Fake Fox News Stokes Virus Fear/ Michael Moore Sees ‘Green’ Truth

Fake Fox News correspondent Bret Baier asked the president at his daily press briefing on April 21 if he was worried that the coronavirus would come back even stronger in the Autumn.

This is typical of how the media are fanning the flames of panic precisely as the coronavirus scare is subsiding nationally. This is done to keep Americans in fear. Meanwhile the Fake Fox website blared this headline and story on April 21:

Coronavirus could have a deadlier second wave later this year, CDC director warns

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is warning that a second wave of coronavirus could coincide with the start of flu season, proving to be even more devastating than the enduring COVID-19 pandemic.

CDC Director Robert Redfield told The Washington Post in an interview Tuesday that the nation should be cautious even as some states attempt to reopen their economies in the coming weeks and continue to practice social distancing measures to mitigate the spread of the virus.

So there you go; the media are doing everything they can to incite fear and panic, including allegedly ‘conservative’ Fox. And in case you have not noticed, Fox is veering to the left as many once ‘conservative’ media sources have done. But the question is: Why?

And the answer is simple: The people who started Fox News in the 1990s knew that there was a huge and unfilled market for conservative news content. They knew that they could get rich on conservative content. But Nikitas3.com believes that they were not necessarily conservatives, including people like George Will.

So now that president Trump is implementing a conservative agenda many of them are running away since they were not conservatives to start with but were simply political and financial opportunists. This includes fake conservatives like Bill Kristol, The Drudge Report, Mitt Romney, John McCain, National Review and Jonah Goldberg.

Now look at this from The Washington Examiner about the virus crisis:

President Trump said Tuesday that the naval ship Comfort sent to New York to provide overflow capacity for hospitals treating COVID-19 patients will sail back to Virginia.

“I’ve asked [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] if we could bring the Comfort back to its base in Virginia so that we can have it for other locations, and he said we would be able to do that,” Trump said at the White House press briefing Tuesday.

Yet just a few weeks ago Cuomo was in a hysterical panic about the virus in New York City and demanded the ship to help his city’s hospitals. And the reason for his hysteria is that Cuomo was listening to government functionaries like Redfield and media skunks like Baier who were predicting the worst.

Remember that Phony Dr. Fauci, Trump’s pint-sized adviser from the National Institutes for Health, was the guy who said that coronavirus deaths could reach 2.1 million. And then he cut his prediction to 200,000. Yet on April 21 the CDC website reported 17,229 deaths, and this was not a prediction but the actual number of certified deaths reported to CDC from all over the country.

This is the same Phony Fauci who predicted in the 1980s that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions.

That breakout never happened and that prediction was the most colossal blunder in American medical history. Did Fauci lose his job? Of course not. He is still at the NIH at the very top of it. Which proves the old adage: Socialism rewards failure and punishes success.

At the same time, Fake News CNN correspondent Jim Acosta is always looking for any reason to smear Trump. And so after oil prices crashed on April 21 Acosta cited an April 2 tweet from the president about how Trump was negotiating to end the price war between Saudi Arabia and Russia to stabilize oil prices.

Acosta than lampooned Trump for having failed to halt the April 21 oil price slide yet that slide was a result of totally different circumstances than the Saudi/Russia feud; it was the result of the global virus quarantine that has radically slashed demand for gasoline.

This is how the fakers in the media use every tool in the book to deceive us about our president who is working hard to stabilize a situation that he inherited from, you guessed it, communist China.

Meanwhile how much energy do the Fake News media produce? Answer: Zero.

Michael Moore Sees the ‘Green’ Truth

First, happy ‘earth day’, today, April 22. And those of us in New England are celebrating with a heavy dose of “global warming”, i.e., snow and record cold!

Meanwhile Breitbart News reports:

Left-wing documentary filmmaker Michael Moore is once again sounding the alarm on climate change — but this time he is blaming fellow environmentalists, saying that efforts like solar energy and electric cars are not helping to solve the problem…

(Moore’s new movie) highlights the failures of the mainstream environmental movement, assigning blame to corporate interests as well as solar and wind energy companies and electric car manufacturers, which the doc claims rely too much on fossil fuels and deforestation.

Moore told the news agency that he once believed that solar panels and electric cars were a good idea. “But I didn’t really think about where is the electricity coming from?”

“I assumed solar panels would last for ever. I didn’t know what went into the making of them,” the Oscar-winner added, referring to raw materials, including quartz, and the fossil fuels needed to manufacture the panels.

Well, well, well, welcome to reality Mr. Moore! Nikitas3.com has been explaining for years that solar panels, windmills and electric cars are a disaster for the environment. And finally the truth is catching on even among the lunatics on the left.

Nikitas3.com has explained over and over that solar panels and windmills are grossly inefficient, that the production of electricity from windmills requires up to 1,000 times as much land as the same amount of power from a nuclear reactor. If you want to see a windmill on every mountaintop in America, that is what the ‘greenies’ want to give us.

Because ‘greenies’ are getting rich off of windmills. And if they have to trash the environment to get rich, then they will do it. You also probably did not know that the efficiency of solar panels falls off significantly in very hot climates. This contradicts the ‘green’ narrative that solar energy is going to easily power the blistering hot and sunny desert states like Arizona.

Nikitas3.com has calculated that electric cars use 2 to 10 times as much energy per mile as a gasoline-powered car since electricity is the most “refined” energy resource and it is a fact of physics that ‘it consumes energy to refine energy’.

Meanwhile Nikitas3.com calculates that windmills require 2,000 times or more labor for routine maintenance as the same energy coming from a nuclear plant. At many thousands of times the cost.

But ‘greenies’ don’t want us to know about the catastrophic drawbacks of their precious ‘clean’ energy since they are getting rich on it.

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