Trump Surges with Black Voters/ Economic Turnaround Begins

Here is a bombshell from the Rasmussen Reports polling organization, which was the most accurate poll in the 2016 election. Rasmussen tweeted on June 5:

Our Daily Presidential Tracking poll today shows Black Likely Voter approval of (president Trump) is now over 40%.

Woah! Over 40%… Trump got 8% of the black vote in 2016 and he still won. If he gets even 10% or 12%, he will win re-election easily, along with the fact that is predicting that Trump will win re-election anyway. But 40%? Woah, again… This would take Trump into super-landslide territory.

It is also important to remember that polls of “likely voters” are much more significant than polls of “registered voters” and so this poll is doubly good news for Trump.

Obviously Trump’s message is working – that Democrats have abandoned black America and that he has done more than any Democrat to help blacks with jobs, not government programs and lip service.

Many blacks simply aren’t buying the Black Lives Matter propaganda about police brutality. To make things worse, tens of millions of Americans, including blacks, were completely shocked and frightened with the riots and appreciative of Trump’s bold leadership. Many of them are going to vote Trump if they did not in 2016.

Hold on tight. When Trump is re-elected, the entire left-wing part of America is going to go totally nuts… as if they haven’t already.

Economic Turnaround Starts with a Bang

The economic turnaround from the coronavirus slump has begun. Here is Fox News reporting. After each Fox excerpt is a comment:

Fox News reported: President Trump declared Friday (June 5) that jobs are coming back on the heels of a surprise labor report that may indicate the start of an economic recovery amid historic job losses, as he also upped his demands on states to lift lingering coronavirus-related lockdowns.

“We’re bringing our jobs back,” Trump said during upbeat remarks to members of the media in the Rose Garden. “We’re gonna be back there. I think we’re actually going to be back there higher next year than ever before.”

… Numbers released by the Labor Department indicated that the economy added 2.5 million jobs in May and the U.S. unemployment rate dropped to 13.3 percent from 14.7 percent a month earlier. This was a stark reversal from expectations that the unemployment rate could reach nearly 20 percent in May, and Trump took the opportunity to crow over the positive economic news. comment: This was the greatest addition of jobs ever in a single month. Nobody expected this surge this early on; most pundits were predicting it might start in the Autumn if at all. So Trump is going to benefit big-time. He said the economy would recover well and it looks like it has started. The stock market rose 829 points after the jobs announcement, edging up closer and closer to pre-virus numbers. Wow. President Trump said:

“We’ll go back to having the greatest economy anywhere in the world, nothing close. And I think we’re going to have a very good upcoming few months. I think you’re going to have a very good August, very good July, but a spectacular, maybe spectacular September … and next year’s going to be one of the best years we’ve ever had economically.”

Democrats are furious. The liberal website Politico predicted with great hope that the May numbers would show 7 million more jobs lost and a 20% unemployment rate. Meanwhile this surge is likely to continue well into election season as the virus fraud is exposed. This will add more fuel to Trump’s re-election fire as the country goes back to normal, which is exactly where Americans want it but where Democrats don’t want it.

Fox News reported: Trump further said that significant progress was being made on the development of coronavirus vaccines and therapeutics. Yet he also questioned why some states still have significant coronavirus lockdown measures in place, as he credited states lifting lockdowns like Florida and Georgia for the economic progress so far.

“This is what these numbers are all about … It’s extremely important to remember that many of our states are closed or almost closed. Some of the big ones, New York, New Jersey, they’ll start, they’re starting now to get open. I hope,” Trump said. comment: Again, Democrats and the media are enraged that Trump is talking optimistically about a vaccine and about states that are opening up. Democrats wanted the whole country shut down and the economy destroyed in order to get Trump.

But they forget that they are dealing with a man who “has nine lives” like a cat. Trump has amazing powers of rejuvenation. That is how he got elected, how he has governed and how he will get re-elected. Americans love a leader who is optimistic and fearless, not some scrawny little white-haired guy with dementia like Biden who wears a mask in public as if to show how liberal and cool he is. But the mask really makes Biden look weak and stupid. Someday when this whole crisis is exposed as a fraud, those masks will be seen as totally ridiculous.

