Media Go Nuts After Trump Chloroquine Announcement

The Fake News media went nuts after the president announced that that he has been taking the anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine (also known as chloroquine) to defend against a possible Chinese virus infection. Chloroquine has been shown anecdotally to be effective in curing people who have the virus.

The president apparently has been taking the drug after several people in the White House were reported to have the virus. Thus it is no surprise that Trump would take it.

CNN reported in a hysterical headline that Trump’s unorthodox treatment choice flies in the face of evidence

You can be sure that this is just another one-day story intended to smear the president. These stories come up every single day and then disappear. Remember, for instance, that there was the one-day story that the president was going to fire his Health and Human Services secretary Alex Azar (he didn’t). Or that Republicans governor Brian Kemp of Georgia was going to kill thousands with the reopening of his state (it didn’t). Every single day there is a new get-Trump story.

The chloroquine controversy began when Trump suggested in March at a press conference that chloroquine could be helpful in curing people of the virus. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this is true. One Michigan Democrat state representative even went to the White House in April to thank president Trump for making her aware of the drug. She was very sick with the virus, took the drug and rapidly recovered.

Anti-Trump Fake Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto went off the rails saying about the president taking the drug, “If you are in a risky population here, and you are taking this as a preventative treatment … it will kill you. I cannot stress enough. This will kill you.”

But Cavuto is not a doctor and has no proof that this is true. The only ‘proof’ that he has comes from the Trump-hater media and their maniacal coverage. Hydroxychloroquine has been around since 1945 and has been taken by hundreds of millions of people to fight malaria and to prevent the contraction of malaria. It is considered to be a highly-effective and inexpensive treatment that has probably saved hundreds of millions of lives.

It is considered to be a potential cure for the Chinese virus since both malaria and the virus involve respiratory distress.

The Fake News media are dead-set against hydroxychloroquine for one simple reason – Trump suggested it offhandedly in order to sound hopeful in a time of national fear, and thus the media stand against it. After all, if the drug is proven to work – and there is a major clinical trial going on today with the results expected in early June – it will make Trump look good.

If Obama had suggested the drug, on the other hand, the media would be screaming praise about it every day.

And if the media really believed that the drug was dangerous, they would fully support Trump taking it, right? So that he would die, right?

Of course. So they obviously don’t believe any of this nonsense about how dangerous it is. And you can be sure that Trump is taunting the media by taking the drug, in order to drive them crazy. And since Trump is a confident conservative, he is surely not overly-concerned about taking the drug. Trump is a physically strong man.

These are the same Fake News media skunks who have been claiming that ‘global warming’ is burning up the earth (it isn’t), that sea levels are rising and will drown coastal cities (sea levels have not risen one inch) and the granddaddy of them all, that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election (the most intensive investigation ever of a president showed this to be false).

So if the media are going against chloroquine, then believes that it must certainly work. Here are excerpts from the CNN story with a comment after each excerpt:

CNN reported: The fragile foundation of evidence-based reality shoring up Donald Trump’s life and presidency just got even more tenuous.

Trump’s admission that he was dosing up on hydroxychloroquine, an unproven and possibly harmful therapy to ward off the coronavirus, appears to conflict with the codes of medical science and is a stunning development given his position.

“Here’s my evidence: I get a lot of positive calls about it,” Trump told shocked reporters when he made the disclosure about a malaria drug he has all but dispensed from the bully pulpit.

Trump’s medical choices and the risks he chooses to take are his personal business. But he is not an ordinary citizen, and his use of the therapy sends a conflicting message to Americans told by the US Food and Drug Administration that it is not proven to work against Covid-19 and could be counterproductive. comment: The president is free to take any drug that he wants as long as it is legal (chloroquine has been FDA-approved for malaria decades) and his doctor agrees, which he did. And since the drug has been shown to be helpful, and even a cure for some Chinese virus sufferers and is considered to be a preventive, then it should be considered for treatment.

Meanwhile Democrats’ response to the virus has led to certain death. The state with the highest number of virus cases is ultra-liberal New York state where Democrat politicians told the public not to worry about the virus, spreading it wildly, while the governor Andrew Cuomo sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths with his now-infamous nursing home order. The media are not concerned about those issues, but suddenly they are hysterical about Trump taking chloroquine. Amazing.

CNN reported: The President’s preventative pitch even prompted the anchor on duty at the friendly confines of Fox News to warn that some viewers could die if they followed his example. comment: Yes, and Trump has been saying for more than a year now that Fox News is no longer for him but against him. Cavuto is an anti-Trumper.

These media skunks have been maligning Trump from the start any time he says anything positive about the virus. This happens because the media want to control the public through fear of the virus, which now is subsiding.

