Joe Biden is Toast/ Riots Turn into anti-Columbus Crusade has said many times that Joe Biden probably will not even make it to the general election this Autumn, that he is mentally disabled and far too old for the rigors of the campaign much less for the rigors of being president. Compared to a vigorous Trump, Biden looks pale, tired and confused.

Meanwhile president Trump can talk extemporaneously at one of his rallies for 90 minutes or more without missing a beat while being funny, engaged and informed. His Tulsa, Oklahoma rally announced with great fanfare that it’s time for the Great American Revival to start. Enough with this virus fraud…

Update: Trump’s Tulsa rally had thousands of empty seats. This happened because Trump haters requested tickets and then did not show up, in order to embarrass Trump.

Second Update: The Chinese website TikTok was involved in this pranking of the Trump campaign. This is foreign election interference.

Third Update: The Trump campaign said that the turnout problem was not the result of a successful pranking but of incessantly negative press coverage leading up to the rally, including virus worries and media warnings about left-wing terrorists planning to disrupt, which they did in the streets outside.

Meanwhile 6.7 million people watched the rally online!

Update: 11 million viewers on the internet! 7.7 million viewers on Fox News alone!

About Biden, Trump is not being shy about Biden’s condition. He is openly charging that Biden is gonzo. “Look, Joe’s not all there. Everybody knows it,” the president said recently. has often wondered what is going on behind the scenes in the Democrat party as they try to conjure up a way for Biden to survive without campaigning or being seen. Because if he appears in public for more than a few minutes, or appears at the debates with president Trump, then he will be finished. If you have seen videos of Biden in the conservative internet media, it is obvious that he cannot function for more than a minute without screwing up.

This is all coming to a head. A Zogby poll, which is one of the few polls known for accuracy, recently reported that a whopping 55% of likely voters believes that Biden is in the early stages of dementia. This number is devastating for the Democrats and shows that there is no way for Biden to win since it coincides with all of the other bad news for Biden.

And if you believe these Fake News media polls (CNN, New York Times, NBC, etc.) that show that Biden is far ahead of Trump, then you must remember that the same polls said that Hillary was going to win in a landslide in 2016.

There was an internet photo of a Biden rally in the crucial electoral state of Pennsylvania recently in which it appeared that about 6 people showed up. Contrast that to the 1 million tickets that were requested for the Trump rally in Tulsa and you see the difference between political night and day.

Meanwhile attendees at the Trump rally were threatened by leftist groups to try and intimidate future rally-goers. It won’t work. It will only make Trump’s support stronger as Americans see who the anti-Trumpers really are.

Democrats had better prepare themselves for the worst in November. Here is a column that wrote recently about Trump’s chances for re-election:

In January 2011, I posted a commentary on the national website entitled ‘Trump Will be Next US President’ (it is here). They thought I was crazy. I said over and over throughout 2016 that Trump would win and that Hillary was a weak candidate.

Today I believe that president Trump will be easily re-elected in November, probably in a landslide. Here are the reasons:

*Trump is vastly more popular than the media want you to know. Studies show that 92% of the media coverage of president Trump is negative and so you cannot judge his popularity from biased media reports.

*Trump’s 63 million “base” voters from 2016 have not abandoned him at all. He is going to build on that number in November by 5 million to 10 million votes. Trump won 57% of the electoral votes in 2016, and won 30 states. I predict that he will get 65% and 34 states in 2020.

*The polls that are predicting that Biden will beat Trump are the same fake polls that said that Hillary was going to win in a landslide.

*Millions of Republicans and conservatives who did not vote for Trump in 2016 are going to support him in 2020. They did not believe back then that he was a genuine candidate, but he has proven himself since.

*Surveys are taken at every Trump rally, and they showed in one case that 21% of the attendees were registered Democrats and that 56% at another rally were Independents or Democrats. These are great numbers for Trump.

*Trump has the built-in advantage of being the sitting president.

*I personally am acquainted with several far-left Democrats who now support the president. This phenomenon is nationwide.

*Support for Trump among black and hispanics is very high based on his economic record. President Trump today is also getting some of his highest poll numbers ever among all voters..

*The recent riots pushed millions of voters toward law-and-order Trump. And this new ‘abolish the police’ movement is going to kill the Democrats.

*Trump voters are part of what president Nixon called The Silent Majority. They don’t make a lot of noise but they show up to vote by the tens of millions.

