“Off-Grid” Living is the Latest ‘Green’ Travesty

“Off grid” living is very popular among people who call themselves environmentalists. They go way out into the wilderness, clear the land and build a house, usually powered by solar panels since they are ‘off the power grid’ and far from power lines, roads or towns. They usually bulldoze a long driveway or road to get to the house.

These people claim that they are living close to nature and they post videos all over YouTube and other places, and maintain websites extolling the virtues of their ‘green’ lifestyle.

Yet they are actually living in a way that is very destructive to the environment. And then they refuse to acknowledge that destruction but instead act like they are totally ‘green’ and superior to the rest of us. Nikitas3.com has commented on occasional videos about the hypocrisy of this lifestyle and the ‘off gridders’ take arrogant offense since they are accustomed to endless praise of their lifestyle.

Remember the Golden Rule of Environmentalism: Almost everything that ‘greenies’ do is more destructive to the environment than the alternative.

For instance windmills are bad not only for the economy but for the environment too, compared to nuclear power plants. Windmills are massively inefficient, they use hundreds of times as much in resources (steel, copper, concrete, etc.) to produce the same amount of power as a nuclear reactor, they kill birds by the millions, and they occupy 1,000 times as much land as a nuclear plant for the same amount of energy output.

These ‘off grid’ crazies go to a pristine place in the forest, chop down the trees, bulldoze the land and a road, all the while creating enormous amounts of noise with chain saws, heavy equipment, hammering, sawing, trucks arriving with building materials and concrete, cars coming and going, etc. They create ‘dead zones’ around the houses where wild animals won’t live any longer since animals don’t like living near people, particularly when the people make a lot of noise in their daily lives.

These ‘off gridders’ then take up permanent residence in an area that was virgin territory and they boast about it in their videos. They love to show how they are the only house for miles around. They love to show us how peaceful their residence is, with the birds chirping and the brooks babbling.

Except that that “peace” comes at an enormous cost. In fact it was infinitely more peaceful before the ‘off gridders’ arrived. Just imagine the outrage if you bought land next to an ‘off gridder’ and started clearing the land and building a house. The ‘off gridder’ would fly into a rage that you had invaded “his” territory, yet he had no compunction about invading the wilderness in the first place.

For decades Nikitas3.com has been critical of these ‘off gridders’. Nikitas3.com remembers an acquaintance from college who built a house deep in the Vermont woods after graduation. I had to take a road through the forest to get to the house which was an ugly plywood structure. He bragged that the house bordered National Forest land and thus that nobody else could build near him. Yet he never acknowledged that he himself was disrupting the peaceful forest.

Nikitas3.com currently lives in a town where there are some beautiful open meadows near my house, which is in a regular neighborhood. Ten years ago a guy bought one of the meadows, built his house (not off grid but a regular house) along the road looking toward the meadow so that he could have the beautiful view.

Thus the rest of us lost the pleasant view of the meadow. And to make matters worse, this guy also has sheds, snowmobiles, gardening tractor, playground equipment, etc. near the road. In other words, it was once a lovely meadow for all to see and now it looks like a dump. But this guy still has his view of the unspoiled meadow.

Friends, these people are arrogant and self-absorbed. They think only about themselves and their own pleasure. And their arrogance not only sets them up permanently to live in the wilderness, but scares the wildlife off. Here is an excerpt from an article from The Aspen (Colorado) Times in February 2020 about the effect on wild elk herds of people moving farther and farther out into the wilderness:

For many people, majestic elk are the icons of the Rocky Mountains. The magnificent beasts exude strength, perseverance and wildness.

But the beleaguered herds that roam the Roaring Fork and Eagle valleys reached a tipping point and have experienced a 50% reduction in their population since around the year 2000, according to a researcher for the nonprofit conservation group Rocky Mountain Wild. Paul Millhouser says an increase in human population and everything associated with it — more residential development and people using more toys to push farther into the woods at all times of the year — have overwhelmed the ability of the elk herds to adapt and cope.

This applies to several groups that think of themselves as ‘greenies’ like hikers, backpackers, rock climbers, and off-gridders. Nikitas3.com saw one video of an off-gridder showing off his house and his family’s outbuildings, snowmobiles, ATVs, cars and dirt bikes all parked on his ‘off grid’ land, surrounded by the forest. Real ‘green’, right?

What a joke. But what else can you expect from ‘greenies’. They are hypocritical about everything. For instance these backpackers and mountaineers have trashed thousands of mountain peaks all over the world by hiking, backpacking and camping on them, scaring away the wild animals, leaving behind trash and worse, thousands of tons of human waste. This waste eventually makes it into the streams and rivers through runoff with the rains and melting snows.

Mount Everest, in the nation of Nepal, has become the world’s highest garbage dump, with an estimated 50 tons of trash from the mountaineers (old tents, ropes, sleeping bags, food packets, parkas, goggles, oxygen bottles, discarded batteries, etc.), 300 dead bodies of failed climbers, and hundreds of tons of human waste that will pollute Nepal’s rivers for decades to come as the ice and snow melt in the warmer seasons.

These off-gridders are disrupting the wilderness with every structure that they build, and they are building thousands of them all over the world every year. ‘Off grid’ living is a trend that is growing rapidly all over the globe from Australia to Sweden to Canada to the USA.

Ironically the most ‘green’ way to live is in a town or city where the population already is established.

Nikitas3.com has the following advice for the ‘greenies’: If you value the wilderness, then stay out of it.

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