Americans are Tired of Virus Hoax/ ‘Killer’ Cuomo Exposed

President Trump played golf on Memorial Day weekend. Good. He has been under enormous pressure in the virus crisis that was forced on us by evil China. And so he got out and played golf. Typically the media slammed him for his golf outing, yet the same media said nothing about Obama’s endless golfing, even in times of crisis.

It is a good idea to get outside like does every day, walking 2 to 3 miles a day. I don’t blame the president one bit for playing golf, his first such outing in ten weeks.

Trump was really doing three things by playing golf – he was getting some exercise, which energized him; he was thumbing his nose at the media, which he knew would criticize him for playing golf; and he was thumbing his nose at the virus fraudster Dr. Fauci who has been telling us all to stay indoors and live in fear. By playing golf, the president was sending a clear message that it is time for America to get back to normal.

Americans are fed up with this virus hoax because it is a hoax. The media death numbers are massively overblown in an attempt to smear the president. went for a walk around a nearby lake in Massachusetts on Sunday and there were 30 people there on the shore and in their boats. Only a few had masks, i.e., people are fed up with this virus nonsense and all the rules that go with it.

Florida beaches were jammed on Sunday since Republican governor Ron DeSantis is not cowering in the corner over the virus like Democrats are. He has been opening up his state for weeks and there has been no virus outbreak like the media predicted. There even was a pro-Trump boat flotilla in Charleston, South Carolina.

The president’s campaign flew banners behind airplanes over the beaches up and down the East Coast saying TRUMP 2020 KEEP AMERICA GREAT while Joe Biden was hiding in his basement and trying to overcome his “you ain’t black” gaffe.

In North Carolina, 4,000 race fans flocked to a speedway on Saturday evening with very few masks or gloves to be seen. In other words, they have had enough.

We are starting to see the beginning of the end for the virus hoax. And once Americans realize how duped we all have been there is going to be a huge surge for president Trump’s re-election, particularly in important electoral states like Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania where the Democrat governors have been implementing the most draconian measures imaginable.

In the meantime, we saw Democrat governor Andrew ‘Killer’ Cuomo in New York state fail miserably. He signed an executive order directing that virus-infected elderly people must be accepted into nursing homes, spreading the virus like wildfire and killing thousands of elderly New Yorkers.

But never to be deterred, Cuomo is blaming the whole thing on …. guess who?… president Trump. And this came after the president gave the governors free reign to do what they wanted. And while Cuomo caused thousands of elderly to die in nursing homes, governor DeSantis followed a different path with just a fraction of nursing home deaths.

In other words, DeSantis used common sense, which is what conservatives always use. And Cuomo panicked and we had an opposite result.

In fact we have been treating the virus exactly backwards at the behest of Fauci. We should have been protecting the elderly and the sick, who are being overwhelmingly taken down by the virus, and allowing everyone else to go about their business.

Naturally, when Cuomo got caught in this grotesque reality, the Fake News media have covered up for him by blaming president Trump for everything. Unbelievable.

On Memorial Day, Hillary Clinton did not tweet about our heroic military and its ultimate sacrifices. She tweeted about Cuomo, since she knows that he is being savaged for the nursing home deaths. She tweeted:

“I’m missing our Chappaqua Memorial Day parade today while also feeling grateful to leaders like @NYGovCuomo for making responsible decisions to keep people safe. Wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday. @BillClinton and I will be waving our flags at home.”

We are so lucky that this hag is not president.

Of course, Cuomo has been busy in other ways. The Gateway Pundit reported:

As people have been distracted with the coronavirus shutdown, Governor Andrew Cuomo quietly passed the 2020 budget which contained an amendment that makes it a felony for law enforcement to share DMV information with the Department of Homeland Security or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to Buffalo’s ABC 7, the (Green Light Law) makes it an E Felony for any law enforcement officer to share DMV records with another law enforcement agency in charge of immigration like ICE or DHS.

U.S. Attorney for the Western District of New York J.P. Kennedy has accused Cuomo of “legislating obstruction” with the new law.

So in dragging New York state to the far left, Cuomo is not only giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens but barring the use of state motor vehicle files to identify illegals.

Kennedy said, “Border Patrol for example, working the highway in the middle of the night and pulls over a vehicle, they can’t run the plates to determine who owns that vehicle. I think it’s legislating obstruction and it’s very concerning to me.”

Kennedy is also concerned about the safety of New Yorkers and called the amendment a “recipe for disaster.”

“We’ve seen how important communication and coordination in coming up with a response to the pandemic and sort of causing people to work in isolation it’s a recipe for disaster,” he said of not being able to share information. “I’m very concerned about this and I think it’s very unfortunate and makes me really question the motives of the individuals that enacted this law, if their professed interest in public safety and public health is really as important as they say they are.”

This law will also have a national impact, as illegal aliens with New York plates in other states cannot have their information run by (immigration control agencies) ICE or DHS.

“They basically criminalize police work in this budget,” Kennedy added.

Friends, just remember that Democrats and their media cronies are always on the side of criminals, illegal immigrants, terrorists and violent thugs like ‘antifa’.

Crazy Woman Thinks She is a … Deer

If you ever wondered where the trannybagger culture is going, there is a female named Steph Loehr who thinks that she is a deer.

Yes, you read that right. In short, once you take down the guardrails on human behavior, like saying that men can become women, then more and more barriers eventually fall.

In one internet clip Loehr is wearing antlers and explaining, “In my spare time, I go out to my yard, and I, and I prance around. And I eat grass.”

Sick, sick, sick… while us rational and healthy Americans are denied the right to do what we want during the virus hoax.

These liberals are very, very sick people.

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