Chinese Virus Crisis is a Massive Fraud on America

Perhaps you noticed that the Chinese virus crisis miraculously disappeared once that blacks and white anarchists wanted to protest and riot in huge crowds in the streets of major cities. No social distancing there! There even were doctors saying that the protests and riots did not threaten public health, virus-wise, and that some good old-fashioned protest actually could be a good thing for your health after several months indoors.

This is no surprise whatsoever. Because the virus is a political creation and a massive fraud being perpetrated on the world by communists and globalists.

Consider this reality: Walmart, Home Depot, other retailers and hundreds of thousands of grocery stores have been open throughout the so-called “crisis”. Yet there are no reports of massive virus outbreaks among Walmart or Home Depot employees or grocery store workers because the virus struck primarily old people who already were sick.

Thus we should have left the economy open while protecting the elderly. But we did the opposite, particularly in New York state where the governor Cuomo sent thousands of elderly people to their deaths by forcing nursing homes to accept sick patients.

Conservative Christian Liberty University in Virginia never shut down. The left-wing website wrote ominously on March 27:

Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, may find himself an unwilling participant in answering that question. In contrast to the approach taken by most universities—send everyone home and move to an online program—Falwell has “welcomed” students returning from spring break and initially told the faculty to return to campus unless they had a sound medical reason to stay away. Although they will now teach online rather than in front of classes, many instructors remain on campus. Those who do, of course, might need to travel to and from their offices, in apparent defiance of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s order for nonessential businesses to shut down. Falwell and those who follow a similar path have set themselves up for possible negligence lawsuits. then reported on June 2:

Liberty University, once criticized for choosing to reopen during the coronavirus pandemic, finished its spring semester without a single confirmed (virus) case, The College Fix reported Tuesday.

OK, so we know the deal. The state of South Dakota did not shut down at all and it is doing fine. The nation of Sweden only had a partial lockdown, of schools, and its virus rate is low and under control. The US state of Georgia was one of the first to open up and it has had no major outbreaks since then despite wall-to-wall condemnation by the Fake News media for opening up.

Remember the Golden Rule: Leftists thrive on, and control the population, through fear, doubt and uncertainty. That is why the media went bonkers trying to discredit the drug chloroquine after president Trump suggested that it might work in fighting the virus.

Here is Reuters reporting on Italy on June 9:

Deaths from the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy climbed by 79 on Tuesday against 65 the day before, the Civil Protection Agency said, while the daily tally of new cases was broadly stable at 283 against 280 on Monday.

Yet just three months ago news reports implied that the whole nation of Italy faced extinction in typical alarmist media style, just like ‘global warming’. Yahoo News reported on June 8:

On Monday, New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared the country free of COVID-19. New Zealand was able to achieve that status even with schools open for the past several weeks.

Meanwhile we know that billions of people all around the world are suffering grievously from the damage done to the world economy by these economic shutdowns. Or millions of Americans will suffer after they didn’t see a doctor during the lockdown.

In other words, this whole virus has been a sham since Day One. Because the Chinese virus crisis is a massive fraud that has one goal – to impoverish, oppress and harass billions of people worldwide, and to ruin the global economy so that China can take over.

This shutdown has caused trillions in economic displacement in the US alone. Entire summer seasons for cultural events, rock concerts, auto racing and every other type of activity have been canceled. This has done irreparable damage. Some states and cities are still largely shut down.

Ironically these arts groups and rock musicians are mostly on the political left. So why would left-wing governors shut them down?

Answer: Because socialism/communism is a system of destruction, even of people allied with socialism. It is a means of taking control in the chaos that ensues from economic degradation. made a trip to Walmart today. In Massachusetts everyone must wear a mask to enter the store, and every self-checkout computer is wiped down between uses. What a waste. My part of the state has had very few virus cases except in one nursing home. But still we have these draconian rules.

