Virus Hoax Further Exposed/ Jesuit Publication Defends Communists has been saying from the start that the Chinese virus is a hoax, that it is not nearly as bad as was predicted and that Dr. Fauci, Trump’s virus advisor, should be fired from his government post. I have repeatedly pointed out how wrong Fauci has been. Now we have this bombshell from The National Sentinel:

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, the guy who’s early coronavirus model scared world and U.S. leaders into shutting down their countries and economies, now says that had everyone done what Sweden did, the outcome would have been similar.

“It is interesting that adopting a policy which is short of a full lockdown – they (Sweden) have closed secondary schools and universities and there is a significant amount of social distancing, but it’s not a full lockdown – they have got quite a long way to the same effect,” Ferguson said Tuesday of Sweden, whose leaders refused to lock down businesses and force their people to stay at home.

The Daily Wire adds more:

Speaking before a House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, the man who half a million Britons could die from Covid-19 spoke of Sweden, whose 436 people per million mortality rate from the coronavirus is significantly lower than the UK’s 575 people per million. The Daily Mail noted, ‘As well as fewer deaths, Sweden’s GDP actually grew in the first quarter of 2020, suggesting it might avoid the worst of the economic fallout from the crisis.

“There are differences in how science has influenced policies in different countries. I have the greatest respect for scientists there [in Sweden]. They came to a different policy conclusion but based really on quite similar science,” he said.

Asked why 4,000 people had died in Sweden instead of the 90,000 that had been forecast, he answered, ‘I think it’s an interesting question. It’s clear there have been significant social distancing in Sweden. Our best estimate is that that has led to a reduction in the reproduction number to around 1.’ But, he cautioned, ‘It’s clear that when you look at their mortality, they are not seeing the rate of decline most European countries are seeing.’

In fact, photo after photo of Swedish life during the pandemic showed lots of people in very close proximity to each other — so much so, that our ‘mainstream’ media regularly sniffed their disapproval.

Ferguson admitted, ‘But nevertheless it is interesting that adopting a policy which is short of a full lockdown… they’ve gone quite a long way to [achieving] the same effect.”

“Although there is no evidence of a rapid decline in the same way in other European countries,” he continued. “That is something we’re looking at very closely.’

“Lockdown is a very crude policy and what we’d like to do is have a much more targeted approach that does not have the same economic impacts,” he said.

Friends, we have paid dearly for this sham. We have ruined our economy. Hopefully it will bounce back, but it will never fully recover as millions of Americans and small businesses never will recover.

This creep Ferguson is just another globalist bureaucrat college professor who does not know anything. And to think that we took this guy seriously. This is beyond words. Meanwhile Breitbart News reported about the conservative Liberty University in Virginia:

Liberty University announced this week that it had zero Chinese virus cases on campus during the spring semester. The university was criticized by mainstream media outlets over its decision to reopen the campus open in March at the outset of the outbreak. University President Jerry Falwell Jr. wrote in a letter to students, ““We are thankful to God that nobody who lived in a campus residence hall or who worked in a campus office tested positive for the virus.”

Jesuit Publication Defends Murderous Communists

Here is a commentary from September 2019 about the left-wing Jesuits and their rabid political agenda. It is still pertinent today.

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