Chinese Virus Hoax = ‘Climate Change’ + ‘Global Warming’ Hoax

There is a remarkable similarity between the ‘climate’ hoax and the Chinese virus assault on the world – they both are being exploited by people on the left for political ends, and in much the same way.

Consider the gross exaggeration that we are seeing in both cases. While ‘climate’ alarmists have been making the most dire predictions for the future including the end of the world, Dr. Fauci, the life-long government bureaucrat whom president Trump is unfortunately consulting on the virus, first claimed that the coronavirus was going to kill 2.1 million Americans.

Yet the April 28 number given out by the Fake News media is 56,245 deaths, but even that number is phony. The official Centers for Disease Control and Prevention government website puts the number of deaths at 27,674 for April 28. And remember that most of these deaths are among old and sick people.

So what is the reason for this huge discrepancy?

Well, think about ‘climate change’ and you have your answer. The Fake News media will exaggerate anything wildly, like ‘global warming’, in order to score political points for the left. The CDC number is actual deaths reported to the CDC and directly attributed to the Chinese virus, while the media will publish any number that is given out even if the deaths are not definitively linked to the virus.

For instance, the brother of 2020 presidential aspirant Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren – a gentleman named Don Reed – recently was listed as having died of the virus. But Reed was 86 years old, he already had lived 10 years past the average lifespan for an American male, he had cancer and pneumonia, and then he allegedly contracted the virus and died.

Friends, Don Reed died of old age, cancer and pneumonia, but his death is being blamed on the coronavirus. Do you see how the whole deal is being faked? This is being done to harm president Trump and to harm and dispirit our nation, for instance with a prolonged economic shutdown and quarantine.

Here are three other gross exaggerations about the virus:

*Fauci magically lowered his death estimate to 200,000 after a few weeks. Yet CDC is reporting just 27,674. And Fauci is the top infectious disease specialist in the whole country. And remember that Fauci was the fraudster who forecast in the 1980s that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill tens of millions of people. It didn’t.

*California governor Gavin Newsom predicted that 25 million people in his state were going to catch the virus, yet the total confirmed infections as of April 28 were only 43,653.

*Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, a Biden consultant on the crisis and a top academic and medical professional, predicted 100 million Chinese virus infections nationwide by April 27, yet the real number is less than 1 million.

This sure sounds like the people who are predicting that we are all going to die when the earth burns up under ‘global warming’, who said that coastal cities are going to go underwater when sea levels rise 17 feet, as Al Gore claimed in 2007 (yet those sea levels have not risen at all since then).

These people on the left are serial exaggerators and liars. And it is important to note that we cannot prove them wrong about the global temperature in 100 years since that is too far into the future, but we have proof that they are exaggerating wildly with the actual Chinese virus infection and death numbers versus what they were predicting.

Interestingly Al Gore made his dire prediction about sea levels in 2007 and then in 2010 he purchased a beachfront home in Southern California for $9 million.

So much for ‘rising sea levels’…

Now Exaggerating Al is at it again. Breitbart News reported:

According to former Vice President Al Gore, there is a link between global warming and the current coronavirus pandemic.

Gore, during an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, argued other emissions from fossil fuels besides carbon dioxide, were responsible for “preconditions” that are increasing the risk of the COVID-19 virus.

Partial transcript as follows:

GORE: Well, as someone has said, we’re in a kind of chrysalis. We are continuing to navigate according to the coordinates of a world that has radically changed, and it’s a challenge to ascertain what the world to come is going to look like. No doubt, there will be many similarities.

But, you know, you mentioned the oil bailout proposal at the beginning of your comments. This climate crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic are linked in some ways, the preconditions that raise the death rate from COVID-19, a great many of them are accentuated, made worse, by the fossil fuel pollution. Not the CO2 (carbon dioxide in the atmosphere), which causes the climate crisis, but the particulates, the soot.

And, of course, President Trump is trying to use this crisis as an opportunity to turn the valves wide open for more pollution.

Oh, so now it’s the “soot”. This is interesting since they have screamed about CO2 for 20 years. But since the ‘climate’ crisis has not happened, they need to move on to “soot” and the Chinese virus. And what would a Democrat talking point be without the usual canard of racism tossed in. Gore said:

And we also see it with the horrendous differential mortality rates among African-Americans and to some extent, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, as well. This crisis has exposed some long-standing witnesses in our president, but some long-standing weaknesses in our country.

If we — just to pick one example that existed before this began, the death rate for African-American children from asthma is ten times the death rate for Caucasian children from asthma. You see the big increase in death rates from COVID-19. And there are many factors that cause it.

And you know them, Chris. You wrote that book, ‘A Colony in a Country,’ and you spelled this out — inadequate access to health care, unequal economics, poor housing, and environmental injustice.

Because communities of color, because they’ve had a legacy of being deprived of the same political and economic power to defend themselves, are way more likely to be downwind from the smokestacks and breathe that pollution in, downstream from the hazardous waste flows adjacent to the coal ash and hazardous chemical waste sites, and this is now being manifested in these horrendous death rates.

Notice that Fibber Gore talks about black people like they are only victims of mean white people. Yet calculates that blacks have taken $75 trillion in handouts from white taxpayers in the last 60 years. So black people should shut their big fat, whining mouths about racism and tell us the truth about how much they love living off of white people and sleeping until noon every day. Lyin’ Al Gore continued to link the virus crisis to ‘global warming’:

But we can get through this (virus crisis). And on the other side of it, we can build a new energy system, a new transportation system, a new approach to health care, and habitat and housing. You know, this happens at a time when the oil industry and the fossil fuel industry as a whole is kind of on the ropes anyway. If you look at all of the new electricity generation built last year in the world, 72 percent was renewable, mostly wind and solar.

And we’re seeing it cheaper as a source of electricity in two-third, quarters of the world than fossil fuel, and soon, in a few years, in 100 percent of the world — electric vehicles are taking off, within two years, they are going to be significantly cheaper than internal combustion engines — regenerative agriculture, and I won’t go through the whole list, but the opportunities are very large.

Yeah, right… Electric vehicles, windmills and solar panels are all grossly inefficient and rely directly on heavy taxpayer subsidies. That is the only reason that they exist. Yet if had enough subsidies, I could sell suntan lotion in Seattle.

In truth, the media are lying every day about windmills, solar panels and electric cars just like they are lying about the coronavirus.

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