Whitmer Keeps Sex Club Open/ America is Forever Divided

PJ Media reported:

There is perhaps nothing more confusing than Democrat governors’ orders during the Chinese WuFlu pandemic. Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is by far the worst. That was made clear with the news that a gay swinger’s club with “glory holes” is being allowed to operate under her nose in (the state capital of) Lansing while she aims her business-killing death ray on 77-year-old barber Karl Manke for giving haircuts.

But strangers servicing each other (sexually) through holes in a basement wall in the state capitol is perfectly fine. I guess group sex is an “essential” activity in the Democrat-run state of Michigan. The underground private club, Club Tabu, has a website that describes what goes on there.

Unlike Manke, who is sterilizing everything in his barbershop and wearing a mask to cut hair, Club Tabu has no announcement on their social media about what precautions they are taking, if any, to keep people who are engaging in full body contact with strangers safe. In fact, the only messaging they are giving is that they are open. The website FAQ’s says, “Yes, we are still open; if this website is still up – we are open!!!”

If Gretchen Whitmer can send six officers to serve Karl Manke orders to shut down his business for violating her orders, but she can’t rouse herself to send the SWAT team into a place that only exists for group sex, I think it’s clear that none of these orders are about public health or the transfer of disease. Where are you more likely to get a disease? At a barbershop or in a sex dungeon?

Friends, this just goes to show how twisted these Democrats are. And it just goes to show why AIDS has decimated the gays in America for 40 years now. If you remember, there was no quarantine of gays ever, or legal restrictions on their behavior. They would never have stood for it and they have paid a staggering price.

Meanwhile Whitmer revealed in 2013 that she had been raped in college. So we will leave it up to the psychiatrists to figure out why she would keep the gay sex club operating.

Just as bad, Whitmer’s order to keep the sex club open comes after Faker Dr. Fauci, who wants us all wearing masks and hunkering down in fearful quarantine, was asked in April:

“If you’re swiping on a dating app like Tinder, or Bumble or Grindr, and you match with someone that you think is hot, and you’re just kind of like, ‘Maybe it’s fine if this one stranger comes over (for sex).’ What do you say to that person?”

Fauci replied: “You know, that’s tough. Because that’s what’s called relative risk. If you’re willing to take a risk — and you know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks — you could figure out if you want to meet somebody.”

In other words, Democrats and Deep Staters like Fauci and Whitmer don’t care about health at all but are using the Chinese virus crisis for political reasons. They are shutting down vast swaths of America including small towns and rural areas allegedly to fight the virus, but it really is being done to inflict economic damage on people who are generally white and conservative like a small-town, white barber in Michigan.

Nikitas3.com believes that this is going to come back to bite Democrats in the November election, that millions of Americans who might otherwise vote Democrat or Independent are fed up with these radical Democrat governors. If this “red wave” comes out in November, Trump will be re-elected easily, which Nikitas3.com is predicting anyway. Here is more on a mini “red wave” from The Daily Caller:

Virginia City That Voted Obama Twice Just Threw Democrats Out Of Office

Three Democratic members of the Staunton, Virginia, city council were ousted by Republicans on Tuesday despite receiving more votes than they did four years ago.

Republican candidates Mark Robertson, Amy Darby, and Steve Claffey all joined incumbent Andrea Oakes in a four-seat GOP sweep, WHSV reported. The three incoming council members replaced Democratic incumbents Erik Curren, Ophie Kier, and James Harrington all almost doubled their vote totals from 2016, yet still lost.

Local outlet Augusta Free Press reporter Chris Graham called the results “stunning almost beyond words.”

“Democrats got their voters out better than they have in a May cycle in years,” Graham wrote. “Republicans got turnout more akin to, not quite a presidential year, but approaching gubernatorial.”

Graham cited gun control legislation in the state as well as COVID-19 lockdowns as key turnout drivers for Republicans in the city.

This shows that Republicans and conservatives are being “energized” to go out and vote by the virus lockdowns and other issues like illegal immigration. This could very well be a sign of what’s coming in November. In Michigan, Nikitas3.com believes that the extremist lockdown of the state by Whitmer is fueling a backlash against her and against Democrats. And if Biden chooses Whitmer as his running mate, which he may, Democrats can kiss the electoral votes in Michigan goodbye.

Black Who is Portrayed as Innocent Murder Victim has Criminal Past

There is a famous case involving a black male in Georgia named Ahmaud Arbery, who allegedly was shot to death, unprovoked, by two white men. The photo of Arbery that is being run every day with the story shows a groomed young male who appears to be dressed in a tuxedo, as if prepared to attend a prom.

Nikitas3.com believes that this whole case is full of inconsistencies. Nikitas3.com has warned right from the start that we need to know more about this case. And now we do. It turns out that Arbery is not an innocent kid as he has been slavishly portrayed.

