Let’s Find Out Who is Behind Rioters

It didn’t take long for the rioters and their media cronies all across the USA to start using a favored tactic of tyrants called ‘disinformation’, or false information put out to deceive the public. They sent out the message that “out-of-state white supremacists” were fueling the riots in Minneapolis.

This disinformation tactic has been used for thousands of years and it is very effective. And like all disinformation, this statement is patently absurd, like saying that Trump colluded with Russia. These riots are being fueled by professional provocateurs like ‘antifa’ and other left-wing groups.’Antifa’ is a white anarchist group based in Portland, Oregon.

This is why the disinformation is effective. For instance a 25-year old white named Wesley Somers has been arrested for setting fire to Nashville’s historic courthouse. And when the average person sees this he may say, “See, it is a white supremacist! He is not black!” Yet Somers started the fire with a black-clad and black-masked white provocateur standing beside him cheering him on. This is the official uniform of ‘antifa’.

President Trump is going to have the Justice Department declare ‘antifa’ to be a domestic terror group. Good. We need to investigate these people and jail them wherever possible. Naturally, the American Civil Liberties Union already is challenging Trump’s legal right to label ‘antifa’ domestic terrorists because, like the Democrat party, ACLU is an anti-American group.

This violence is the most shocking that we have seen since the riots after Martin Luther King’s assassination. Meanwhile white people, who have seen their jobs and small businesses destroyed by the millions, protested the Chinese virus lockdown peacefully but have been called “domestic terrorists” by the same Fake News media that is putting out mountains of disinformation and referring to the rioters as “peaceful”.

As we might expect, Democrat politicians are up to their eyeballs in this crisis. The leftist mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey failed to bring the situation under control on the first night and it spun out of control for three nights until the Democrat governor Tim Walz called in the National Guard. There are reported to be 4,000 Guard troops in Minneapolis today and the situation is much calmer. There are reported to be 10,000 Guard troops total in Minnesota.

Walz actually called out Frey on his failure. But don’t be fooled; Walz is a leftist. The daughter of Walz, Hope Walz, was actually tweeting out messages telling the rioters where the National Guard might be. She tweeted:

could somebody who actually has followers rely (relay) to the masses… that the (National Guard) WILL NOT be present tonight???

So where did she get this information?

Answer: From her father… obviously.

Meanwhile Isra Hirsi, the daughter of islamist refugee and Minnesota Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar, tweeted out that ““yes, i’m 17 and i hate capitalism.” So perhaps she should go back with her mother to the hell-hole that they came from – Somalia, which is in Africa. But they never will. These muslims really love being around white people and the capitalist prosperity of America, as all Third World refugees do.

Hirsi then re-tweeted a post from Democratic Socialists of America listing “much-needed supplies” to “help out your comrades protesting at the 3rd precinct” (who then looted and burned the police building).

This is shocking but it is important to remember that muslims and communists are working closely together today around the world. The reason is simple: They both come from failed systems and so they are working together to try and amass power.

Meanwhile Minnesota’s attorney general, a muslim named Keith Ellison, has a son who recently tweeted ‘I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA’

This, friends, is what we law-biding Americans are up against. Democrats no longer find it necessary to hide their extremism. And this extremism will help to re-elect president Trump.

Already black and leftist rioters have created a climate of fear, which is frightening independent voters and many Democrats. When these leftists overreach and become obnoxious and confrontational as November approaches, and perhaps violent again, they are going to turn off millions more voters who will go to Trump, who stands for law and order.

President Trump came within 45,000 votes of winning the Electoral College votes in Minnesota in 2016, the first time a Republican would have won Minnesota since the 1980s. Nikitas3.com believes that the horrible performances of Democrats Walz, Frey, Ellison and Omar will push the state into Trump’s column in November, adding to his 57% electoral college victory in 2016.

Things are so desperate for Democrats that Joe Biden came out of his basement to meet with some of the rioters in Wilmington, Delaware. And for Democrats and Biden to somehow blame president Trump for this crisis would be typical. Biden should really be looking into the Democrats in Minnesota for the source of the problem.

Meanwhile it has been reported that at least 13 members of Biden’s campaign staff have made donations to a group that helps Minneapolis rioters to get out of jail on bail.

The staffers posted on Twitter that they contributed money to a group called the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which opposes the need for bail for arrested criminals.

The Trump 2020 Campaign said it was “disturbing” that Biden’s staff “would financially support the mayhem that is hurting innocent people and destroying what good people spent their lives building.” Good. This is all adding up to a campaign that will bury Batty Biden in November.

And now the lunatics in Hollywood are going to glorify the rioters and looters. We don’t have to go into detail about that. We know the drill. And this too will help Trump’s re-election. He will ask, “Who do you trust more? Me or the rioters and terrorists and the screwballs in Hollywood?”

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