pelosi Look Totally Heartless

Look at the video ad on this page to see a devastating political attack on Nancy Pelosi’s arrogance during this time of pandemic. Pelosi is shown in front a pair of $25,000 refrigerators in her home showing off her freezer-full of $13 a pint gourmet ice cream.

If Melania Trump ever said anything like this, she would be run out of the White House. And if any Republican did this, the entire Republican party would be howling with condemnation. Yet there is no condemnation whatsoever of Pelosi. Why not?

You must understand the arrogant liberal mindset. The more arrogant that a liberal becomes, the higher they rise in the political food chain. Democrats love to shove their arrogance into our faces.

Good News about the Chinese Virus

Here are excerpts from comments made by president Trump at his April 20 press briefing reflecting progress in fighting the Chinese virus. Notice that he even praises politicians who have been critical of him in the past. This shows that this president wants to get the job done rather than play politics:

America continues to make steady progress in our war against the virus. As of today, we’ve tested 4.18 million Americans. That’s a record anywhere in the world. The United States has now conducted more total tests than all of the following nations combined: France, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, Australia, Sweden, and Canada.

And our testing is expanding very rapidly by millions and millions of people. So we’ve — we’ve done more testing than all of these countries combined: France, United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Austria, and Australia, Sweden, and Canada. That’s something. Right?

Many governors are still relying on their state (testing) laboratories rather than the full and much larger capacity that is available to them. As an example, commercial laboratories, such as Quest and LabCorp — these are massive laboratories that can handle a lot more than they’re being sent. A few days ago, it was at 30 percent. They’re only at 30 percent capacity now. I don’t know — probably the same, but they have a lot of capacity.

In addition, academic laboratories, big research labs — there’s tremendous capacity out there. And some of them want the fast — you know, the instant Abbott machine, which just came about due to the research during this little short period of time. And it’s very quick, but these labs can do them very quickly also, and they’re — they’re massive. They can handle much more — much more than the machine, the small machine, can handle.

No — nobody is close to us. No country is close to us. In fact — and I appreciate it very much — the Wall Street Journal wrote a fantastic piece, a highly respected gentleman: Christopher DeMuth. And this piece was just in the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition. And “Trump Rewrites the Book on Emergencies.” That’s what’s happened too. And we — I’ll just read one paragraph:

“He’s given pride of place to federalism and private enterprise, lauding the patriotism and proficiency of our fantastic governors and mayors” — meaning, I do call them fantastic when it’s appropriate — “and our incredible business leaders and genius companies.” I guess I probably use those terms too, when they’re doing a good job. When they’re not doing a good job, I don’t use those terms.

“Our heroic doctors and nurses and orderlies and our tremendous truckers” — they have all done good jobs — “by shouting out many of them by name and documenting their deeds on a fully daily basis, he has vivified the American way in action (once [it was] reluctantly aroused).” It was hard to get it aroused, and it is hard to get it aroused, but we got it aroused. “When asked why he has not issued orders for nationwide home and business lockdowns, he has emphasized that the intensity of the epidemic varies widely and is best met by calibrated state and local judgments.” That’s the judgments of governors and local people. And added pointedly that “such steps would conflict with the Constitution.”

But very importantly, he’s just a very respected gentleman. To see this was a very nice feeling — not for me, necessarily, but for all of the people that have worked with us. I mean, they’ve — they have worked so hard.


We’re close to finalizing the second partnership through which a U.S. manufacturer would convert its existing plant to produce over 10 million additional (testing) swabs per month. And we should be ready to announce this in a very short period of time.

Many governors are doing this incredible work, and they’re working with us very closely on testing and working in their states. And again, it should be a local thing because it’s point. It’s all these points within a state. But we’re helping them a lot, and we want to help them a lot. We’re going to help them more than a lot, actually, if you think about it, with what we’ve done. Think of it: We’ve done more than all those countries combined.

We’re encouraging them to share their successful strategies with other governors. Some of the governors are doing a better job than others. The robust capacity that we’ve brought online will empower governors to deploy sophisticated strategies so they can safely reopen their states.

We continue to see improvement with declining trajectory of cases in Seattle, Detroit, New Orleans, Indianapolis, and Houston metro areas. More evidence that our aggressive strategy is working. And I thank the American people for their selfless devotion. The American people have done a hell of a job. We’re saving countless lives, though.

CMS is finalizing new guidelines for doctors and patients to resume elective surgeries. It’s a big thing. A lot of hospitals were closed. They couldn’t do any elective surgeries. They’ll be able to start doing that. Procedures and medical care that needs to be done in person — as long as the rate of infections remains low in a community, we want patients to be able to go to the doctors, get clinically tested, and have work done, surgeries, receive treatment for chronic conditions, and resume preventative care. So we’ll be allowing that to happen very soon.

I want to thank Governor Cuomo — the relationship there — for this whole thing. We’re building hospitals. It was very good. We built a little bit more than we needed, and that’s good, as opposed to building a little bit less. That’s not good. But he’s worked very well with us.

The governor of Louisiana has been great … on that whole situation with the beds.

Frankly, the governor of Michigan was very good with us on — on beds. You know, it’s a very complex subject. You need buildings or you have to do tents, or you have to do a lot of different things, a lot of different ways.

But the Army Corps of Engineers was fantastic. They were fantastic.

Florida likewise — Governor DeSantis. And I could name probably six other locations.

I’ll tell you one: California was fantastic. He was really good. He was really good. And I appreciate the fact that he — he said what he wanted to say, and he wasn’t letting the press force him into saying something that he didn’t want to say. So I appreciate it very much. Governor of California. He really — he worked very hard. We worked together, and he worked very hard.

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