Riots, Violence, Looting Will Re-elect President Trump

There’s an old saying that “a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged”. And as of today, June 5, 2020, tens of millions of liberals feel like they have been mugged.

They have been mugged directly or indirectly by the black riots that plagued many cities like New York, St. Louis and Minneapolis following the death of a black male at the hands of police.

These liberals might have been sympathetic to the movement that might have risen up against the police after the death of George Floyd, but that sympathy dissipated quickly and irrevocably after images of cities burning were flashed across the TV screens and computer screens of the United States.

Meanwhile president Trump acted boldly and decisively. He said that he was prepared to call out the US military to defend against the mobs, and within one day, the rioting, looting and arson ground to a halt.

In a Morning Consult poll taken after the riots, a whopping 58% of Americans said that they supported the president threatening to use the military. Only 30% opposed. And Trump can do this under the Insurrection Act of 1807. He brought federal troops to Washington, DC to quell violence and arson there. It quickly dissipated.

After the Watts riots in a black part of Los Angeles in 1965, conservative law-and-order Republican Ronald Reagan was elected California governor in 1966. Millions of Californians had been traumatized and frightened by the images of looting and burning. They understood, and today all Americans understand, that it is their own personal safety that is at stake, and that we are not talking about an abstraction.

Even a left-wing commentator like Whoopi Golberg lambasted the rioters. In other words, Whoopi (her real name is Caryn Elaine Johnson) and president Trump are basically on the same page. And this is a major statement about what to expect in the November election. has been saying all along that president Trump is going to be re-elected easily in November. And if you have heard ‘polls’ saying otherwise, pay them no mind. Those are the same polls that said that Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of beating Trump in 2016.

And not only was Trump going to win anyway, but these riots took an issue that might have produced sympathy for blacks and Democrats and immediately turned it against blacks and against the Democrats among millions of white independent voters and even Democrats. These white voters don’t want to hear about black grievance any more. They want to feel safe in their homes.

As president Trump vowed to defend our cities against roving mobs and even used federal force, Democrats mayors and governors were allowing their own cities to burn. The events in New York City were shocking beyond belief – even Macy’s was looted.

This, friends, comes at just the right time for Trump. Along with other issues like the economy, illegal immigration and trade with China, Americans were jolted into agreeing that there is one party that favors the criminals and one president who stands with law and order.

This is going to come out in November. In private we know that tens of millions of blacks and urban white Democrats were terrified of the riots and were praying for heavy police action. Many will privately vote for Trump. In some states, the National Guard was called in to restore order. But it is interesting to note that the violence quickly dissipated the day after president Trump announced in a brief Rose Garden speech that he was prepared to call in the US military.

And while much of the rioting was inspired by groups like Black Lives Matter, much of it was incited by the violent white anarchist/communist group called ‘antifa’ that moved in to take advantage of the unrest and the protests. In fact it is widely believes that ‘antifa’ has had a plan in place for a long time to take advantage of such a situation and there are growing reports that ‘antifa’ coordinated the riots.

In Philadelphia, for instance, a total of fifty ATM machines were reported to have been blown open with small bombs in order to steal their cash. This was not your average black street looter doing this. This was a well-coordinated effort to get cash using sophisticated explosive devices of just the right power and size that were ready to go long before the current unrest broke out.

‘antifa’ was said to have used instant communications and bicycle spotters to relay the location of police so as to divert rioters to other areas. In one case, the daughter of Democrat Minnesota governor Tim Walz tweeted out that the National Guard was not going to be deployed that night in Minneapolis and to get the message out to the rioters. She obviously got this information from her father.

Fortunately president Trump is going to use the Department of Justice to declare ‘antifa’ to be a domestic terror group. This will bring heavy legal pressure on ‘antifa’ and the terror designation will eliminate the usual nonsense that violent leftists face, like being released or having charges dropped. expects the arrest and prosecution of many ‘antifa’ leaders in the coming months.

President Trump’s actions follow on the heels of a crackdown on another super-violent group, the MS-13 gang from El Salvador. In the last three years, thousands of MS-13 members have been rounded up and expelled from the United States. This would never have happened under Hillary Clinton.

This is all part of president Trump’s re-election strategy to Make America Safe Again. He is going to ask American voters if they feel safe in cities like Minneapolis where the mayor delayed for three full nights of rioting before allowing in the National Guard. You can be sure that if Trump were mayor that he would have had the Guard out on the first night.

Americans felt great fear during these riots. This fear will linger for years and certainly until November. Fortunately the unrest seems to have passed for the time being, but it is truly a wake-up call. When liberals, black and Democrats feel their sense of personal security threatened, they are more likely to look at a strong leader like president Trump with fresh eyes.

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