Masks are New Sign of Weakness/ Trump Will Trounce Biden

Joe Biden appeared in public for the first time in months on Memorial Day. He and his wife were wearing black masks, allegedly to protect against the coronavirus. It was extremely creepy, like Biden was a messenger of death in his dark sunglasses, black suit and black mask. He made a brief appearance to lay a wreath and went home. Don’t you think he might have answered a few questions from the media?

Of course not. He know that he needs to keep his mouth shut and the media know not to ask him anything.

On the other hand, first lady Melania Trump wore an elegant white outfit for Memorial Day ceremonies and the president wore his trademark blue suit and red tie. They did not wear masks because conservatives are bold people who do not live in fear and do not want to project an image of fear and surrender to the virus.

These images side-by-side present a stark contrast. Trump will never willingly appear to be surrendering to the virus. He has never worn a mask in public. This is a very positive move psychologically, to reassure Americans that better days are ahead.

It will be interesting to watch Biden in the coming months. predicts that he will avoid public appearances but that he will wear a mask in public and that this will project an image of weakness and will make him appear creepy and fearful. And that this will hand the election to Trump, which expects anyway.

There are good reasons for Biden to wear a mask. It will help him to hide himself from the public, which is necessary since Biden is frail and pale compared to a vigorous Trump. Second, he can use the mask and the virus as an excuse to keep out of the public eye so that he does not sabotage himself with his stupid comments and bumbling deliveries. believes that Biden is in poor health and needs to worry about the virus every minute. If he were to contract the virus, he would be a good candidate to die since he is old and unhealthy in the first place (Biden is 77).

The big question is: Will Biden wear a mask at the presidential debates, if he is side-by-side with president Trump on the debate stage? We know that Trump will not willingly wear a mask. Or will debate organizers force Trump to wear a mask? Or will Biden and Trump appear side by side virtually, but debate from separate locations and not wear masks? Who knows.

Liberals, Democrats and leftists have adopted masks eagerly and willingly. Liberals scold people who don’t wear masks like the street-corner tyrants that they are. Liberals love the feel and the look of the masks, as signs of weakness, fear and submission to authority.

Masks themselves can be dangerous. They can reduce a wearer’s oxygen supply, trap the wearer’s carbon dioxide in the mask and lead to CO2 poisoning, and trap germs in the mask that should be expelled from the wearer’s body.

This virus crisis again is exposing the difference between liberals and normal people. Liberals and Democrats are cheerleading in favor of the virus. They want it to linger and hurt and kill people. They cheer every new virus death as a mark against Trump. They are thrilled that the death toll is being reported at 100,000, although we know that that is a fake number.

Democrats don’t want China blamed for the virus since Democrats have always sided with communists. Meanwhile Democrat-led states are locking down most aggressively on the virus.

In short, Democrats are weak people who are obsessed with doom. They live in fear, like the ‘global warming’ alarmists who live in fear every day. And now they can live in fear of the virus since we know that the planet is not burning up – for instance, Calumet, Michigan had 25 FEET of snow this winter while New England, where lives, has had generally cold weather since last November, with just a few nice days. We had snow on May 9… amazing.

President Trump Will Trounce Biden in November

We are seeing the usual media polls and university polls that we see every election year. These polls say that Trump can’t win and that Republicans are doomed. These polls never change. They always say the same thing.

In 2016 those polls predicted Hillary Clinton winning in a landslide. Yet president Trump won with 57% of the electoral votes, which is technically a landslide victory. Republicans even maintained control of both the US Senate and House, which was totally unexpected. predicts that president Trump will trounce Joe Biden in the November election, that Republicans will maintain majority control of the US Senate, and that the GOP will take back control of the US House.

Here are the reasons that Trump will win, probably in a landslide:

*President Trump is vastly more popular than the media will let on. He is getting the highest approval numbers of his entire presidency right now in some polls.

*Trump is getting very high marks among independents in the ‘swing states’ that he needs to win election. A recent CNN poll showed Trump trouncing Biden in the ‘swing states’. This is very unusual since CNN always rigs its polls against Trump, i.e., by surveying more Democrats than Republicans. So this poll shows that Trump is much stronger than the media ever will let on.

