Democrats, Leftists are Destroying US Cities

San Francisco was once one of the most beautiful and unusual cities in the world built on hills by the Bay. Today, despite having the greatest concentration of the wealthiest people in the world, San Francisco has a reputation for homeless drug addicts sleeping on the streets and so much human waste on the sidewalks that there are literally computer maps to show where it is so that pedestrians can avoid it.

This is typical of how our cities are being destroyed by the Democrat left, which controls virtually all of them. San Francisco’s decline started in the 1960s. In the so-called Summer of Love of 1967, thousands of ‘hippies’ descended on San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood to “make the scene”. It turned into an open-air drug market. Everything was ‘cool’ with rock music by groups like the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane blaring out every window. Often the songs centered on drug use and other nihilist behaviors.

Being a permissive place, San Francisco accepted the ‘hippies’, but within two years Haight-Ashbury had become a boarded-up dump full of homeless drug addicts. And the decline and fall of San Francisco had begun.

American cities have been being ravaged for many decades. New York City went bankrupt in 1975 during the height of American prosperity. Chicago today has massive gun violence in its black neighborhoods while it has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the US. Homeless people are camped out all over the Left Coast dystopias of Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Oregon. Even little ol’ Austin, Texas has made it legal for homeless people to camp within the city. This is the beginning of the end for Austin.

In other words, endless permissiveness in the name of liberalism destroys cities. New York City is a case in point. By the early 1980s every subway car on the New York system was covered inside and out with spray-paint graffiti. The people of New York had become so numbed to the vandalism that it took on a life of its own. Some of the vandals were even elevated as “artists”.

Now we have Minneapolis. For more than a century, Minneapolis and Minnesota were bastions of white Midwestern calm, prosperity, hard work and beauty. In the last 30 years, Minneapolis became a “hip” place for young people and for business too.

But we also saw large numbers of illegal immigrant muslims and hispanics going to Minneapolis as well as an expanding black population. The recent riots tell the rest of the story, with $500 million in damage done. Minneapolis now has a permanent cloud over its name. Just a few months ago, there was nothing of the sort. It’s amazing how fast things can change.

Then again this is what happens when the radical left takes over cities as it is doing everywhere. They make their policies to serve not the general populace but the most extreme groups and ideas.

Back in the 1970s, Portland, Oregon was a beautiful, peaceful city with its annual Rose Festival and stunning view of Mount Hood. visited several times. Oregon itself was a pretty conservative state. It was clean and orderly. But then there started to be a migration of left-wingers out California into Oregon. And the Oregonians had a motto: “Don’t Californicate Oregon”.

Well, they did. Portland had a long-time reputation as a way station for migrant populations throughout the Western US, largely well-behaved but down-and-out white people who moved from job to job. But Portland then became something different. In the last 30 years, it became a magnet for a much rougher crowd, including hard-core homeless, drifters and drug addicts who have taken over the downtown. Its politics moved farther and farther to the left. And then in the last few years came the communist ‘antifa’ domestic terrorists who make their home in Portland today, with the city protecting them.

Legitimate businesspeople are moving out of Portland. They have had enough. And this is precisely how the left-wing cancer grows. It starts out small and then takes over. New York City had gotten so bad that it elected a conservative Republican federal prosecutor named Rudy Giuliani for mayor in 1993 after Democrats had led the city into destruction. Over the next 20 years, Giuliani-instituted policies stabilized the City and New Yorkers were very happy.

In 2013, however, a radical communist named Bill De Blasio (real name is Warren Wilhelm) was elected mayor. And the city has gone straight downhill ever since. De Blasio has taken New York backward to the “bad old days” when homeless people pandhandled in subway cars while taxes and crime ran amok. New Yorkers are responding in kind. They HATE De Blasio.

New Yorkers already were voting with their feet and leaving. President Trump moved his official residence out of New York in 2019. And with the virus outbreak, and subsequent lockdown of the City, along with the riots, there is going to be a mass exodus from New York in the coming years. The people who are fleeing are the younger, richer, whiter, educated and skilled population, leaving behind a poorer, older, sicker, browner, less educated and less skilled population.

And you can expect to hear how bad things are getting for the blacks, hispanics, muslims and illegal immigrants who stay behind in New York, precisely as the policies that they vote for drive prosperity away. Who could forget the radical Democrat congresswoman Cortez doing everything in her power to stop Amazon from bringing 25,000 good jobs to New York.

Now we have the case of Seattle, Washington, which started out as a 19th century logging town. The first use of the term “skid row” came from Seattle, where they skidded logs along mud roads (“skid roads”) to get them to the ships. Seattle developed into a quiet, unassuming and little-known outpost in the far northwestern corners of the US.

Then along came Boeing, Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon to turn Seattle into a hub of prosperity and glamor. Rainy Seattle, like frigid Minneapolis, suddenly became “cool” and the young people poured in. But with anything good like peace and prosperity, the cancer of far-left socialism followed to feed off of the good things.

Starting 10 years ago, the homeless problem started becoming more and more acute in Seattle. Stories emerged of homeless people taking over the downtown and workers and businesses fleeing. Convention groups boycotted Seattle. is acquainted with one far-left Jewish Democrat lady from Seattle who is absolutely disgusted with what had happened to her city where she has lived most of her life. Perhaps she is one of the millions of Democrats who will vote for president Trump.

In the past two days, things have gotten much worse. We have seen one of these communist mobs take over six blocks of downtown Seattle to turn it into some type of “police free” zone. And the radical ‘greenie’ governor of Washington state was laughing about it… In short, there is anarchy in Seattle as the recent riots show our cities increasingly turning to anarchy.

Friends, this is what socialism produces – anarchy and chaos. Just go into any black neighborhood in Chicago and you see it in the body count every weekend. Democrat policies have become so extreme that anything goes and nobody is punished, as nobody was punished for the Washington, DC riots and property destruction on president Trump’s inauguration day in 2017.

It is sad and shocking that so many American cities are succumbing to leftist chaos and decay. But that is what socialism is – it feeds off of prosperity and order and turns beauty into trash as the ‘hippies’ did in 1967 in San Francisco, starting off this whole monstrous movement.

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