CNN reported: (Trump taking chloroquine) might have ranked as the strangest moment in a conventional presidency. (It stressed) the surreal nature of the times but more than anything underscored how traditional standards of truth and scientific proof mean less to Trump than any of his immediate predecessors. comment: Oh, sure. Obama swallowed the ‘warming’ hoax hook, line and sinker yet it has been debunked thousands of times. For instance, Central Park in New York City got its first May snowstorm in 43 years on May 9, 2020. Boy, it sure is hot!

CNN reported: His new collision with fact was more incongruous since it unfolded against the backdrop of yet another tragic day in the worst health crisis in a century. The United States recorded its 90,000 Covid-19 death Monday and passed 1.5 million cases in a pandemic that the President predicted a few months ago — again based on no evidence — would just be swept away in a “miracle.” comment: That 90,000 death number is more Fake News. It is being reported all over the country that these virus deaths are being wildly exaggerated by the Fake News media to scare the public. Meanwhile the Fake News media have not uttered any protest over Faker Dr. Fauci’s grossly inaccurate projections for virus deaths of 2.1 million. Media darling Fauci is the fraudster who predicted in the 1980s that AIDS was going to ‘break out’ into the heterosexual population and kill tens of millions of people, but it never did.

CNN reported: Trump says he is taking hydroxychloroquine though health experts question its effectiveness. After Trump’s repeated touting of hydroxychloroquine as a “game changer” cure for the virus, the FDA issued an advisory warning that the drug has not been “shown to be safe and effective for treating or preventing Covid-19.”

It also warned that Covid-19 patients with heart disease may be at risk of abnormal heart rhythms and a dangerously rapid heartbeat if they take it. Trump, 73, has a common form of heart disease, based on the results of his physical, and appears to be overweight — all risk factors for complications and an increased morbidity rate. comment: Again, the drug is legal and has been around for 75 years and the president is free to use any legal drug. And if it is really dangerous, then the media would want Trump to take it. So why are they complaining? Answer: To harass the president.

Meanwhile homosexual AIDS sufferers have been taking totally experimental cures for decades without a peep of protest from the media.

CNN reported: Given his influence on the GOP base, it would be no surprise if some of Trump’s most devoted supporters rejected the recommendations of scientists and started to use hydroxychloroquine themselves, with uncertain consequences for their health and implications for lupus patients, who are facing treatment shortages.

Nikitas3.comn comment: Chloroquine has been shown to be a ‘miracle drug’ in treating lupus.

CNN reported: Former Surgeon General Vivek Murthy told CNN that Trump had a responsibility, given his visibility, to send clear messages to the public.

“As leaders it’s essential that we lead by example. It’s true for public officials in particular when the spotlight is on them,” Murthy said. “This risks sending the wrong message to people, and that could come at a serious cost to their health.” comment: Chloroquine has been shown to be anecdotally effective and has been used for 75 years. There is no reason that the president cannot choose to take it. And if politicians are supposed to lead by example, then Joe Biden’s grotesque behavior among women is an extremely troubling example of how to live.

CNN reported: The health of the commander in chief is not simply a personal issue. It’s a question of national security, and Trump’s revelation will set off intense debate about the White House’s medical arrangements — usually among the world’s best.

The President didn’t help matters with his offhand remarks about his conversation with his doctor about taking hydroxychloroquine despite FDA warnings.

“I asked him, ‘What do you think?’ He said, ‘Well, if you’d like it,’ ” the President told reporters, adding that front-line health workers exposed to a heavy load of virus had also taken it. comment: So front-line health care workers are taking it. Most of the Fake News media are not mentioning this.

CNN reported: After several hours of speculation that again underlined the irregular manner in which this White House makes disclosures about the President’s health, White House physician Sean Conley issued a statement.

“After numerous discussions (Trump) and I had regarding the evidence for and against the use of hydroxychloroquine, we concluded the potential benefit from treatment outweighed the relative risk,” Conley said, adding that the President was showing no signs of symptoms and that all his tests for Covid-19 had come back negative.

The timing of Trump’s announcement and treatment is also intriguing.

The President said he had been taking hydroxycholoroquine for about a week-and-a-half — roughly the time since it emerged that the virus had penetrated the West Wing and infected a presidential valet and an aide to Vice President Mike Pence.

This raises the possibility that the drug was prescribed to the President just in case clinical trials eventually show that there is some prophylactic benefit to its use. comment: So taking it would be common sense since there is no other preventive, but the media still are trying to make an issue of it. Again, if this were Obama, the media would be praising him to the heavens.

CNN reported: The reality of a self-medicating President raises even more concerns because Trump has hardly been forthcoming on his medical history since taking office. comment: The president is not “self-medicating”. He consulted with his doctor. This shows how CNN constantly lies.

CNN reported: Mystery still surrounds an unannounced trip to a hospital last year that aides put down to a desire for Trump to get a jump on his annual physical. comment: CNN considers it a mystery if president Trump says, “Have a nice day…” What we should be observing about CNN is no mystery – its ratings have crashed since president Trump took office. And this is really good news.

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