Earth Day Subterfuge

I call myself an environmental atheist. In other words I refuse to worship at the altar of environmental extremism and to believe in the sacraments and rituals of the religion of environmentalism.

Because environmentalism is nothing more than a fanatical global religion that wants to control your life. Its disciples are the worst types of radicals. And this religion is an integral part of many governments and is endlessly promoted in the world media.

And it is completely different from a genuine religion like Christianity in that Christians are acting out of faith, while the religion of environmentalism claims that it is based in scientific fact when virtually all of what environmentalists say is either unproven or an outright lie.

For instance enviros claim over and over that America is running out of oil. Yet actual studies by oil-industry professionals show that America today has much, much more in known/estimated/recoverable oil reserves than ever before.

As a Christian I can make the case that God exists. But I cannot say, “Here is scientific proof that God exists.” Because there is no such proof.

But there is much evidence of the existence of God. And our Christian belief in God rests on faith. And our faith is strong.

Environmentalists, however, are trotting out an overarching theory about the climate that is not millennia old, as is man’s abiding faith in the power of God. No, the ‘global warming’ bogeyman has only been around for about 20 years at the most.

And rest assured that ‘global warming’ is the supreme god of environmentalism. It covers everything, everywhere. Everything man does is said to affect ‘global warming’ through carbon dioxide emissions. Thus ‘warming’ to environmentalists is precisely equal to my belief in my Christian God.

Yet environmentalists are trying to make us believe that ‘warming’ is something that we must believe in when the ‘warming’ theory – and it is just a theory – only has been around for about 20 years.

Doesn’t a religious faith require more than 20 years to take root? Did not Christians suffer for centuries before their worldview was accepted?

Indeed. Yet the environmentalists wish for us to take them 100% seriously after only 20 years.

Because environmentalists are on the radical left and they want everything they say to be accepted immediately. Because people on the left have an infinite supply of “ideas” and always want to impose those “ideas” to acquire power and wealth.

For instance organized communism was first suggested in the Communist Manifesto of 1848. By 1917 communists stole power in the Russian Revolution and instituted their ideas by force. And the result was starvation, mass murder of tens of millions of Russians, Ukrainians and others, and society-wide scarcity and poverty.

Thus we should be very skeptical about adopting things that have not stood the test of time, like radical environmentalism has not.

By the way did you know that the date for Earth Day – April 22 – was originally chosen specifically because the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970 was the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Soviet communist leader Vladimir Lenin?

Yes, that should tell you everything about environmentalism. Because it is not about the environment at all. It is just another way to impose complete government control over people’s lives.

Illinois Democrat US senator Dick Durbin even recently tried to shove his eco-religion down our throats. Citing some destructive tornadoes in Texas – tornadoes that happen every Spring – he said that we must somehow change our way of life or that these tornadoes will keep happening and will destroy us. 

He said:  "It's your money or your life. We are either going to dedicate ourselves to a cleaner, more livable planet and accept the initial investment necessary or we're going to pay a heavier price in terms of loss of human life, damage and costs associated with it."

Imagine that. Like all environmentalists he takes a perfectly normal event that happens each year – tornadoes – and has adopted it as proof that we must adopt extremist remedies that he endorses.

This arrogance comes from the radicalism and narcissism that thrive today on the political left, that Durbin and his enviro friends know everything and that nobody else could possibly be as smart as they are.

And just as bad, it comes from the need for instant gratification, an ongoing need of the Democrat left. Because when liberals come up with an idea they want to be rewarded for it immediately.

It also comes from financial greed, i.e., they say that we must purchase their windmills or their solar panels and we must make them rich or we all are going to die.

Very convenient… This is how dangerous environmentalism truly is. Because in the end it is really about money. Because money doubles up the great political power that enviros already wield through government and the complicit media.

Unfortunately the religion of environmentalism is a young religion and it cannot even decide what it really wants. For instance some environmentalists say that we should install windmills while other environmentalists oppose windmills.

Wouldn’t it be better if they got together on these issues before promoting them? Wouldn’t it be better if they had a Bible-like document that expounded their ideas, a document that has been around for a few thousand years, something to guide them, rather than all these wild theories here, there and everywhere expounding this, that and every other thing from acid rain to the hole in the ozone layer (remember that thing?).

Even the central thesis of modern environmental religious fanaticism, so-called ‘global warming’, has had its name altered already to ‘climate change’ within about 10 years of GW’s emergence into the public consciousness.

Shouldn’t they at least decide on a proper name for their crisis? Obviously they are not thinking rationally about it. They are just tossing around ideas and attaching themselves to different ideas, looking for any new way to impose themselves on the rest of us.

Yet we know that ‘global warming’ was altered to ‘climate change’ because the GW alarmists found out that ‘warming’ was not a fact.

That must be awfully disconcerting, to have to change your whole point of view within just a few years because the facts got in the way. As they always do with any fanatical religion like environmentalism. Beware.

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