Don’t Believe ANY Fake Virus News/ Seattle Fights Back recommends that we should never believe ANYTHING that we hear about the Chinese virus that is reported in the Fake News media. Nothing

You can compare it to ‘global warming’. We should never believe anything that the media report about ‘warming’. For instance, the media have been reporting the ‘green’ myth for years that sea levels are rising. But they are not rising at all. How do we know? Well, ‘warming’ alarmists Al Gore and Bill Gates both have purchased expensive oceanfront homes. They would not do this if they really believed that sea levels are rising.

We have seen false reporting about the virus from Day One. Even as the virus subsides nationwide the Fake News media already are reporting a “second wave”. But knowing how the Fake News media report falsely about everything else – like the Russia collusion hoax or rising sea levels – there is no reason to believe this ‘second wave’ theory.

Democrats and their Fake News media friends are doing everything in their power to make the virus look worse than it is in order to control us through fear, anxiety and uncertainty.

We don’t really have any idea how many people have been infected or have died. has a neighbor who swears that he had the virus in October 2019. Another acquaintance of mine told me that her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter in San Francisco were all infected last February, before the virus broke out nationwide. Then we have people all over the country who had it, recovered, didn’t feel it, etc. So we should finally admit that we don’t know what is really going on with the virus.

Even the British fraudster named Neil Ferguson, who first told us that 2 million Americans would die from the virus, now says that he doesn’t know why all of his predictions were so wrong. But let explain it to you – these “experts” don’t know what the heck they are talking about. They are all socialist/academia/media fakers and hucksters. They know nothing about real science.

You would think that we could at least have an accurate death count from the virus, but not even that is true. The “official” count was 121,979 on June 25 but that is nowhere near accurate. After all, we know that that total includes some people who have died OF the virus (died as a direct result of contracting the virus); others who have been reported to have died WITH the virus (they got the virus but it was not the cause of their death); and worst of all we have tens of thousands who have died and did not have the virus but were reported as virus deaths (i.e., outright fraudulent reporting). still believes that the real number of deaths from the virus, excluding factors like old age or pre-existing conditions, is 20,000 or less, and probably much less. I have believed this from the start.

Meanwhile we know for sure that Dr. Fauci, president Trump’s so-called “virus expert”, has contradicted himself over and over and over, one day, saying for instance, that the virus is not serious and then saying another day that it is very serious and then claiming on a third day that he never said that it was not serious(!?)

This guy obviously does not know what he is talking about, but what else can we expect from a lifelong government bureaucrat. In fact has been infinitely more correct about the virus than Fauci has been and I have not had one minute of medical training.

Fauci is the faker who said back in the 1980s that AIDS was going to break out into the heterosexual population and kill millions, but it never happened. We also know that AIDS killed thousands of non-gay people through tainted blood transfusions before 1985 when blood screening was implemented.

So where was Fauci to warn about tainted blood? Answer: The virus ‘expert’ Fauci was asleep on his government job. He should have been fired back in the 1980s, as he would have been fired if he were in the private sector and screwed up as badly as he did.

Meanwhile the USA was totally unprepared for the virus even though Fauci had decades to warn us about a possible pandemic. Yet Fauci is not blamed at all by the Fake News media. has suggested many times, and as early as March, that president Trump should fire Fauci.

In other words, the “experts” have no idea what this virus is really doing. We have only a general picture of how it spreads, and from experience we know that it generally kills elderly people with pre-existing health conditions. Yet even these deaths could have been avoided by taking more care to protect the elderly. Very simple. Where was Fauci to tell us this? Answer: He was nowhere.

Perhaps you have noticed that the Fake News media are reporting surges in the virus or a “second wave”, but only in conservative states like Texas and Florida. This is being done to smear the conservative states and president Trump. does not believe these stories.

Update: Here is a stunning story. The Hill website reported:

Nearly 25 million Americans may have contracted the coronavirus, a figure 10 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said Thursday.

In a briefing with reporters Thursday, CDC Director Robert Redfield said surveys of blood samples taken from around the country suggest that millions of Americans may have contracted the virus either without knowing it or with only minimal symptoms.

For every one confirmed case, Redfield said, the CDC estimates that 10 more people have been infected.

“This virus causes so much asymptomatic infection,” Redfield said. “We probably recognized about 10 percent of the outbreak.”

This is another shocking example of how little ‘the experts’ really know about this virus, and that they are just guessing. If this 25 million figure is true, it also would mean that the death rate, which already is being falsely reported, is ten times less than we think it is. Will the media report this inconvenient truth? Of course not. But they will report the 25 million figure happily.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo is ridiculing Florida governor Ron DeSantis for opening up his state too quickly, leading to an alleged “second wave” of infections. This should not be believed. Cuomo is trying to distract us from the fact that the whole country got the virus from New York City after it spread due to incompetent Democrats not treating the outbreak there seriously. ‘Killer’ Cuomo himself relegated thousands of elderly New Yorkers to their deaths by forcing nursing homes under executive order to accept virus-infected patients, leading to a wave of deaths. But he wants us to forget that little fact by pointing fingers at others.