*Trump voters are vastly more “enthusiastic” than Biden voters. And ‘enthusiasm’ is a known phenomenon that wins elections.

*Biden is a very weak candidate and Democrats know it. Trump will crush Biden in the debates.

Black Riots Morph into Anti-Columbus Crusade

You may have noticed that the black riots against police officers, president Trump and white America has morphed into a crusade against Christopher Columbus. This is bizarre, but then again so are Democrats and their militant followers.

So somehow a daring Italian explorer from the 15th century is a pariah for setting out and exploring the world as man has done for thousands of years.

The reason that Columbus’ success is anathema to the communist left is that people on the left consider themselves to be failures and so they wage war against those who are successful. They envy Columbus’ fame and his accomplishments. Just think how much planning, daring and intelligence it took for Columbus to discover the New World. It is stunning to think about back in those times when there was so little understanding of what the world even looked like.

Columbus obviously was one of the smartest and most courageous men in history. He also was a white European, whom leftists hate for all of their historic success. calculates that adult white men are 3% of today’s world population yet their countries – primarily the US, Europe, Australia and Canada – account for half of the world’s wealth while those men invented 100% of the technology that powers the world today and that makes life better for all people.

This crusade against Columbus has been boiling up for decades. Interestingly we have not seen any of these anti-Columbus militants seeking to actively return to more primitive countries and lifestyles like those being lived by the natives in the countries where Columbus arrived. How many of the world’s desperate migrants are running to Brazil to settle in the Amazon jungle with the natives there?

Answer: None. In fact the global migration patterns are going in the exact opposite direction – tens of millions of impoverished immigrants are flocking to the white nations of Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States. Interestingly none of them are running to communist countries like Cuba, Venezuela, China or North Korea. Or to Africa.

At the same time black Americans could go by the millions to live in Africa so that they don’t have to live among white people. But they never will because they know precisely how good they have it in the USA despite all of their complaining. calculates that black Americans have taken up to $75 trillion in all types of handouts in the last 60 years. Yet they are still on the bottom of the American economy.

American hispanics from poor Latin American countries could return to Mexico, El Salvador or Peru and live a subsistence life like native Americans did, but they don’t. They want to live in the prosperous nation whose founding is based on the European explorer Christopher Columbus.

So what is really going on with these Columbus protests, including tearing down his statues?

Answer: It is envy of Columbus’ accomplishments and of the accomplishments of white men. And the rioters’ violence and ensuing rage comes out of that envy, which is the most powerful emotion of all.

If you look at the wanton destruction of the past few weeks, it does not make sense except for the one glaring fact that people on the left are by nature destroyers. They are not capable of building anything and so they do what they do best which is to destroy things.

Remember the Golden Rule: It is infinitely easier to protest and to destroy things than to build. And that is exactly what these leftists are doing – protesting and destroying. It will achieve nothing for them. They would be much better advised to study hard in school and work to better themselves. But they won’t. Because that is too much real work for them. These people hate working. They are communists.

It is amazing to look at the difference between the rioters and the attendees at a Trump rally, which is 100% peaceful and upbeat. The Trumpsters are friendly, well-spoken and non-threatening. The sidewalks are clean. knows for certain that this is why Trump is going to win in November; American voters know the difference between the two sides and are increasingly frightened by the violence that they saw in early June.

This violence is intensifying. The small city of Albany, New York recently saw 13 people shot in just 24 hours. It all happened in the black neighborhoods and Albany officials are acting like they don’t know what is going on. What a joke. This is what 50 years of soft-on-crime policies produces. New York state even has eliminated bail requirements for arrested criminals, and so they are back on the street immediately.

A New Way to Annihilate Terrorists

Two al-qaeda commanders were recently killed in a US airstrike. Interestingly the bomb that annihilated them left most of their vehicle intact.

The US military used a new precision weapon that does not explode to kill the target. It turns into a giant knife that cuts the target to bits. As the bomb approaches its target, the six blades shoot out like the blades on an airplane propeller. The bomb then shreds the target without exploding.

It is called the “Flying Ginsu” or the “ninja bomb”. The result is a vastly smaller kill radius, which limits the damage caused by the missile to the intended target area. This feature is increasingly needed for counterterrorism campaigns where the fighting is closer-in and sometimes takes place in populated areas where we do not want to kill innocent civilians nearby. This bomb is made possible only by the existence of precision bombs to start with.

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