US Economy Booms/ Trump Dealt Masterfully with Riots/ Coronavirus = Global Warming

The economy is booming in response to the fading of the virus pandemic. This is happening because the American business community has faith in president Trump after he gave us a strong underlying economy in his first three years in office. This solid economy is being manifested in strong June jobs numbers as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 4.8 million in June, and the unemployment rate declined to 11.1 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. These improvements in the labor market reflected the continued resumption of economic activity that had been curtailed in March and April due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and efforts to contain it. In June, employment in leisure and hospitality rose sharply.
Notable job gains also occurred in retail trade, education and health services, other services, manufacturing, and professional and business services.

4.8 million jobs… Wow. This is great news for president Trump and is the highest monthly increase in history. This number comes even after most states are still in some stage of being locked down, including major states like California, New York, Illinois, Michigan and New Jersey.

This number comes after the naysayers (Democrats and the Fake News media) told us that the economic recovery would not start until late 2020 or maybe 2021 if it ever recovered at all.

They must be awfully disappointed, as they are always disappointed with good news. reported:

The stock market might have traded in a tight range since early June, but that was still enough to produce its best quarterly performance in more than three decades. Despite rising coronavirus cases, investors remain optimistic about not only improving economic data, but also on the belief that early stimulus actions taken by the Fed and the Treasury can bolster the U.S. economy in the second half of the year.

On Tuesday, the last day of the month, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 217.08 points, or 0.9%, to close at 25,812.88. The Blue-chip index closed out the second quarter gaining 18% — its best quarterly performance since rising 21% in the first quarter of 1987.

Meanwhile UPI reported:

The consumer confidence index increased by double-digits in June, as states began reopening their economies after restrictions put in place to address the coronavirus pandemic.

The Conference Board said Tuesday the index jumped to 98.1 up from 85.9 in May. The confidence survey is based on a probability-designed random sample conducted for the organization by Nielsen.

A Dow Jones poll of economists predicted the index would rise to 91.

This is all good news after several months of really bad news. Let us pray that a strong economic rebound undoes as much of the damage as possible. continues to believe that an ongoing economic rebound throughout the Autumn election season will guarantee the re-election of president Trump.

Trump Dealt Masterfully with Riots

President Trump dealt masterfully with the black riots and arson that wracked America in June. The riots and the statue-toppling seem to be burning themselves out, and for good reason since even mass hysteria eventually burns itself out.

Trump did not react to every single thing that happened. He said he would deal severely with the rioters if need be, and after he said that, most of the riots calmed down.

For instance, the CHOP protest zone that was set up in Seattle is finally being dismantled by Seattle police themselves. This is good news, but predicted when it first went up that it would quickly break down under its own weight. And it has. After two murders and other horrible behavior, Seattle officials finally decided to act. compared the CHOP zone to the ‘occupy’ protests of 2011. And they were very much alike in nature – same people, same insanity, same outcome.

When the CHOP zone was set up, president Trump threatened to send in federal troops if the lives of the residents in the overtaken Seattle neighborhoods were being threatened and if there was no response from the mayor or governor of Washington state. But he held back, leaving it up to local officials to deal with the issue since it had not become dire.

This did two important things:

*It allowed local officials to deal with CHOP, rather than the president sending in federal troops, which he could have done under the Insurrection Act of 1807. This made the president look rational and cool, and willing to abide by our laws and our system of government, rather than getting hot-headed and going immediately to the extreme.

*By allowing the CHOP encampment to fester and metastasize, it made Seattle and its mayor look awful and for Trump to look level-headed and commanding in contrast. This mayor was severely embarrassed by the protesters after she called the CHOP zone a possible “Summer of love”. But then when things spiraled out of control – the rioters even came to her house to protest – the mayor was forced to act.

Thus the president has kept his cool throughout this crisis. He has left the response up to local officials, which is the way our country is supposed to operate. The only time he has intervened was in Washington, DC where he called out the National Guard to protect the historical monuments, which he is legally allowed to do. This was not the same as calling out the Army or other US military, which would have been much more controversial.

In short, while the president followed the rules he allowed the crazies to run wild which turned the American public against the rioters and protesters. believes that the number of American voters who shifted from Democrat to Trump over the riots is significant, perhaps a million or more. You can be sure that many urban liberals suddenly became conservatives when they saw their own neighborhoods go up in flames. is acquainted with a far-left Jewish lady who has lived in Seattle for her entire adult life. When I saw her in June 2019, she told me that she was totally disgusted with the horrendous homeless problem in the city. I have wondered what she thinks in July 2020 after CHOP. I am sure that she is vastly more disgusted because I know that she supports law and order. believes that Democrats still don’t understand what has happened, that Democrats still think that America looks favorably on the riots and arson and looting and the de-funding of police. This shows how extreme, and how stupid, Democrats have become.