At the same time, these masks are harming the health of tens of millions of Americans. The masks reduce your oxygen supply; trap the carbon dioxide that is in your breath so that you breathe it back in and partially asphyxiate yourself with CO2; and they trap germs from inside your body that would be best expelled into the air. Where are all the media reports about “mask sickness”?

They are swept under the rug. conjectures that people who wear masks for long periods are going to have elevated CO2 levels in their tissues and in their blood.

Do these virus lunatics care? Of course not. The only thing they care about is controlling the people and undermining the economy and permanently closing millions of small businesses, many of which are owned by conservative white people. visited a town in Upstate New York near where I live. It was heartbreaking to see. The downtown has been thriving for years. It is now abandoned, almost all of the businesses are closed, and half of the parking spaces are empty. Several of the businesses are permanently closed. And we don’t know what the final toll will be. We will only know over the long term.

Meanwhile the Fake News global media are burying the story that China gave us the virus. Let us hope that president Trump announces a plan to sue China for damages. would like to see $10 trillion. That will help to undo some of the massive damage of this horrible Chinese creation. also recommends that any nation that owes China money simply refuses to pay it back. Or seizes assets in that country owned by China.

This crisis is hammering poor countries worst. Billions of people are being hurt as the global economy slows to a crawl. These people were not doing well to begin with, and now that their economies have been strangled and their tourist industries have been decimated, what are the people going to do? They don’t have a wealthy national economy that can print money like the US does.

What will the tour guides at the Pyramids in Egypt do? Or the hostel owners along the trekking routes in Nepal? Or the sightseeing boats on the coast of Thailand?

They are all suffering… thanks to China. has been saying from the start that the Chinese virus is a hoax, that it is not nearly as bad as was predicted and that Dr. Fauci, Trump’s virus advisor, should be fired from his government post. I have repeatedly pointed out how wrong Fauci has been. Now we have this bombshell from The National Sentinel:

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, the guy who’s early coronavirus model scared world and U.S. leaders into shutting down their countries and economies, now says that had everyone done what Sweden did, the outcome would have been similar.

“It is interesting that adopting a policy which is short of a full lockdown – they (Sweden) have closed secondary schools and universities and there is a significant amount of social distancing, but it’s not a full lockdown – they have got quite a long way to the same effect,” Ferguson said Tuesday of Sweden, whose leaders refused to lock down businesses and force their people to stay at home.

The Daily Wire adds more:

Speaking before a House of Lords Science and Technology Committee, the man who half a million Britons could die from Covid-19 spoke of Sweden, whose 436 people per million mortality rate from the coronavirus is significantly lower than the UK’s 575 people per million. The Daily Mail noted, ‘As well as fewer deaths, Sweden’s GDP actually grew in the first quarter of 2020, suggesting it might avoid the worst of the economic fallout from the crisis.

“There are differences in how science has influenced policies in different countries. I have the greatest respect for scientists there [in Sweden]. They came to a different policy conclusion but based really on quite similar science,” he said.

Asked why 4,000 people had died in Sweden instead of the 90,000 that had been forecast, he answered, ‘I think it’s an interesting question. It’s clear there have been significant social distancing in Sweden. Our best estimate is that that has led to a reduction in the reproduction number to around 1.’ But, he cautioned, ‘It’s clear that when you look at their mortality, they are not seeing the rate of decline most European countries are seeing.’

In fact, photo after photo of Swedish life during the pandemic showed lots of people in very close proximity to each other — so much so, that our ‘mainstream’ media regularly sniffed their disapproval.

Ferguson admitted, ‘But nevertheless it is interesting that adopting a policy which is short of a full lockdown… they’ve gone quite a long way to [achieving] the same effect.”

“Although there is no evidence of a rapid decline in the same way in other European countries,” he continued. “That is something we’re looking at very closely.’

“Lockdown is a very crude policy and what we’d like to do is have a much more targeted approach that does not have the same economic impacts,” he said.

Friends, we have paid dearly for this sham. We have ruined our economy. And while it will bounce back, it will never fully recover as millions of Americans and small businesses never will recover.

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