Obamagate!/ Black Kills Elderly White Couple

President Trump recently tweeted:

“He got caught, OBAMAGATE!”

Friends, the evidence is increasinly pointing to Obama being at the head of the government conspiracy against president Trump, including the fake Russia probe. And when it is proven, this will be the Watergate scandal times 1,000.

This scandal used the apparatus of the federal government, including the FBI, against a sitting president. It is the worst scandal in American history. And now we have a new name for it – Obamagate…

And to repeat the famous question from Watergate: “What did the president (Obama) know and when did he know it?”

And now we know why the liberals are so desperate to get rid of president Trump – because the Department of Justice investigation into the origins of the Russia hoax could bring down Obama himself.

Media Ignore Black Killing Elderly Couple

Here is a story about a black who murdered an elderly couple in Delaware on May 8:

A husband and wife in their 80s were fatally shot Friday morning while at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery, in Bear, Delaware.

The Daily Mail reports the couple was from Elkton, Maryland, and they were allegedly shot by a 29-year-old Sheldon Francis who was found dead a few hours later.

The 85-year-old wife died at the scene. The 86-year-old husband was transported to a hospital in critical condition and Delaware Online reports that he died Saturday.

OK, this case is clear cut – black kills innocent elderly couple. We don’t know what race they were, but they were probably white, since they were still married into old age and were visiting a veterans’ cemetery which are full of overwhelmingly white decedents in a suburban area of Delaware near Wilmington. And we know that blacks target white people every day for crime.

Update: Authorities identified the victims as 86-year-old Paul C. Marino of Elkton, Maryland, and his wife, 85-year-old Lidia Marino.

Update: Here is their obituary showing that they were whites of Italian descent:

Paul Charles Marino, age 86, and Lidia Inglese Marino, age 85, of Elkton, MD, passed away suddenly.

Mrs. Marino passed away Friday, May 8, 2020. Born in Italy on March 25, 1935, she was the daughter of the late Antonio and Theresa Inglese. Mrs. Marino was a homemaker and seamstress and enjoyed needlepoint and cooking.

Mr. Marino passed away Saturday, May 9, 2020. Born in Poughkeepsie, NY, on January 27, 1934, he was the son of the late Ralph and Salvatrice Marino. Mr. Marino was a veteran of the U.S. Army and retired from the printing industry as a lithograph printer. An accomplished photographer, he enjoyed painting, woodburning, playing the guitar, and playing the Lotto.

So will this filthy little black be remembered for a “hate crime” in addition to murder?

Of course not… Naturally most of the national media have ignored this horror since it was a black murdering defenseless elderly white people. Was it covered by Reuters? Nope. NBC News. No. CNN. No. In fact if you typed in ‘Sheldon Francis’ on the CNN search on May 10, you came up with this gem at the top of the search results from October 2019 – The latest on the Trump impeachment inquiry

ABC carried the story on its website but without a photo of Francis (they wouldn’t want anyone to know he’s black). On the same day, CNN carried two slobbering obituaries about the death of a black entertainer named Little Richard as if he were a god. He was not. He was a singer of particularly stupid songs like ‘Tutti Frutti’. But to the Fake News media, this is the equivalent of Galileo observing the universe.

On the other hand, we are getting wall-to-wall national coverage of two whites who allegedly killed a black in Georgia. And that case is not clear at all. Reports are saying that the black was seen suspiciously entering houses under construction in a white neighborhood, was suspected of burglary, that the police were called, that the black had attacked one of the alleged killers, that the black had a previous criminal record and had a brother in jail. So let us follow this case as being more than meets the eye.

We have no idea what really transpired to lead up to the killing. The Fake News media are trying to railroad us into believing that the white killers are certainly guilty just like they tried to convince us that Michael Brown at Ferguson, Missouri was an innocent black killed by a racist white cop. But it turns out that Brown had attacked the cop and tried to steal his gun.

Or how about the rape allegations of 2006 when white Duke lacrosse team players were falsely accused of raping a black stripper named Crystal Mangum. For a year the media pushed the narrative that the whites were guilty until that was proven false. The accuser is today in jail for murdering her boyfriend.

This Georgia case is an extension of the general media treatment of black crime. Democrats cry constantly that there are too many blacks in prison yet statistics show that blacks commit roughly half of the crime in America and so they belong in prison.

And if you know the crime statistics, you know that blacks rob, assault, rape and kill white people at dozens of times the rate that whites do the same to blacks. But you would never know this from the way the Fake News media are handling these two cases in Delaware and Georgia.

This is why this Georgia case has been blown up by the Fake News media and the Delaware case has been ignored. It is to always portray blacks as victims and never as the perpetrators of crime that they really are.

Update: A black has been arrested for portraying himself on the internet as a white supremacist who was supporting the alleged white Georgia killers, i.e., the case is unraveling as we speak.

Meanwhile blacks have been in America for 400 years yet they still are on the bottom economically. They always blame whites, but they should be blaming themselves. But blaming whites and crying discrimination is a way for them to distract us from their own failures.

Pakistani Rapists Continue Living in Britain, Despite Deportation Order

Breitbart News reported:

Three Pakistani men convicted in the Rochdale child grooming scandal are free on the streets of the city, despite losing their legal right to remain in the country two years ago.

Qari Abdul Rauf, Abdul Aziz and Adil Khan were convicted in 2012 on a series of charges relating to the sexual abuse of children as young as 12. The men were all released after early from prison, with all just serving four years or less behind bars.

The three rapists held dual citizenship in Pakistan and the United Kingdom and faced deportation to Pakistan after the government announced that it would be revoking their British citizenship.

