Bush, Roberts Screw us Again/ Trump’s Positive Agenda Will Win

First, here is a quick word about the Chinese virus: We all have seen the news about virus ‘spikes’ that are being attributed to bars, restaurants and gyms but never to their real source which is the mass left-wing protests and riots of June, along with several crowded ‘gay pride’ events. This is typical of how liberals and their media friends blame everyone but themselves for everything, which is a child-like behavior of the left.

Second, here is an interesting obituary from June 22 about a Hollywood “friend” of Bill Clinton:

Steve Bing, philanthropist, film producer and prominent Democratic political donor whose producing credits included “The Polar Express” and “Get Carter,” died Monday.

Bing, 55, fell to his death from a high-rise building in Century City, according to a law enforcement source who was not authorized to comment. L.A. County coroner’s spokeswoman Sarah Ardalani said an autopsy conducted Tuesday determined that Bing died of multiple blunt trauma injuries and that the cause of death was suicide.

Known to be media-shy, (Bing) was a Harvard Westlake graduate who inherited a $600-million fortune at the age of 18.

Bing, a major Democratic donor and a friend of President Bill Clinton, went on to Stanford but dropped out in his junior year to pursue filmmaking. Rangy and silver-haired, the 6-foot-4 producer often was seen dressed casually in jeans and gym shoes.

OK, this guy didn’t fall to his death. We will never know what really happened, but since he was a wealthy buddy of Bill Clinton’s we can just imagine that it was something very sinister.

Bush, Roberts Screw us Again

Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts, appointed by president George W. Bush in 2005, has screwed us conservatives again. He sided with the pro-abortionists in an important decision announced on June 29.

Roberts also ruled with the liberals on an important gay-rights case, an immigration case, and in favor of Obamacare in 2012. In short he is the new “swing justice” on the Court. Thanks Bush, you creep.

It’s time to tell the truth about Bush. He was no conservative. His presidency collapsed with the disastrous Iraq War. Bush got into that war since Bush is not and never was a peaceful conservative like Trump is. Bush is and was a militarist and a globalist. So we can thank God that Trump knocked Jeb Bush out of the presidential race in 2016 because Jeb Bush was another open-borders globalist/socialist.

There are two theories about why Roberts seems to be voting more and more liberal. The first is that Roberts adopted two children allegedly without following the proper procedures, and that if he doesn’t toe the liberal line that the Fake News media will blow the story up and have his kids taken away.

The other theory is that Roberts is doing a John McCain, i.e., that Roberts is really a Deep Stater who wants to suck up to the media and the Washington Establishment and make a better legacy for himself by being liberal. We have seen George Bush doing this too in the way that he has sucked up to Obama and Bill Clinton in recent years.

Bush is doing this because he knows that his legacy is a disaster. His presidency ended in the economic collapse of 2008, and that came after the catastrophes of Iraq and Afghanistan. The Iraq war not only led to 4,487 US military deaths and 32,226 injured, many of them severely, but it led to the destruction of the entire nation of Iraq along with the dispersal of its 1.5 million Christian population. Thus Bush is desperate to rewrite his legacy by buddying up to Democrats and the media.

This is why a strong conservative leader like president Trump needs one more Supreme Court justice nomination in order to finally move the Court to the right. Let us pray for the retirement, or otherwise, of either Democrat-appointed justice Ruth Ginsburg (age 87) or Stephen Breyer (age 81).

Trump’s Positive Agenda Will Win

Nikitas3.com has predicted regularly that president Trump will win re-election. I have done so by looking at numbers and trends.

But we also need to look at Trump’s agenda versus that of the Democrats. There is an old adage that you attract more flies with honey than with vinegar, which also means that you attract more voters with a positive vision than with a negative one. As president, Trump offers a positive vision for the future – despite our current woes – and he will easily attract a majority of voters, Nikitas3.com believes.

Nikitas3.com has studied American politics since the 1970s and one of my principal theses is that you win an election by doing two things – you point out your own strengths and your own positive vision for the future; and then you point out your opponent’s weaknesses. You cannot do one without the other.

Hillary Clinton tried beating Donald Trump in 2016 with a negative campaign. It didn’t work. She did not present herself as an optimistic alternative with good ideas, and to make things worse she came across as smug and unlikeable.

Democrats and their Fake News media friends are ignoring my thesis. They have been rhetorically attacking president Trump since the day that he announced his candidacy in June 2015 while at the same time neglecting to offer a positive agenda of their own. They do this since they know that a majority of Americans does not want their agenda like energy scarcity and military weakness.

For instance, president Trump has been very tough on immigration. The Democrat alternative is open borders, which does not compute with a majority of Americans. And in the age of a border-hopping virus, Nikitas3.com believes that even more Americans want the Mexican border sealed.

Democrats just cannot seem to detach themselves from negativity against Trump. There is a reason for this – people who are attracted to the socialist/Democrat agenda are emotional, negative, angry and reactionary people. They cannot help but hate Trump and their emotions are incited by a vengeful, anti-Trump media.

President Trump, on the other hand, is rational and optimistic about America and has a proven record of accomplishments. He improved the economy, is sealing the Mexican border, has strengthened our military, negotiated better trade deals, made us energy independent and has been generally positive about America, for instance in calling out the National Anthem kneelers in the National Football League.

In light of the virus, he has chosen to hope and work for a quick economic rebound, and in light of the recent riots, he has stressed law and order over chaos.

Yet somehow Democrats have impugned him for this positive agenda at every single turn. It is hard to see how Democrats think that this is going to be a winning strategy for the November election.

President Trump has pointed out that cities like Minneapolis, Seattle and New York are dominated without challenge by the Democrat party and are in disastrous condition and that they are moving further and further into leftist chaos with the increasingly radical Democrat party. American cities are increasingly filled with crime, drugs and lawlessness. There is one video of a black who knocks a 92-year old white woman down onto the sidewalk. The black has been arrested 103 times.

This negative image of Democrats and their cities is being projected to voters through these riots, and president Trump is happily highlighting it. If Democrats think that the majority of Americans is on their side then they are going to have a huge shock in November. At the same time, the Democrats are pursuing a negative, anti-American agenda from National Anthem kneelers to ‘green’ energy.

We should remember, for instance, the radical Democrat congresswoman Cortez working actively to stop Amazon from establishing 25,000 jobs in New York City. The majority of Americans saw this as pure folly.

Now we are seeing militant Democrat talking seriously about dismantling police departments in cities across the nation. The mayor of New York City wants a 16% reduction – $1 billion – in the police budget. Is this a positive thing that most Americans embrace?

No, especially with the recent riots in New York and the spike in crime there. One recent poll said that 85% of Americans support the police. And since president Trump is pro-police then he is going to get a huge boost on that issue alone.

Meanwhile the Democrats’ rabid persecution of president Trump has backfired big time. It has been totally negative, while the president is working hard to protect our nation and our economy. Nikitas3.com believes unequivocally that it is the president’s positive message that a clear majority of voters embraces and that millions will give him a “sympathy vote” in November.

The left is literally going crazy. Americans are going to run away from that. What is most important is that president Trump is showing positive leadership while Joe Biden and the Democrats cower with their masks on. America has a clear choice and it will come out in November.

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