Perhaps you have noticed that Trump has never worn a mask in public. That is intentional, to show confidence and to dismiss the naysayers.

By the way, masks themselves are bad for your health. They reduce your oxygen supply, trap carbon dioxide from your breath inside the mask, and they trap germs from inside your body that should be expelled into the air.

With Summer coming, and people getting out and into the hot sunshine we should see this virus disappear.

Fox News reported: Trump also said that liberal economic policies like the “Green New Deal” are the biggest threat to the United States’ economic recovery.

The comments came after a flurry Friday morning tweets from the president, seizing on the unexpectedly good economic news.

“Really Big Jobs Report. Great going President Trump (kidding but true)!” Trump said in one tweet.


“Oh no, the Dems are worried again. The only one that can kill this comeback is Sleepy Joe Biden!” Trump added, continuing the triumphant tweetstorm. “It’s a stunner by any stretch of the imagination.” comment: Trump is correct – environmentalism is really bad for the economy. And he is taunting the Democrats by exposing what they are really thinking, that they are worried about the economic surge. They are livid that he is taunting them.

Virus Health Fanatics Suddenly OK with Huge Crowds… of Protesters

The Politico website reported:

For months, public health experts have urged Americans to take every precaution to stop the spread of Covid-19—stay at home, steer clear of friends and extended family, and absolutely avoid large gatherings.

Now some of those experts are broadcasting a new message: It’s time to get out of the house and join the mass protests against racism.

“We should always evaluate the risks and benefits of efforts to control the virus,” Jennifer Nuzzo, a Johns Hopkins epidemiologist, tweeted on Tuesday. “In this moment the public health risks of not protesting to demand an end to systemic racism greatly exceed the harms of the virus.”

“The injustice that’s evident to everyone right now needs to be addressed,” Abraar Karan, a Brigham and Women’s Hospital physician who’s exhorted coronavirus experts to amplify the protests’ anti-racist message, told me. “While I have voiced concerns that protests risk creating more outbreaks, the status quo wasn’t going to stop #covid19 either,” he wrote on Twitter this week.

It’s a message echoed by media outlets and some of the most prominent public health experts in America, like former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden, who loudly warned against efforts to rush reopening but is now supportive of mass protests. Their claim: If we don’t address racial inequality, it’ll be that much harder to fight Covid-19. There’s also evidence that the virus doesn’t spread easily outdoors, especially if people wear masks.

OK, so we know the deal. These health lunatics wanted to arrest everyone who went out to mow the lawn or get a haircut, but suddenly they are doing a complete turnaround and they want massive gatherings of people to protest alleged racism, and the virus be damned.

These people are sick. And this proves once again that this virus was a hoax that had nothing to do with health, but only with destroying the American economy and beating down the American people. With more states opening up and starting to feel great about it, Democrats are very depressed. When Trump is re-elected, it is going to get really bad for the Dems.

Canadian ‘Greenie’ Wants US Minorities

Breitbart News reported:

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party in the Canadian parliament, has called on Justin Trudeau to accept any ethnic minority person from the United States who comes to Canada claiming asylum because President Trump has made the country unsafe.

“It’s clear that if you’re Muslim, if you’re black, if you’re Latina, if you’re Indigenous, the United States is not a safe country,” alleged May, the Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands in British Columbia.

“Our safe country agreement with the United States… simply can’t stand anymore,” she insisted.

“We need to change that status so that people seeking refugee protections in Canada can get here. So I once again call on the prime minister and the minister of immigration and the minister of foreign affairs to explain that under the circumstances in this pandemic, as long as people who come across our border meet our Covid-19 public safety rules, we must not turn them away — because Donald Trump has made the United States no longer safe,” she demanded.

Canada is almost the same size as the US but with only 11% as many people. So they have plenty of room up there. Maybe the muslims can go into the forests and build mosques.

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