Let’s Wage Economic, Political War on Communist China

Nikitas3.com has tried many times in the past few months to see a silver lining in the Chinese virus pandemic. It is hard to do because there is nothing good to come out of it except for one big thing:

The virus has alerted the world to the evil of communist China. Finally it has become clear to the whole world that China is a wicked, devious nation that is trying to take over everything and will use any means possible to do so, including poisoning the whole world with a biological virus weapon.

This comes after decades in which the communist government has murdered, brutalized, deprived and oppressed the Chinese people; stolen advanced American technology in order to build up the backward Chinese economy; corrupted the world trading system to its advantage; and used its wealth – China has the second biggest economy in the world after the US at about $11 trillion annual GDP – to buy favor and spread its influence and marxist propaganda.

Perhaps you have noticed that the Chines president Xi Jinping, whom president Trump sought to have good relations with, always has a totally blank look on his face. Just look at any photo of this guy. His face has no expression whatsoever. It is bizarre until you understand that communism is a brutal and anti-human ideology. And we also know that Jinping lives in mortal fear for his life since dictators know that they can fall out of favor and be killed in a split second by plotters within their own governments.

Meanwhile president Trump has been a critic of China for 20 years and he has received very little in return for his outreach to China. The communist Chinese consider Trump to be an inconvenient bump in the road to world domination. Their contempt for Trump and for America is now clear in the cavalier way that they exported their virus and then even tried to blame the US military for it.

Fortunately president Trump probably saved one million American lives by shutting down travel from China before one single American had died of the virus. No Democrat president ever would have done this; they would have called it ‘racist’ to do so, as Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both did.

The Democrat party and the American left have been colluding with communists for many decades. Going as far back as the 1920s, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter named Walter Duranty wrote glowing reviews of Stalin’s Soviet Union (Russia) for The New York Times during a period when millions were dying in the oppression and starvation of the Stalin regime.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s as the Cold War with the Soviet Union burned hot, Democrats in America always wanted to accommodate the communists and never to confront or expose them. In 1984, Democrat US senator Ted Kennedy’s close political ally senator John Tunney made a special trip to Moscow to discuss with Soviet leaders how he and the Democrats and the Soviets could work together to defeat anti-communist president Ronald Reagan’s re-election.

Today we have top Democrats all over America cooperating with communist China. Google is working hand-in-hand with China on many internet applications. Top US corporations are cozy with China since China is such a big market for their goods. Democrat US senator Dianne Feinstein of California has had decades of commercial ties to China through her businessman husband.

The most egregious example is Joe Biden’s son making a sweetheart deal with China when Biden was vice president. The Bank of China, which is basically the government of China, funded a fake hedge fund set up by Hunter Biden for $1.5 billion. China did this obviously to buy favor with Joe Biden whom they thought might become president.

Meanwhile with everything else happening like the riots and racial division in the US, the Fake News American media have managed to totally drop the subject that the virus came from China.

America, and the world, must fight back against China. Nikitas3.com believes that the following steps should be taken:

*All of the world’s nations must band together and demand payments from communist China for the damage done by the virus. Nikitas3.com recommends that the world demand at least $20 trillion in damages just for starters, and more money down the road.

*All of the world’s nations should stop buying products made in China. These nations must start to rebuild their economies with jobs making products that are currently imported from China like steel, textiles and consumer electronics.

*The United States and the rest of the world’s countries should expel all Chinese nationals from within their borders. All Chinese who travel abroad are selected communist spies who are sent overseas to steal technology, disseminate propaganda and spy on everything that we do.

*All nations of the world that owe money to China should halt all repayments to China. For instance China has built infrastructure projects (roads, railroads, ports, bridges, water systems, etc.) in many countries as part of its Belt and Road Initiative to curry favor with the world. Any nation that owes money to China should immediately halt payments to China and use that money to compensate themselves for the damage done by the virus.

*China holds more than $1 trillion in US debt paper. We should halt all repayments to China on that debt.

*All nations should put China on a ‘do not trade’ list, in order to isolate the Chinese economy. We know that the Chinese economy is in trouble right now. We should push hard on it so that it is crippled and so that the Chinese communists themselves are crippled.

*All nations should seize Chinese assets (hotels, real estate, manufacturing companies, etc.) within their borders and sell them off to the highest bidder. That will help countries to recover some of the wealth that has been destroyed by the virus.

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