Sarah Silverman’s Abhorrent Abortion ‘Skit’

Imagine that an extremist, bigoted pro-gun advocate, in order to warn about Obama’s anti-gun policies, made an internet skit picturing himself over a fallen body that said, “I killed a Jew before Obama takes my guns away.”

No rational person would accept that, neither conservative nor liberal. And they would be right. It would be a horrible thing to say.

But some extremists would find it funny, rest assured.

Now a little-known ‘comedienne’ in Hollywood named Sarah Silverman, obviously desperate for publicity, has made a fake internet post that said that she “got a quickie aborsh (abortion)” before the Republicans allegedly take away her right to have an abortion.

Two internet pictures showed her first with a ‘full uterus’ (she was not really pregnant; she ate something that blew up her stomach) and then a second picture with a flat front, as if to suggest that she had had her child aborted.

If this is not the most angry, hateful type of commentary it is hard to say what is.

And guess what? Some feminists apparently are supporting the stunt.

This shows real derangement on the political left. This stunt shows how sick the hard, pro-abortionists are. And this is what passes for civil discourse these days because the Democrat party sees Obama going down in November and they must pull out every single stop, no matter how crass or how low.

This all will backfire, just like the comment by a Democrat political consultant on Ann Romney as someone who “has never worked a day in her life” backfired big time on the feminist left. Democrats all over America were seeking to distance themselves from the comment.

Oh, sure, Silverman has gotten some attention. Because that is what Hollywood is all about – getting attention for small-minded entertainers, no matter how you get it. Any publicity is good publicity; that is the name of the game.

These people are so ruthlessly crass that it is beyond the pale. They never think about anything except money and publicity and their extremist agenda.

And look at how, a British newspaper, covered Silverman’s stunt:

‘At the expense of the Republican party who want to take away women’s autonomy over their bodies, the comedienne paired potty humour with political commentary, using the montage to make a strong and simple point about the ongoing War on Women.’

Abortion is ‘potty humour’? No it’s not. It is serious business. It should never be joked about in any way.

And the Republican party wants to take away women’s autonomy over their bodies?

Uh, how about the millions of women who have been ruined emotionally, and many harmed physically, by their easy decision to have an abortion? It is a known fact that a high percentage of the females who have had abortions are hurt in many ways.

Yet you never hear about them from the pro-abortion left. Because the damage that abortion does is covered up, as all the damage of socialism is covered up. Like the fact is covered up by the Media Left that 300,000 male homosexuals are reported to have died of AIDS in the last 30 years, while hundreds of thousands of gays today are very sick with a host of diseases.

Where is the liberal outrage over the tsunami of murder in black America, which is controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Democrat party? Aren’t Democrat policies supposed to create utopia?

No, they create dys-topia and poverty and murder and chaos.

In another example of harm to “women”, feminists have been urging women to go through life without a man because feminists say that men are evil. Yet tens of millions of women have no man in their lives and they are finding themselves statistically poorer than women who are married, and statistically much less happy than married women, with much higher levels of anxiety and fear about life in general and about old age.

Yet when conservatives rightly say over and over that marriage is the best state for women and for men too, the feminists dismiss that hard truth and say that conservatives are somehow waging a ‘war on women’.

No, friends, it is feminism that is waging a ’war on women’.

How about the statistical link between abortion and breast cancer?

The feminists ignore it because it exposes their abortion ‘right’ as the very dangerous procedure that it is.

Abortion is no laughing matter. It is a brutal and abrupt disruption of a positive and natural process in the woman’s body. You would expect such a disruption to cause problems and it does. It’s just that we do not hear about the problems because abortion is a sacrament of the left.

Indeed to the Democrat left abortion is just something you do when you get an unplanned pregnancy. No big deal… right?

Wrong. Abortion is a brutal, ugly, murderous act against the most innocent among us – the unborn child.

The big, brave feminist left, however, has declared ‘war on the defenseless fetus’ like the cowards they are. They won’t take on anyone who might fight back.

Sarah Silverman is a despicable Hollywood entertainer. She should be ashamed. But she never will be. Because she got what she wanted out of her horrible stunt – a few days of national publicity.

The final repercussions of her stunt, however, are going to ultimately harm her just as abortion itself has harmed millions of women.

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