Black Credibility Plummets, Enthusiasm for Trump Soars

After the videotape was released of a black male named George Floyd dying at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, black America garnered huge sympathy with its allegations of police brutality. No mention was made in the media that Floyd was a career criminal.

But within days many cities saw angry black riots, looting and burning. And so any sympathy or credibility that blacks would have gotten went up in smoke and fire. The tables were quickly turned.

The Fake News media are reporting on the riots in the same manner that they reported about the 2016 election – that Americans support the rioters just like Americans were allegedly behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

This is false. The Silent Majority of Americans is overwhelmingly appalled and frightened at the riots. The Silent Majority that elected Trump does not riot or hold mass protests in the streets. The Silent Majority works hard and goes out to vote on election day. One recent poll showed that a whopping 85% of Americans don’t want the police de-funded. And these people are going to vote for peace, security and law and order in November, i.e., largely for Trump.

Black violence against white people and white property has been a fixture of American life for 50 years now. Black violence against all other races including hispanic, Asian, Indian, muslim, etc. has been skyrocketing for decades. All of these groups, including tens of millions of law-abiding blacks, are frightened by these riots and by violent black males.

Black males are 6% of the US population yet they commit 50% of all US crime and homicides. But somehow we are supposed to hate the cops and think nothing bad of black male criminals.

Look at the black male, Rayshard Brooks, in Atlanta who was killed by a cop. He was driving drunk (which endangers everyone); he resisted arrest; assaulted the cop; stole the cop’s tazer gun; and tried to use the tazer on the cop – that’s FIVE crimes right there within just a few minutes. Yet the black/media narrative is that the cop is evil and that Brooks is a good person. What other crimes has he been arrested for? This will come out, just as George Floyd’s criminal record came out which included armed robbery, a very serious crime.

Update: Brooks was wanted on a fugitive warrant at the time of the Atlanta interaction with the police, which is probably why he resisted arrest.

Loveland, Colorado police sergeant Rob Pride said that the use of force against Brooks appears to have been justified. “I don’t see how this would not meet a deadly force encounter by most agency standards,” said Pride. believes that an overwhelming majority of Americans is not buying the narrative that cops are evil.

It is interesting to make a comparison to 1968. When violent anti-Vietnam war rioters caused chaos outside of the Democrat national convention in Chicago, Americans watched events unfold on television and they elected Republican Richard Nixon president since Nixon stood for law and order. believes that the same thing is going to happen in 2020, that Trump’s re-election will be fueled by people of all races, including blacks, who don’t want violence.

The looters and rioters in these cities like Minneapolis and New York are simply harming their own cause and their cities. expects a huge exodus from these cities as the radicals take over. Already we are seeing that many stores that were looted are not going to re-open. Where will the people in these cities get their food after the grocery store has been burned down?

Good question. Here is a black lady talking about the grocery store in her neighborhood:

A video was taken by a woman in an undisclosed location. As she walks through her neighborhood grocery store in tears she describes the wreckage as she looks for milk for her children. “Look at this. Every grocery store looks like this,” she said. “Everything is either on the floor…look at this. I came into the store to buy something because I’m not a thief,” she said. People who already couldn’t feed their kids, now they really can’t feed their kids,” she cried. “I am so devastated right now.”

“We couldn’t even find tissue less than two months ago and now it’s on the floor,” she said as she surveyed the damage. “I feel like an animal and black people made me feel like an animal. Y’all did that!” She continued to berate the rioters…

This is unbelievable. Meanwhile president Trump’s supporters continue to show massive “enthusiasm” for Trump. It has been reported that the Trump rally set for Saturday, June 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has had 800,000 requests for tickets And it is a known fact that ‘enthusiasm’ wins elections. This ‘enthusiasm’ included boat regattas supporting Trump’s birthday all up and down Florida, and in Michigan too.

This comes on top of other good news for the president. His poll numbers are higher than Obama’s at this point in Obama’s presidency (in June 2012 as Obama faced re-election), and the American people approve of Trump’s handling of the economy, foreign policy, trade, and anti-terrorism and his general support for the military and American police.

Political pundits are even predicting that 15% of Bernie Sanders supporters are going to vote for Trump since Trump is an economic nationalist who makes policies supporting the interests of the American working class.

Meanwhile here is a commentary from 2015 called ‘Only Vigilance Insures Order, Liberty and Peace’. It concerns another form of violence – terrorism – and is still relevant today.

Here is good news – the rioters are being rounded up in the beginning of a wave of legal actions against ‘antifa’ and other violent groups. This is just the beginning of the crackdown on ‘antifa’ and other associated groups. US attorney general Bill Barr and US attorneys across the nation have charged suspects for more than 40 violent crimes. Among the crimes being pursued are:

Crossing state lines for purposes of riot
Throwing Molotov cocktails
Torching cop cars
Looting gun stores and pharmacies
Online threats against cops
Shining lasers in eyes of police helicopter pilots
Bringing guns to a riot

The New York Post reports on two specific incidents.

Brandon Wolfe was arrested for swiping items from the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct on June 3. Cops found him with “body armor, a police-issue duty belt with handcuffs, an earphone piece, baton, and knife” and his name “handwritten in duct tape on the back of the body armor.”

Wolfe, 23, also had a “riot helmet, 9mm pistol magazine, police radio, and police issue overdose kit” and allegedly confessed to tossing a barrel into the fire at the precinct.

Antifa members are fond of impersonating police officers.

John Wesley Mobley Jr. was busted for allegedly flashing “what appeared to be a law enforcement badge” at protesters in Orlando on May 31 and threatening them, “Do you want to get arrested? Do you want to go to jail?”

One protester apparently responded, “He’s a Marshal!”

Mobley, 36, was also allegedly in possession of a BB gun replica of a Glock pistol, handcuffs and a silver badge reading “United States Marshal.”

He’s been convicted twice before for impersonating law enforcement.

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