In 2016, then-home secretary Theresa May ruled it would be ‘conducive to the public good’ to revoke their right to remain in the country. The group mounted a tax-payer funded challenge to the ruling, claiming that the decision had violated their human rights. The appeal was rejected in July of 2018.

Despite this, there are no indications that any deportation proceedings are taking place against the three men, leaving them free to roam the same streets of Rochdale, where they abused young girls.

This is typical of how the left protects evil people, since we know that the left is totally in favor of illegal immigration in Europe and the US. They even protect illegal immigrant criminals as they have done thousands of times in the US.

Meanwhile Breitbart News also reports about Britain:

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said that increasing wave of illegal crossings in the English Channel are the “beginning of an invasion”, with the number of migrants reaching British shores hitting a new daily record despite the national lockdown imposed on British citizens.

On Friday, the Home Office confirmed that 145 boat migrants were brought ashore at Dover by the Border Force — the most ever recorded in a single day. The following day another 82 migrants were brought ashore, bringing the known two-day total to 227.

These muslims from the Middle East and blacks from Africa know that they can go to Europe and then Britain and live on welfare their whole lives, and even commit crimes and never worry.

It is fascinating that all of these black and brown people from all over the world continue to break down the doors to get into Europe and the US, both of which were founded and bettered by white people. Yet if you live in America, white people are called every epithet under the sun by the blacks, muslims and other dark-skinned people.

Well, if we white people are so bad then we must wonder why all of these dark-skinned people keep coming here.

Answer: The dark-skinned people want to live among the peace, prosperity and intelligence of white people. Nikitas3.com has seen it in my town – a single person or black family will move into an all-white neighborhood without a second thought since they want to live in peace, not among their own kind.

My Nikitas3.com hometown in Massachusetts was 99.5% white in the 1960s. Since then thousands of blacks have moved in and brought crime, drugs, shootings, stabbings, murder, dependency and illegitimacy. It is a really bad scene.

Democrats Working to Steal California Election

Democrats are famous for stealing elections. We know that Democrats stole the US presidential election of 1960 for John F. Kennedy. There also are four Democrat US senators who were elected since 2002 in elections tainted with fraud – Tim Johnson in South Dakota, Mark Begich in Alaska, Al Franken in Minnesota and Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire.

Here are excerpts from Fox News about a ‘special’ congressional election in California that Democrats are in the process of trying to steal. After each excerpt is a Nikitas3.com comment:

Fox News reports: The leader of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) sent a memo to all House Republicans Saturday with an “urgent call to arms” that Democrats are trying to “steal” Tuesday’s (May 12) special election for California’s 25th Congressional District seat, Fox News has learned.

President Trump echoed the concerns of NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer, R-Minn., on Twitter Saturday and blasted the “rigged election” in the northern Los Angeles County district.

“Governor [Gavin Newsom] of California won’t let restaurants, beaches and stores open, but he installs a voting booth system in a highly Democrat area (supposed to be mail in ballots only) because our great candidate [Mike Garcia] is winning by a lot. CA25 Rigged Election!” Trump wrote.

Nikitas3.com comment: Yep, the Democrats have been screaming for weeks that we need to have a mail-in voting system, which is rife for fraud. But then when they established mail-in ballots in one ‘special’ election in California, they had to cheat again. Here is how:

Fox New reports: Tuesday’s special election is between Republican Mike Garcia and Democrat Christy Smith. The winner will fill out the term of freshman Rep. Katie Hill, D-Calif., who resigned in October 2019 (amidst an) ethics scandal.

Garcia and top Republicans are crying foul about the county’s decision to open up a new in-person voting center Saturday in a more Democratic area of the district. They argue Democrats pushed for the extra voting location after seeing mail-in ballot returns were favoring the GOP.

Nikitas3.com comment: Oh, sure, they want vote-by-mail. But when the numbers weren’t adding up, they opened the extra polling station.

Fox News reports: The GOP memo says that as of Friday, 50,191 Republicans (45 percent) have returned their ballots compared to 39,230 Democrats (35 percent) and 16,528 (15 percent) from unaffiliated voters. Republicans argue the Democrats were trying to make up ground by bringing a last-minute voting center to a more left-leaning community.

Los Angeles County election officials announced the Lancaster voting center on Friday that will be open Saturday, Sunday and Monday for early voting. But Emmer said the Democrats in Lancaster already had access to a voting center in Palmdale, “which is a 10-minute drive from the new Lancaster center.”

Nikitas3.com comment: Conclusion: Democrats will do anything to steal an election. This is why we must be vigilant as they try to steal the presidential election in November. Nikitas3.com is betting that Democrat governors will demand mail-in ballots in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina, but also will open polling places in cities where Democrats do well.

Sleazy Muslim Congresswoman Gets even Sleazier

The Gateway Pundit reports:

She’s only been in Congress for one term and already this woman has been caught in numerous scandals including immigration fraud, marrying her brother and funneling money into her lover’s consulting firm!

Now we can add one more crime to the list.

Ilhan Omar asked for donations this week to help feed Minnesota Food Store.

But Ilhan’s tweet was removed after the Director of the organization that runs the Minnesota Food Store tweeted out a reply —

Adrienne: “I am the Executive Director of GMCC – Minnesota FoodShare is our program. Ilhan Omar had nothing to do with this project. I do not know where the money is going.”

Omar is just another muslim crook and liar. Muslims do not understand what it is like to live under the rule of law. They come from primitive countries. Omar is from Somalia, which is a failed state. She even is believed to have married her own brother in an immigration fraud scheme.

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