China is Collapsing/ ‘Greenies’ Ruin US Economy, Environment

Communist China is being hammered by a series of events that are bringing the country down. First, June brought historic floods – these floods are like nothing you have ever seen before – that reportedly are covering 70% of the country. These floods are continuing in July. And we know that the Chinese government is certainly doing everything in its power to cover up the extent of the damage. calculates the damage to be at least $100 billion and probably much more.

Expectedly the floods debunk the myth of ‘global warming’. The floods are a result of record rainfall since early June. We also know that China has suffered extraordinarily cold weather in the same period, including snow and hail storms. And we also know that rain is a result of cooling, not warming. When the air is cool, it cannot hold moisture and it sheds moisture as rain. Warm air holds moisture much more effectively.

These floods are doing enormous damage to China’s economy. Hundreds of millions of people ultimately may be threatened and major cities are seeing flooding in their streets, including Wuhan, where the virus originated. Many towns and villages have reportedly been washed away and we can assume that factories, mines, power plants, railroads, roads and bridges are being affected.

Even the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest dam, may be in danger of failing. Satellite images show that the dam is no longer straight, as built. It could have been shifted by earthquakes and reportedly suffers from substandard construction under the corrupt Chinese communist government. This poor construction is reportedly being undermined by the power of the flood waters behind the dam.

These floods are no surprise. China has suffered flooding for thousands of years, and its geography is the reason why. China is covered by steep mountains that funnel rain into narrow valleys where the floods intensify and magnify in power.

But the flooding is only one part of the curse that seems to be striking evil China these days. There also is international anger over the coronavirus, the continually resurging virus within China, a plague of up to 200 trillion locusts devouring Chinese crops, and then there is even reported to be a bubonic plague outbreak in neighboring Mongolia. This is the same plague that wiped out half of the European population in the 14th century. That plague came from China to Europe with fleas that nested in the fur of rats that traveled between the two regions in cargo shipments.

To make matters worse, communist China is also in the midst of an economic crisis. Its economy had suffered a major downturn even before the coronavirus hit. That slowdown came from president Trump’s trade sanctions on China, and things are suddenly getting worse with the coronavirus and the floods. reported on May 27, 2020:

The official National Bureau of Statistics reported that gross domestic product contracted 6.8 percent year-on-year during the first quarter of this year, the first announced decline since Beijing began issuing quarterly GDP statistics in 1992. Many assessments, including the widely followed China Beige Book, pegged the contraction at about 10 percent.

After decades in which China took advantage of the world trading system to enrich itself – China has the world’s second largest national economy at $12 trillion annual GDP while the US is #1 with $22 trillion – president Trump’s trade war with China is having a devastating effect on the Chinese economy.

For decades China simply did whatever it wanted to rip off the world. They manipulated their currency to their advantage, ‘dumped’ products at low prices on world markets, ignored pollution laws, exploited their own people for cheap labor and stole massive amounts of Western technology. witnessed this personally. Back in the 1990s an acquaintance of mine had a high-tech factory with the most modern machine tools. He met a “waiter” from China in a local restaurant and befriended the “waiter”. The “waiter” was the son of a communist party official who was sent to the US on a mission. He tried to convince my acquaintance to move his factory to China, which he ultimately declined to do, after two trips to China. But this is how China has sought to steal as much technology as possible from the West.

Meanwhile hundreds of Chinese in the US have been arrested on charges of industrial espionage. They work at American companies and universities and are stealing as much technology as they can. All Chinese in the US are communist spies. Communist party members and their families are the only people allowed to travel outside China.

This all appears to be coming to a head with president Trump’s tough trade war on China in addition to floods, locusts and a plague.

Is this divine retribution for evil China’s communist government thinking that it could take over the world through lies, theft and deception? believes so. To make matters worse, China is suffering a massive international backlash over the coronavirus. recommends the following retaliation from the world to bring down China:

*Countries that owe money to China for infrastructure projects should simply halt repayment. China has embarked on what is called the Belt and Road Initiative in which it helped poor countries by building roads, railroads, dams, ports and other big infrastructure projects. These countries have become heavily indebted to China. But they should simply refuse repayment in retaliation for the coronavirus. (Note: Many of the projects are substandard anyway, and the Chinese took the virus to those countries.)