Chinese Virus = Global Warming

If you want to find parallels between two separate issues you can compare the Chinese virus and ‘global warming’. It is clear that the media and Democrats have taken one side on both issues and conservatives and president Trump have taken the opposite side. Let us look at the ways that this has happened:

Nobody really knows the truth about the virus, or even about how many Americans are really infected or have died. It is all a guessing game. Even faker Dr. Fauci only makes vague generalizations after he was caught making many preposterous statements over his 40-year government career, including recently with the virus.

Meanwhile the same people on the left who have created virus hysteria have done the same for decades with ‘global warming’. They say that the planet is burning up when we have no evidence whatsoever that this is happening and in fact are seeing record cold, like six inches of snow in the mountains of Utah on June 30. These ‘green’ loons refuse to accept that the earth has been heating up and cooling down with no predictable pattern for thousands of years.

The ‘warming’ alarmists claim that they have science on their side, just as Democrats and the media say that they know everything scientific about the virus. Yet if you apply simple common sense to both subjects, you come up with the truth, which is the opposite of what the Democrats are saying.

For instance, there has allegedly been a nationwide virus “spike” around the end of June. Democrats are blaming conservative governors for the spike after they re-opened bars and restaurants in their states, yet we know that the spike could be attributable to more testing; that it happened in Democrat lockdown states too; and that it happened just a few weeks after the riots and protests, which could easily have spread the virus.

Democrats, however, actually supported the protests. They not only did not stop them but they actually urged them on while three ‘lockdown’ governors even participated in the protests.

It got so absurd that one doctor at Johns Hopkins university, which is alleged to be the clearinghouse for virus information like infection and death totals, even said that the protests were a good thing and that people should go out and engage in them. This happened at the same time that the same doctors were urging states to shut down bars, restaurants and barber shops to legitimate and law-abiding patrons.

And while white people who gathered at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in June were castigated nationally for potentially creating a virus ‘hot spot’, a house party in Chicago attended by hundreds of young blacks got no coverage except in the conservative media.

This all shows that the media and Democrats are manipulating the information about the virus just like they are doing the same thing about ‘global warming’. In other words, they are very selective about what they consider to be dangerous, like reporting instances of very hot weather but ignoring myriad instances of very cold weather.

The media have simply portrayed the virus as the most dangerous thing ever, just as they have proclaimed ‘warming’ to be. Yet we conservatives know that ‘warming’ is a hoax while we also know that the reaction to the virus has been vastly overblown and has done tremendous damage to the economy and thus is harming many more people than the virus itself.

The media told us that the virus was going to be around forever when in fact it is dissipating already. This is just like warming alarmist Al Gore telling us that the climate is “changing” irrevocably and that sea levels are going to rise 17 feet, when they have not risen at all.

Now the ‘virus alarmists’ are demanding that we all wear masks, just like the ‘green’ alarmists tell us that we must do what they want like putting solar panels on our houses, i.e., we must do what THEY say. That crazy Fauci even has reversed himself on masks, once saying that they are dangerous and now saying that we must wear them. What a kook.

In other words, everything is extreme to the ‘warming’ alarmists and the ‘virus’ alarmists too. They both have sought to exploit these “crises” to control us with fear and anxiety.

Just look at how the media and Democrats have used the virus crisis to dispirit us, ruin the economy and lock us in our homes. They have wrecked the entire Summer of 2020 by canceling outdoor arts events, sporting events, rock concerts, country fairs, etc. It is shameful. Then the same people have lectured us for decades about the environment – that we are bad people if we drive our cars, eat meat, go on vacation, live in a nice home, use a barbecue, etc. In other words, us ‘regular folks’ are always targets for the lunatics on the left when we are simply enjoying the fruits of our labor and of our wonderful nation.

Toledo City Council Members Arrested for Bribery reported about four black city council members in Toledo, Ohio. They are all Democrats:

The FBI on Tuesday arrested a local attorney and four members of the city council in Toledo, Ohio, for their alleged participation in a bribery and extortion scheme.

a close up of a sign: Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking on© Provided by FOX News Fox News Flash top headlines are here. Check out what’s clicking on
Tyrone Riley, Yvonne Harper, Garrick “Gary” Johnson, Larry Sykes and Keith Mitchell were charged with bribery and extortion in a federal criminal complaint after a two-year investigation, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“As alleged in the Complaint, four Toledo City Council members and a local attorney have been engaged in a pay-to-play scheme involving bribes for Council votes,” U.S. Attorney Justin Herdman said in a statement to Fox News Wednesday. “Maintaining the public’s trust in its elected officials is one of the Department of Justice’s core responsibilities.”

The FBI started its investigation into the Toledo City Council members in 2018 for allegedly soliciting or accepting money or other things of value from local businesses in exchange for their votes.

Harper reportedly solicited nearly $16,000, the largest sum out of the council members. She also faces charges of unlawful interstate communications with the intent to extort.

The bribes were allegedly paid through Mitchell, the attorney who reportedly oversaw the distribution of funds.

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