Good Economic Signs/ Fake Polls Show Biden Beating Trump traveled through Upstate New York on July 3. That area has been in serious economic decline for decades and was hard-hit by the stringent lockdown by New York state governor Andrew Cuomo.

That part of the state is now opening up and on my drive I saw many Help Wanted signs next to the highway. So there is increasing good news out there. We saw it in the June jobs numbers and it should continue throughout the Summer and Autumn. predicts 7 million new jobs in July versus 4.8 million reported in June.

Fake Polls Show Biden Winning

In Summer 2014 the Fake News media reported breathlessly that two prominent and long-serving Republican US senators – Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Pat Roberts of Kansas – were in danger of losing their seats in the November election.

It was all fake news; there was no reason to believe that that was going to happen and both McConnell and Roberts won re-election easily. But the Fake News media plant these fake stories in one form or another in every election cycle in order to try to make voters think that Democrats are going to win.

It is hard to say how exactly this is done – whether they exchange emails or communicate in some other way to put these stories out. believes that one of the major outlets like the New York Times simply publishes the story and then all of the rest of the fakers know that they should pick it up. The story then takes on a life of its own.

Here is Politico recently reporting bad news about president Trump:

As recently as one month ago, Donald Trump was merely losing. Now he is flailing, trudging into the Independence Day weekend at the nadir of his presidency, trailing by double digits in recent polls and in danger of dragging the Republican Senate down with him.

Yeah, right… just like the same people said about Trump in 2016. Here is reporting:

After weeks of protests against police brutality and racism, and amid a renewed spike in coronavirus cases, the number of voters disapproving of the job President Trump is doing is at an all-time high, a new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds.

Trump’s approval rating sits at just 40% overall, while a record 58% disapprove.

What’s more, a whopping 49% of voters “strongly disapprove” of the job Trump is doing. That kind of intensity of disapproval is a record never before seen for this president or any past one.

So this is an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll. That’s two media companies and a university. It is thus no surprise that it shows Trump in a bad light.

It is important to remember that most polls like NBC, CBS, NPR, CNN, New York Times, etc. are “media polls”. They are not intended to be accurate. They are conducted by anti-Trump media companies and are intended to produce a result in favor of Democrats that the media can then talk about for days. These polls can be manipulated in two major ways:

*Most polls have a few paragraphs at the end about whom they polled. And often it says something like “we polled 55% Democrats and 45% Republicans”. So obviously that is going to tilt the poll to Democrats.

*A poll can be shifted by the way that the pollster asks a question or suggests an answer. For instance, if the poll asks, “Do you think that president Trump is going to be re-elected after he has gotten strong approval numbers on the economy?” you are going to get a totally different response than if you ask, “Considering the major economic slowdown under the Chinese virus, do you think that president Trump is going to be re-elected?”

For decades the media, Democrat politicians and pollsters have been colluding like this with totally negative stories about Republicans. Look at this from about the 1988 presidential contest between Democrat Massachusetts governor Michael Dukakis and sitting Republican vice president George HW Bush:

On July 26, 1988, the Gallup Poll had Massachusetts Democratic Gov. Michael Dukakis with a 17-point lead over Republican Vice President George H.W. Bush (41) in the race for the White House.

That was before (Dukakis) donned a military helmet and looked absolutely ridiculous riding in a tank in September. That was also before Dukakis gave a cold, clinical, dispassionate answer when CNN moderator Bernard Shaw asked him if he would support the death penalty for any man who raped and murdered his wife, Kitty.

“No, I don’t, Bernard,” Dukakis said. “And I think you know that I’ve opposed the death penalty during all of my life.”

He was done. “President” Dukakis, who looked like a shoo-in for the White House in the summer of 1988, lost 40 states to Bush who won 426 electoral votes and walloped Dukakis by 7 million votes nationwide despite being down in the polls by 17 points four months previous.

We may be seeing a repeat of the 1988 campaign in 2020. Democratic nominee Joe Biden is way ahead in many national polls and his supporters are already measuring for new drapes in the Oval Office.

Yes, and his supporters know that Biden is a horrible candidate who is suffering from dementia and who is going to lose, but that does not stop them from juicing their polls and all of their news about Biden. Here’s another Fake News story about the 1980 presidential election:

In a Gallup poll released on October 26, 1980, two weeks before the election, incumbent Democrat president Jimmy Carter was leading challenger Ronald Reagan 47 – 39. Reagan then won in such a landslide that Carter conceded before polls in California even closed. Reagan won 489 electoral votes (91%) to 49 for Carter. Reagan beat Carter by 10 points in the popular vote. So that means that the Gallup poll was off by 18 points(!)

In the Summer of 1980, Reagan was being portrayed by the media as a joke who was behind Carter by 20 points, just like Trump was reported to be way behind Hillary in Summer 2016. YouTube clips of every Fake News media commentator show them dismissing Trump from the day he announced his candidacy in June 2015 until the morning of November 9, 2016 when his victory was confirmed. Here is Newsweek reporting one week before the 2016 election:

A new Gallup survey released on Tuesday found that 32 percent of respondents think that Trump possesses the personality and leadership qualities necessary for someone to be president, compared to 51 percent for Clinton. “Voters rate Trump worse than any other presidential candidate in Gallup’s records on having the personality and leadership qualities a president should have,” said Gallup. The organization first polled on this question in the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and George W. Bush, who both got significantly better numbers—59 percent and 57 percent, respectively—than Trump.

Meanwhile many anti-Trump media “experts” have gone down the drain along with Hillary, including an alleged conservative like Bill Kristol, who hates Trump. Kristol’s allegedly conservative publication The Weekly Standard closed in December 2018. In short, there is a new conservative movement in America and it is headed up by president Trump and his family. And they are a big and competent family that is going to be around for decades in comparison to the failed Kennedy dynasty and failed Bush dynasty.

Here is the website FiveThirtyEight, an operation that is (or was) revered by Democrats, reporting on October 20, 2016, after the final presidential debate between Hillary and Donald Trump:

There are less than three weeks left in the (presidential) campaign, and there are no more guaranteed opportunities for Trump or Clinton to command a huge public audience, as they do at the conventions and the debates (although, they’ll get plenty of attention, of course). Millions of people have already voted. Trump has had a significant advertising deficit, and an even more significant deficit in terms of his turnout operation. He’ll probably spend a significant chunk of the remaining news cycles quarreling over his contention that the election is rigged, and with the numerous women who have accused him of sexual assault. He doesn’t have an obvious — or even a not-so-obvious — path to the presidency.

Trump went on to win 57% of the electoral votes, which is considered a landslide victory in political parlance. Nate Silver, founder of FiveThirtyEight said at one point that Hillary had a 92% chance of winning the election. Larry Sabato, another revered election “expert”, predicted just a few days before election day 2016 that Hillary would win 325 electoral votes (61%), yet in the end Trump won 304.

So now we have polls showing that Trump is going to lose in a landslide to Joe Biden. And you should never believe any of them., who first predicted way back in 2011 that Trump would be elected president, continues to predict that Trump is going to win re-election in November, probably in a landslide.

It is also important to remember that Biden has a history of gaffes and of losing elections – he has run for president twice before and lost in the primaries both times – while Trump has a reputation as a winner and a political magician who constantly confounds conventional wisdom. These personal factors must be considered.

For instance, before the 2016 election, all of the political “experts” were warning that Trump would lose and bring down the whole Republican party with him. Yet he won the White House and Republicans maintained control of both the US House and Senate. They still hold the Senate today and probably will hold control of the Senate after the November election as well. Republicans also will take back majority control of the House in November, predicts.

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