Biden’s Virus Mask Will Harm Him/ NASCAR Noose Hoax Exposed/ 200 Judges Confirmed/ Border Wall Hits 200 Miles

It appears that Joe Biden is going to wear a black anti-virus face mask whenever he is campaigning in public. This is to show solidarity with the leftist fearmongers who want us all terrified of the Kung Flu. Biden also is certainly frightened of the virus personally since he is old and frail.

This image does not look good for Biden. believes that Biden will lose one million or more votes just for wearing the mask. Americans don’t want to feel controlled and forced into wearing masks, and feeling weak and victimized. Americans want to get beyond this virus nonsense. At president Trump’s recent rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, hardly anyone was wearing a mask.

Masks are bad for you – they cut your oxygen supply, they trap carbon dioxide in your breath which you then re-breathe into your lungs, and they trap germs from your body that should be expelled into the air.

NASCAR Noose Hoax is Just the Latest Racial Fabrication

Question: If America is such a racist nation, then why do blacks continue to make up hoax stories about racism, like Jussie Smollett did? Why don’t they use existing examples of racism?

Answer: Because America is not a racist nation in the way that Democrats, the Fake News media and blacks present it. In fact blacks are the real racists. They commit crimes against whites including murder, rape, robbery, assault, home invasion and others at astronomical rates compared to vice versa.

So since there are so few real acts of racism by whites against blacks, then blacks feel the need to fabricate them like Smollett did, like we saw at the Air Force Academy in 2017, like the charges against the white lacrosse team members at Duke University back in 2006, and on and on.

The latest hoax was the charge by a half-black NASCAR driver named Bubba Wallace that someone had hung a noose in his garage area at Talladega SuperSpeedway in Alabama. The noose is a symbol of the lynching of blacks.

The case was considered so serious that fifteen FBI agents allegedly investigated and they discovered that the “noose” was simply a pull cord ttached to the garage door that had a loop on the end to make it easier to pull down the door. And that the “noose” had been there since last Autumn, at least. Other videos have shown multiple garage door pulls with the loop, and as far back as 2017!

Yet Wallace turned it into a big national story and severely embarrassed himself. He also embarrassed NASCAR. And then in order to save face, Wallace is admitting that the noose may not have been directed at him but that it was indeed a noose and that that somehow was a terrible thing.

What a disgusting joke. Fortunately, this whole case has backfired on Wallace big-time. Since he is the first (half) black driver in 60 years to compete in NASCAR, Wallace already was angering millions of NASCAR fans with his successful call to ban Confederate flags at NASCAR races since the flags would “offend” some people (i.e., offend Wallace). This call came after the flags have been flown without any problem at races since NASCAR was founded in 1947.

Wallace also drove a car with a Black Lives Matter paint scheme in one race. So you can rest assured that Wallace has quickly become the most divisive and hated driver in NASCAR. You should read some of the comments about him on internet posts; they are vicious and angry, and for good reason – Wallace is a professional racial disruptor and he has been exposed as such in an all-white sport.

Yet for a brief period when everyone thought that it really was a noose, the whole NASCAR community rallied behind Wallace. They now feel stupid and duped, which is inflaming the feelings around the case. predicts that Wallace will be out of NASCAR within one year. The only reason that he still has a job is because he’s (half) black and thus he can’t be fired without some racial blowback. If a white driver ever did such a thing, he would be fired immediately.

Wallace is a lousy driver anyway. He is ranked 21st in the 2020 NASCAR standings and was 27th in 2019. So maybe he ought to keep his big mouth shut and learn how to drive. But he does not feel the need to do that when he can get a million tons of free publicity with his racial fearmongering and activism.

Update: In the wake of the noose hoax, NASCAR is mandating racial sensitivity training for all employees. But it is Wallace himself who should be getting sensitivity training

This NASCAR case is just another in a long line of racial hoaxes. And as said earlier, why do blacks create fake cases if racism is allegedly so bad?

Answer: Because black activists need to constantly agitate blacks and focus attention on themselves, that’s why, and they get power through cultivating grievance. It is also done to make white people look like racists, which is an abomination. believes that Wallace should be expelled from NASCAR. His behavior was horrible. Rather than keep the issue quiet and allow NASCAR to do an internal investigation, he ran to the national media to make a big deal out of it. That is because Wallace is just another racial huckster who couldn’t wait to express his victimhood. What a loser. NASCAR hates crybabies.

