Dear Trump Haters: How Do You Like This Virus Disaster?

Here is an open letter from to Democrats, leftists and Trump haters:

Dear Trump Haters,

Over the last 5 years since president Trump announced his candidacy to run for president in June 2015, you leftists, liberals and Democrats have done everything in your power to smear, libel and impugn Donald Trump as both a candidate and as president. You have tried repeatedly to remove him from office.

So let’s all think back to October 2019 when the economy was sailing along, unemployment was at record lows, the stock market had reached record highs, we had great new trade deals with the whole world, Trump had rebuilt our military, wiped out ISIS in the Middle East and was sealing our border with Mexico.

Wouldn’t every decent American want to go back to those days of peace and prosperity instead of facing the grim uncertainty foisted on us by the Chinese virus? Of course. Yet what were you Democrats doing back in October?

You were doing everything in your power to impeach president Trump and remove him from office in order to reverse everything that he had accomplished.

Well, now that the Chinese virus has put 26 million Americans out of work and crippled our economy, reversing the gains that the Trump had made, how do you like it?

We know that you Democrats are secretly ecstatic that the economy is back to the dismal state that president Trump inherited from Obama. Because Democrats are by nature miserable people deep down inside and you want to spread your misery to everyone.

Except there is one big problem. Assuming that roughly half of the country is liberal, then that means that 13 million of your own friends and political allies are suffering enormous harm in this virus crisis.

Do you Democrats care? Of course not. We know that Democrats would kill their own mothers to advance their power and their political agenda.

The virus has done everything that you leftists want – most importantly it is hobbling America both economically and psychologically. You Democrats are never happy when Americans are happy, as Americans were happy with Trump’s leadership. And so today, with tens of millions traumatized over the Chinese-spawned virus, you Democrats are gleeful.

Shameful… utterly shameful. You are awful people.

Your wealthy Democrat hero Nancy Pelosi (estimated net worth from her husband is $40 million to $125 million) repeatedly held up aid for struggling American workers and businesses. Yet a recent video shows her gloating over her supply of gourmet ice cream in front of her pair of $25,000 refrigerator/freezers as Americans are starving and businesses by the thousands are closing. She even boasted that she had held up the aid money. And we know that you liberals are all proud of Pelosi for doing this.

Why? Because deep down inside all you people on the left live in a state of perpetual anger, self-hatred and misery. The hatred that you are showing for a successful president like Trump is not just anger. It is a deep, all-consuming pathological obsession with our president.

This is happening since you Democrats have witnessed a president in Trump who is confident and commanding, who has done so much to turn this country around for the better, which is something that you know nothing about. Just look at Obama’s failed presidency. Obama left the economy in shambles. Obama left our military weakened. And none of this seems to bother you Democrats.

Look at your presidential candidate Joe Biden. This man is a shell of a human being. He is old and confused. He even said recently that he was running for the US Senate! After 47 years in Washington, DC, you would think that Biden would have fixed everything. Yet he has a long list of things he wants to fix since he has fixed absolutely nothing.

But then again, this is your Democrat party today. It never fixes anything. It has ruled without challenge over black America since the 1960s, yet black America is worse off than it ever has been. Black America is in the abyss in crime, poverty, violence and illegitimacy.

We all know that you Democrats are cheering for the coronavirus. You did not want the drug chloroquine to even appear to help people. Here is another perfect example. Agence France-Presse reported:

The experimental coronavirus treatment remdesivir has failed in its first randomized clinical trial, inadvertently released results showed Thursday, dampening expectations for the closely watched drug.

A draft summary went online briefly on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO) and was first reported by the Financial Times and Stat, which posted a screenshot.

But Gilead Sciences, the company behind the medicine, disputed how the now-deleted post had characterized the findings, saying the data showed a “potential benefit.”

The summary said the Chinese trial involved 237 patients, with 158 on the drug and 79 in a control group. Remdesivir was stopped early in 18 patients because of side effects.

So who would believe anything that comes out of China?

Only a fool – or an America hater – would do so, just as Democrats are fools and America haters.

Can you Democrats do anything positive?

Well, yes, you can hand out taxpayer money and claim that it is the solution to everything. But if it were, then every communist country would be leading the world in prosperity and innovation. But typically every communist country is dirt poor and starving.

Things are so bad that an MSNBC anti-Trumper said:

I wonder what you think about whether or not there’s some silver lining there, that some of the things that — that we’ve been talking about for three years may be finally catching up with (Trump)?

Yes sir, a silver lining to a global disaster. Only a sick Trump hater would say this. Look at how your far-left New York City mayor Bill De Blasio (his real name is Warren Wilhelm Jr.) is telling residents to tattle by text message on their neighbors who are not socially distancing or who are gathering in even small crowds.

This is your same Democrat party that has been encouraging and accepting massive illegal immigration into America for the last 50 years including rapists, drug traffickers, murderers and MS-13 gang members.

What a great political party you have! You must be awfully proud. Meanwhile we all know that the virus spread rapidly in New York City after De Blasio, the city’s health commissioner and other Democrat politicians urged New Yorkers to go out and have a good time even as the Chinese virus was moving like wildfire throughout the population.

What a wonderful party you Democrats have. You must be enjoying the fruits of your stupidity. At the same time, crime in the New York subway system has spiked 75% as ridership has fallen 90%.

Your panicky governor Andrew Cuomo of New York state demanded 30,000 ventilators for virus patients, but only needed 5,000. Now he has given away most of the ventilators to other states. Amazing. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Again, again, again.

Bill Gates Buys $43M Oceanfront Home

Architectural Digest reports:

Bill and Melinda Gates are the proud new owners of an oceanfront property in Del Mar, (San Diego) California, that is reportedly one of the biggest deals ever recorded in the area. According to the Wall Street Journal, the tech titan and his wife paid $43 million for the stunning estate, which, according to marketing materials, features multiple structures including a primary family residence, a greenhouse, and two guesthouses, as well as amenities like a health spa, theater, glass-tiled pool, 10-person jacuzzi, and tennis court.

Gee, if the sea levels are rising under ‘global warming’ like Gates and all of his alarmist friends are claiming, then why did Gates buy this house?

Why did Al Gore buy a $9 million oceanfront home in 2010 after warning in 2006 that the oceans were going to rise 17 feet?

Those are two good questions but they are easily explained – ‘global warming’ is a “green” hoax intended to destroy our energy supplies while enriching the left.

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