*Chinese nationals should be expelled from all nations, including the US. They are all communist spies.

*The US should halt repayment of more than $1 trillion in US debt that China holds.

*The US should seize all Chinese assets in the US. China is said to own interests in, or to own outright, 2,400 US companies. They should all be seized and sold off, along with all Chinese-owned real estate, land and other assets.

*All nations should refuse to trade with China any longer.

*Travel to and from China from the rest of the world should be ended.

These steps combined and applied globally will destroy the evil communist regime in China, which was planning to take over the world. It no longer appears that it will be able to do so, which is very good news for us all.

‘Greenies’ Seek to Ruin US Economy

The very first ‘earth day’ was April 22, 1970. It allegedly was a celebration of the environment but that is a feint. That date happened to have been the 100th anniversary, to the day, of the birth of genocidal communist dictator Vladimir Lenin in Russia on April 22, 1870.

This is not a coincidence. Environmentalism is not about the environment. It is a communist movement to destroy the Western capitalist economies.

We have seen this over and over and over. For instance, ‘greenies’ have told us for decades that solar energy and wind power are “free” energy. This is false. Solar and wind are extremely expensive and inefficient energy sources that are leading us into “energy poverty” and “energy scarcity” by restricting the energy supply.

The ‘greenies’ claim that solar and wind are “clean” energy sources. But windmills blight the landscape, as do solar panels. If you ever have seen a beautiful rural meadow covered in black solar panels, you get the idea. If you have seen a lovely mountaintop desecrated by windmills, you get the idea.

Now we have another example of how the ‘greenies’ are seeking to destroy our economy. A federal judge, appointed by Obama, ordered the shutdown of the Dakota Access Pipeline even though it has been operating for three years.

The judge ruled that the pipeline needs further environmental review. This is a way to delay or stop the pipeline from operating since government reviews can drag on for years. This shutdown is going to do great harm to the economy of several Midwestern states and will drive up energy costs.

The Dakota Access Pipeline carried more than 500,000 barrels of oil per day, representing roughly 40% of North Dakota’s daily capacity, before the Chinese virus pandemic hit. The DAP carried crude oil from North Dakota to connect up with another major pipeline in Illinois.

Of course we know that these ‘greenies’ really represent the destruction of the US oil and natural gas industries, using the courts to do so. Let us hope that the Supreme Court overturns this federal court decision very soon.

And just to show how environmentalism really works, there were months of protests against the DAP including a major protest encampment near the site of the pipeline. When president Trump finally had the pipeline approved in 2017, the ‘greenies’ left the encampment in a typical leftist shambles. The Washington Times reported:

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers wrapped up its $1.1 million cleanup of the Dakota Access pipeline protest camps on federal land in North Dakota, hauling away 835 dumpsters of remaining trash and debris. The site, once occupied by thousands of environmental demonstrators, is now vacant.

The federal cleanup at the last of the three camps, Sacred Stone, was declared finished Thursday.

A Florida sanitation company completed work that began Feb. 23 to hasten the massive restoration project started in late January by the Standing Rock Sioux.

Meanwhile, a local animal shelter rescued four more dogs found at the North Dakota encampment, bringing the total number of dogs found after the last of the protesters evacuated to 12.

The tribe, aided by state and local agencies as well as some protest volunteers, launched the cleanup over concerns that snowmelt would inevitably wash tons of garbage and waste left by protesters into the Cannonball River.

Corps Capt. Ryan Hignight said a total of 8,170 cubic yards of debris was removed from the three camps — Sacred Stone, Oceti Sakowin and Rosebud — all within the flood plain on federally managed land.

“In total, there were 835 roll-off dumpsters of trash and debris removed from the three camps together,” Capt. Hignight said in an email.

Some items, including propane tanks and lumber, were set aside for recycling, The Associated Press reported.

The crew cleaned up only garbage on federal land. Sacred Stone, where 2,160 cubic yards of debris were removed, is partially on tribal land.

“I am unable to confirm if the camp not located on corps-managed land is clean,” said Capt. Hignight.

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