Crackpots Call for Eliminating Police Departments

American blacks are the only people who are so arrogant that they will burn down cities and then turn around and, without batting an eye, demand that we all sympathize with them in their grievances against alleged ‘discrimination’.

In fact it is ‘discrimination’ against our orderly and civilized society to destroy it in violence and looting. And believes that blacks have taken a permanent and serious hit to their credibility and image with those riots.

And not only do the blacks want sympathy but they are taking the George Floyd death and turning it into an assault on everything in our society. But one fact that they will never, ever discuss is the astronomical black crime rate every single day, which they are managing to ignore like the 800 lb. elephant in the room.

You can rest assured that every loudmouth black in America is going to be shouting into his or her bullhorn from now until eternity about every and any grievance that they have been shouting about for 50 years now. Yet those grievances have not changed.

So where was Joe Biden for 47 years in Washington when he was a US senator or vice president under Obama? Why didn’t he “solve” all of these problems?

Answer: Liberals and Democrat never “solve” anything. They simply allow problems to fester and then demand and agitate politically for more and more ‘solutions’, always blaming Republicans and conservatives for not fixing everything. sometimes listens to music from YouTube while working on the computer. I once listened to a video called 30 Top Hits of 1970 and thirteen of the musicians were black. So there was no discrimination even back in 1970. has calculated that blacks have taken up to $75 trillion in government handouts and private charity over the last 60 years from American taxpayers, yet they still claim that we have done nothing for them. We have also given blacks tens of millions of jobs, college scholarships, free housing and the like. Yet they still claim that we have done nothing to improve their lives.

Now the crackpots on the left are doing what they always do. They are totally overplaying their hand after the George Floyd incident and demanding the elimination of police forces in our cities. Yet this crazy idea is only supported by a fringe element of voters.

They are suggesting that if police departments are eliminated that citizens faced with, say, an armed robbery should simply called “a friend or a social worker”, as one news report said. Good luck with that.

This movement to de-fund police departments is just another step by far-left communists to destroy out country by destroying its cities. This movement started back in the 1960s with anti-police crusades and lenient treatment of criminals.

This movement is going to crush the Democrat party in the November elections and help to re-elect president Trump. The radical ‘de-funders’ are going to make it an issue for every Democrat running for election or re-election, with disastrous consequences.

For instance, Joe Biden has been asked if he supports de-funding or eliminating police departments. He has said “no” and this is going to cause the radicals to turn on him and he is going to lose several million votes. If he says “yes” then the American public will turn on him in droves in November, including millions of Democrats. In other words Biden is in a lose-lose situation.

In short, the issue is so extreme that it can only bring down the Democrat party. And then it is important to remember that the people who would end up being most adversely affected by this crackpot idea are poor, law-abiding blacks and hispanics who live in neighborhoods rife with crime already. The winners, of course, will be black criminals who are totally behind the idea of getting rid of the cops. No surprise there.

The city council in Minneapolis has a veto-proof majority to steeply cut police funding. The total elimination of the police department would require a revision of the city charter, which is unlikely to happen since that would have be voted on. But major budget cuts can severely cripple the Minneapolis police.

This whole scenario is shocking. And if police face budget cuts or, heaven forbid, elimination, it is going to lead to a mass exodus from American cities, largely by the most productive, skilled and educated white people who keep the cities’ economies going. Poor people without money are going to be stuck.

And any city that cuts back its police is going to see an exodus of businesses and a refusal by American business groups to hold conventions and meetings there. Cities like Los Angeles, Seattle and San Francisco already are sinking under their left-wing policies and this police policy would finish them off. Even New York City is declining rapidly; before the riots, one poll said that 40% of New Yorkers hoped to leave the city.

And since the city at the heart of the riots, Minneapolis, has long been considered a high-quality place for economic growth and a good life, this movement could spell serious trouble for Minneapolis and for that entire region of the country.

The wacky left-wing Minneapolis mayor, who allowed the riots to go on for three nights without calling out the National Guard, now is saying that he opposes eliminating the police. And the radicals want him to resign(!)

Yes, friends, the militant crazies want the USA destroyed, but fortunately for our country, most American disagree. One poll showed that 85% of respondents do not want the cops eliminated.

This issue is a major boon for president Trump’s re-election. The president has come out strongly on the rational side of the argument. He declared recently, and always has declared his support for strong policing to fight crime. And so Trump will win big on this issue alone if it continues into the fall election season. And Joe Biden will continue to sink like a stone.

Update on the Minneapolis riots from Fox News:

A Minneapolis manufacturing company, whose plant burned amid civil unrest following George Floyd’s death, is leaving the city after nearly four decades and taking dozens of jobs with it.

The president and owner of 7-Sigma Inc. Kris Wyrobek felt inclined to do so after he says he lost trust in public officials during the riots that plagued the city, according to Star Tribune.

“They don’t care about my business,” said Wyrobek told the Star Tribune. “They didn’t protect our people. We were all on our own.”

This is just the beginning of the end for Minneapolis. Interestingly Minneapolis is famous for its big muslim population. Now all of those muslims will have to live in a declining city, and possibly without police protection. Gee, that’s just like the Middle East that they came from.

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