He has had multiple run-ins with the law including for theft at WalMart; for smoking marijuana in his car and getting belligerent with a cop, which resulted in an officer trying to taze him; and for a much more serious case when a Brunswick (Georgia) High School resource officer spotted a handgun in Arbery’s waistband as he waited to enter a basketball game. The officer tried to confront Arbery, who ran off. He was chased by the cops and eventually arrested.

That’s very serious stuff. Obviously Arbery is not the choir boy that the media are portraying him as. And it will be interesting to see if Arbery was involved in other criminal cases that we don’t know about yet. In fact the photo that the media are running with the case – of Arbery in the tuxedo – is very much unlike the thuggish character that we are reading more and more about. It is very strange. What is the real truth about this guy?

We should recall many hoax race cases in recent years like the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago, the Air Force Academy hoax, and the famous Duke University rape case of 2006 when white members of the Duke lacrosse team were accused of raping a black stripper named Crystal Mangum. The entire American media said for a whole year that the whites must be guilty until the truth came out and the whites were exonerated. Mangum is now in jail for murdering her boyfriend.

Update: You don’t even want to see the shocking videos of a black male intentionally beating an elderly white patient in a nursing home. We certainly won’t see this video on the Fake News media of the filthy little black thug Jaydon Hayden, reportedly from Westland, Michigan. Let us hope that he ends up jail with all of the other blacks whom the Democrats say have done nothing wrong.

There are three videos on Bitchute showing Hayden beating white people who is filming himself beating the seniors in their beds until they are bleeding.

America is Divided and That is a Good Thing

We have heard over and over since president Trump was elected that “America is divided” and that “we are divided more than ever” and that “friendships have been lost and families disrupted over our political differences”. And on and on.

This is all true. And it is a good thing that America is so divided since we conservatives are simply standing up for decency, the Constitution and the rule of law while Democrats and leftists want to destroy all of them. And so we conservatives should be utterly opposed to their agenda and have vocal differences and the consequences be damned.

Just to show you how this works, Nikitas3.com posted a critical comment months ago on a YouTube video about two people who are advocating taking LSD, which is an enormously destructive drug that has ruined probably hundreds of thousands of lives if not more. Nikitas3.com once was acquainted with a nice kid who went nuts on LSD.

Yet I have had two very snide and angry replies to my YouTube comment. So if you can’t even criticize a destructive substance like LSD without being maligned by the crazies, then our country is in trouble and we need to have some fierce disagreements.

I recently attended a local Trump rally in my town where we held out signs and banners at a busy intersection. A long-time friend passed by in her car and made an obscene gesture at me. Yet during Obama’s tenure in the White House, I never broke off my friendship with her. We never discussed Obama or his policies. So it is plain to see that the “differences” that are dividing us all come from the Democrats and the left; they simply cannot tolerate any ‘diversity’… of thought, that is.

In short, they are intolerant of any move to stop the leftist agenda. And if you consider what is happening today, for instance with the coronavirus, there is lots of room for major disagreement. Liberals and progressives are blaming president Trump for the spread of the virus while we conservatives are simply explaining the truth – that communist China let the virus out, intentionally, Nikitas3.com believes.

Thus we conservatives should stand our ground and never give in to the propagandists who want to destroy our country. The very survival of our economy is at stake. So we should remain divided and stand for our beliefs against the tyranny of the left.

Since the virus hit, Democrat have taken maximum advantage of the crisis. All over the country, for instance, they have released criminals from jail. This is part of their ongoing agenda over the last 50 years to coddle and even reward the worst people among us.

If we conservatives did not take a firm stand against this horrible agenda, then we would be remiss in the eyes of the Founding Fathers and in the eyes of God who does not want criminals roaming free or our economy ruined.

Look at the great economy that president Trump cultivated through tough policy decisions that worked like a charm. Democrats hated the good economy because it meant that more and more people were less and less dependent on the government. China has now wiped out that economy and liberals could not be happier. And thus we must take a strong stand against them.

Nikitas3.com recently encountered an acquaintance who is a Never Trumper. He started badgering me about the fact that I was questioning the coronavirus death numbers when in fact there is tremendous discrepancy in the numbers reported. Thus there should indeed be a heated disagreement on the issue since Nikitas3.com reads the facts all over the internet while the anti-Trumper simply listens to National Public Radio or reads The New York Times and believes every word that they report, truth be damned.

Look at the conditions on the Mexican border. President Trump has installed or upgraded almost 200 miles of a border wall and will have 500 miles done by the end of 2020. This is highly effective at keeping illegal out. Democrats are furious. But we should never let the Democrats continue to allow unlimited immigration. We should disagree vocally.

Nikitas3.com recently saw an interview with globalist-Illuminati mega-billionaire Bill Gates. The interviewer said to Gates that the economy is never going to come back to where it was and Gates cracked the biggest smile ever precisely as these words were being uttered. Gates looked outright giddy. It was a sick reaction, and we conservatives should push back hard against this arrogance.

We should voice our displeasure vehemently and if the liberals don’t like it, too bad. We are a nation divided. We conservatives want the best for everyone and Democrats and globalists like Gates simply don’t.

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