Note: One internet photo shows Wallace flashing the ‘devil’ sign. Nice work, Bubba! You won’t be in NASCAR much longer.

These racial hoaxes are endless. The Jussie Smollett case is the most recent. But they go back decades. For instance there was a fake story promoted in the Fake News media in 1995 that black churches across the South were being burned down by white supremacists. President Bill Clinton even got on board that story by mentioning it repeatedly. Yet a study of the fires issued in 1996 showed that these were just routine fires and not arson. But that conclusion got zero media coverage compared to the blanket national coverage when the arson was suspected to be the work of supremacists.

Perhaps you remember the black Mississippi church that was burned just before the 2016 election with the words VOTE TRUMP spray-painted on the outside with the implication that a white Trump supporter did it. But it turned out that a black anti-Trump member of the church burned it down in order to make Trump look bad.

On the other hand, nobody has been apprehended in the burning of a white evangelical church in Holly Springs, Mississippi after that church filed suit against the virus lockdown. That arsonist was certainly an anti-Christian leftist. CBS News reported on May 22, 2020:

A church in Mississippi burned down this week and the incident is now being investigated as arson, the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to CBS News First Pentecostal Church in Holly Springs had previously defied stay-at-home orders to open for services, and the church even sued the city of Holly Springs for trying to shut down a Bible study gathering.

Investigators said they found graffiti on the church property reading: “Bet you stay home now you hypokrites.”

Perhaps you remember the 2008 arson that destroyed Sarah Palin’s church in Alaska. Where were the fifteen FBI agents to investigate that one? Nobody was apprehended.

In the Duke lacrosse case, a black stripper named Crystal Mangum alleged that she was raped by several white members of the team. The media promoted the story for a whole year as if it were true, but it was finally proven false. Mangum is now in prison for murdering her boyfriend while Wikpedia reported about the district attorney in the case:

Michael Byron Nifong (born September 14, 1950) is a disbarred North Carolina attorney. He served as the district attorney for Durham County, North Carolina until he was removed, disbarred and jailed following court findings concerning his conduct in the Duke lacrosse case, primarily his conspiring with the DNA lab director to withhold exculpatory DNA evidence that could have acquitted the defendants.

In other words, Nifong, who is white, intentionally set out to frame the white lacrosse players. And of course we could never forget Al Sharpton, the race huckster of the century, who rose to national prominence in 1986 by falsely accusing three white men of raping a black teenage girl named Tawana Brawley.

The list goes on and on….

Trump Gets 200th Federal Judge Appointed

Here is more good news about the Trump administration. Breitbart News reported:

The U.S. Senate confirmed its 200th federal judge nominated by President Donald Trump on Wednesday, approving Cory Wilson by a narrow 52-48 vote to serve as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

In a statement, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) noted that there are now no vacancies anywhere on the federal appellate bench:

… President Trump has nominated almost one in four federal judges, if all 860 federal judgeships are taken into account.

Meanwhile The New York Post reported more good news, this time about The Wall on the Mexican border:

President Trump on Tuesday traveled to Arizona for a roundtable on border security and touted the completion of more than 200 miles of what he called an impenetrable “border wall system” to keep out illegal immigrants.

“We’re on pace to complete 450 miles by end of (2020), 500 miles almost immediately after,” he told border patrol, law enforcement and elected officials, including Gov. Doug Ducey, during the event in Yuma.

Trump called the more than 200 miles — which replaced existing fencing, much of it dilapidated — the “most powerful and most comprehensive wall anywhere in the world,” alluding to sensors and other technology…

And while the border is 2,000 miles, the Wall is being built first at the most heavily-crossed areas and so is having an outsized effect on border crossings. By the end of his second term, Trump will have the whole 2,000 miles covered since he has the funding mechanism in place to do so, by taking money from the military budget.

And perhaps you have noticed that Democrats are silent about the successful construction of the border wall. This is because they know that they have lost, and that The Wall is a permanent fixture that will totally change illegal immigration forever.

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