How Will Democrats Hide Joe Biden?

Question: What are Democrats going to do in order to hide Joe Biden from view until election day, November 3, 2020?

The Democrats have put themselves into a real quandary. Their nominee is probably going to be Joe Biden, although believes that there is a good chance that Biden won’t be on the ballot in November.

But if Biden is the nominee, Democrats have a serious problem: Biden is deteriorating mentally and everyone knows it. There recently was a video on conservative websites showing Biden’s wife Jill reading a prepared statement as her husband sat next to her staring into space. Joe Biden looked totally out of it.

We conservatives have been warning about this for months – that Joe Biden is mentally unfit to be president. But Democrats may have no choice but to go with him and to go forward with a plan to hide Biden from public view and try to get him elected anyway.

Impossible? Pretty much, but so far the Chinese virus crisis has offered them an opportunity to do so, with campaigning generally shut down and Biden limited to scripted events. But things should be different by Autumn, and so Biden will be forced to make personal appearances.

And perhaps Democrats would allow Biden to make short, scripted speeches at campaign events and then whisk him off. But that too is fraught with peril. Trump would wonder aloud, “Where’s Crazy Uncle Joe? Why are they hiding him? What are they afraid of?” believes that Democrats would simply keep Biden generally out of view and rely on surrogates to campaign for him and for their Fake News media cronies to cover up for him.

Biden even could refuse to debate Trump. He could issue a statement saying something like “Trump has been impeached. He is not a legitimate president and therefore I will not debate him.”

After all, Democrats know that Biden will lose in a landslide if he shows up to debate Trump, and they can’t risk that. Their least bad option is to refuse to debate. They would then have to rely on the Fake News media to cover up for Biden by saying something like, “Yes, we agree, Trump was impeached therefore Biden should not have to debate him”.

This is, of course, a very difficult road and Democrats know it. But they did much the same thing with Hillary in 2016 and it worked to some degree. She did not campaign much since she was sick. There even are videos of her campaign entourage with an ambulance in it. And we cannot forget when she fainted at the 9/11 memorial service and how the media covered up for her. But she did at least show up to the debates with Trump and did fine.

But Biden is in much worse shape. does not believe that Biden can debate Trump. Biden has gone downhill in the last few weeks. There is definitely something wrong. There are many videos of Biden on the internet showing him mangling his sentences and muddling his thoughts even in short and scripted appearances. There even is a video of his wife appearing in his place at a virtual town hall; Joe was nowhere to be found.

The other major problem for Democrats is this: If Biden drops out or if the Democrats force him out, it is going to look really bad. Americans are going to wonder, “You had 25 people running for president and you couldn’t do better than Biden? You cannot even pick a presidential nominee?” That would look terrible for the Democrat party.

Their only real option might be to proclaim that Biden has had a serious health problem and that he had to drop out of the race. You can be sure that there are many options being discussed right now behind closed doors in Washington, including that one.

But that too is fraught with peril. Radical communist Bernie Sanders is waiting in the wings if Biden falters and Sanders is much worse than Biden. Everyone knows that Sanders cannot win, that he is far too extreme. This feeling was intensified after Sanders praised communist China last Winter. And after this virus epidemic, this is not going to fly.

If Biden does drop out and Sanders is denied the nomination in favor of someone like Andrew Cuomo, millions of Sanders voters are going to stay home on election day. It also has been reported that as many as 15% of Sanders voters would vote for Trump. These two outcomes would hand the election to president Trump.

The Democrats are in disastrous shape. With the virus epidemic winding down and an economic rebound expected by Summer or Fall, Trump is in great shape to be re-elected. And considering that Biden has a major sexual assault allegation emerging against him, it is looking worse and worse for Biden.

And then remember the Golden Rule: Trump has nine lives. He has withstood every assault on his character while his adversaries have fallen. This election is no different.

Here is just one example: The mayor of a small city called Auburn, California compared Trump supporters to nazis. Several days later, the mayor died in a plane crash. The Trump Curse strikes again!

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