It is crucial that we all ignore the Fake News media polls that show Biden winning. These are the same polls that said that Hillary had a 91% chance of winning.

*President Trump’s pre-virus rallies, where surveys of attendees were taken, showed in one case that 21% of attendees were Democrats and at another that 56% were either Democrats or Independents. Wow. These are shockingly good statistics for Trump.

*Trump is vastly more popular among crucial independent voters than the media want us to know.

*In November president Trump is going to attract millions of Republican and conservative voters who did not support him in 2016. They have seen him deliver on his promises and now support him.

*Trump voters are very ‘enthusiastic’ about their candidate, while Biden voters are not. This is a huge issue; ‘enthusiasm’ wins elections. Trump has racked up record-smashing numbers of primary votes this year even though he is the incumbent who has faced virtually no opposition. This alone demonstrates high ‘enthusiasm’, along with many other factors.

*Trump does not poll well since many Americans will not admit even to a pollster in private that they support Trump. So adds 5 to 10 points to every poll for Trump.

*Trump is vastly more popular among Democrats than you can ever know. is acquainted with a far-left Jewish couple who told me that they support Trump. There are stories all over the country about Democrats supporting Trump. believes that these Democrat votes alone will help Trump to win the popular vote, and to do even better in the electoral vote this November versus 2016.

*In a recent “special” election in ultra-liberal California for a US House seat, Republican Mike Garcia trounced his Democrat opponent for a seat that Democrats had won for the first time in 2018. In other elections, like for city council seats in Staunton and Waynesboro, Virginia, Republicans did great, totally upsetting expectations. This is all a good sign for Trump.

*President Trump has a huge political advantage as the incumbent. This will help him to win re-election.

*If there is a significant economic rebound in the Autumn, Trump is going to get a big boost from that.

*The president is getting very good marks in his handling of the virus even though the Fake News media will never report on this.

*President Trump had very high marks on the economy and foreign policy before the Chinese virus hit. Voters remember those good times.

*Joe Biden is an incredibly weak and compromised candidate. Democrats are praying that the Fake News media can cover up for Biden but ultimately they can’t. He makes gaffes regularly.

President Trump is slamming Biden hard. Rather than keeping quiet Romney-style and being Mr. Nice Guy and losing, Trump said recently, “Biden doesn’t know, I mean, he doesn’t know he’s alive… I’m against somebody that can’t answer simple questions. I’ve never seen anything like it…”

*Biden was expected to do very well among black voters until he made his “you ain’t black” comment. This comment has caused a huge backlash among blacks and has sent the Democrat party into yet another Biden-induced panic. Democrats were expecting Biden to get the black vote easily. Now they know that that is gone. Poof. With just three words – “you ain’t black”.

*Trump already was polling well among blacks and hispanics over the great Trump economy before the Chinese virus hit. He will retain most or all of these voters.

*President Trump has retained his 62 million “base” voters that put him in office in 2016.

*Trump is going to win the electoral votes in important ‘swing’ states like Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin after their Democrat governors locked down those states severely in the virus crisis. This is energizing and galvanizing Trump supporters, along with independents and Democrats who are furious with those governors.

*Bernie Sanders supporters are going to stay home by the millions on election day, significantly undermining Biden. The media will never report on the anger that these people are feeling about their candidate getting screwed by the Democrat ‘establishment’ in both 2016 and 2020, but it is real.

It also has been calculated that as many as 15% of Sanders voters will vote for Trump since Trump is an economic nationalist who is supporting the working classes of America, as Sanders says he does. This 15% alone is enough to put Trump over the top since these are votes subtracted from Biden and given to Trump, which is a double whammy against Democrats.

*The socialist/leftist Labour Party recently was wiped out electorally in Britain. This could very well happen here to the Democrats. Many conditions are the same.

*Biden appeared in public on Memorial Day and looked very thin. When he looks old and frail during the election season, this is going to push many undecided and independent voters to Trump, who looks tanned and vigorous. There already is talk that Biden would only serve one term. Biden himself even has talked about it. This is very strange, but with Biden it is to be expected. He knows that he is not up to being president.

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