Update: Breitbart News reports:

The latest data show that death rates from coronavirus or COVID-19 are stable or falling in many states, including those that have shown a recent spike in the number of coronavirus cases.

On Friday, Texas and Florida paused their re-openings, as both states showed a surge in new COVID-19 cases.

At the same time, data from the New York Times COVID-19 dataset, obtained on GitHub, shows that death rates in Texas and Florida are falling, at least for now.

OK, just like I said. Remember the Golden Rule: Coronavirus infections are not deaths. And when the elderly and sick are removed from the equation, coronavirus infections mean hardly any deaths.

And just maybe the spike in new virus cases comes from blacks not adhering to guidelines, or from white rioters or protesters. Why don’t we look into where these so-called ‘spikes’ are coming from. Or maybe they are incubating in illegal immigrant communities. Let’s look into that possibility.

When you hear news about the virus, pay it no mind. It is only the Fake News media trying to promote virus hysteria in order to possibly bring on another lockdown and bring down president Trump. Period. End of story. We should continue to open up the country but to protect the elderly and the sick. That will do the trick. And you can say that you read that on

More Bad News for Biden, Democrats

The founder of Black Entertainment Television is named Robert Johnson. He recently said that the Democrat party has taken black voters for granted and urged Black Lives Matter to form a political party.

Wow. Kaboom. Johnson is a major figure in black America and this is a bombshell for the Democrats. Because BLM or another group might actually do this, which would siphon away millions of Democrat votes for decades to come, handing the country over to Republicans and conservatives.

And even if they do not actually form a third party by November, you can rest assured that millions of angry BLM-type blacks are not going to vote for Biden or for Democrats. They are either going to stay home on election day or vote for fringe candidates. After all, they remember Biden saying that any black that does not vote Democrat isn’t really black.

This was a major insult to blacks. All in all, it looks like the end for the increasingly radical Democrat party in America. They cannot survive with this major schism looming, and with the hard-left drift in their policies turning off millions of their traditional voters, who are migrating to president Trump.

Seattle Strikes Back at CHOP Mobs

It hasn’t taken long for the ultra-liberal residents of our riot-infested cities to realize how correct we conservatives have been all along about these Black Lives Matter thugs and other leftists and communists like them. We are watching city after city attacked, looted and burned. The most recent victim was ultra-left-wing Madison, Wisconsin, where even a gay Democrat state senator got beaten for filming the chaos.

In Washington, DC, Democrat congressional delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton is seen in a video asking, “Where are the police?” after a fight broke out at a protest in her city.

Note to Norton: The cops are no longer going to save you or your city, you fool.

Riot-ravaged Minneapolis, once one of the nicest cities in America, has seen its reputation sink into the sewer. But one liberal neighborhood announced its left-wing credentials by announcing that it would not call the police for any reason and, lo and behold, hundreds of homeless people set up camp in a nearby park. predicts big trouble in that park, and sooner rather than later.

In short, we are seeing the final outcome of decades of criminal coddling and left-wing policies to restrain the police. And when the citizens wonder, “Where are the police?”, they are going to hear crickets.

We are even seeing several Seattle businesses, including an auto repair shop, a tattoo parlor and a property management company, suing the city and alleging that city officials were complicit in allowing the CHOP protests that have disrupted their neighborhood and made them feel unsafe.

Workers and residents also joined the lawsuit over CHOP. Since the CHOP occupation began June 8 the area has seen shootings, one murder, vandalism and other crimes while the wacky Seattle mayor said that CHOP could turn out to be another “Summer of Love”.

The lawsuit says: “(T)his lawsuit is about the constitutional and other legal rights of plaintiffs – businesses, employees and residents in and around CHOP – which have been overrun by the city of Seattle’s unprecedented decision to abandon and close off an entire city neighborhood, leaving it unchecked by the police, unserved by fire and emergency health services and inaccessible to the public at large.”

One local business owner said that he plans to move out of Washington state because of what he described as Seattle’s lack of governmental leadership.

“Since we have no leadership and we have a city council that’s so socialist, there really is very, very little support for businesses,” he said. “As far as the city reaching out to small businesses like ourselves, or any business, there has been zero.”

This all bad news for the cities. predicts a mass exodus from the cities; it already was happening before 2020. But there is a severe downside to this. We are going to see millions of these loony left-wing liberals leaving the cities, moving to conservative states, small towns and counties, and bringing their socialist poison with them.

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