Chinese Virus Fraud Continues to be Exposed

From the start of the Chinese virus crisis, the Fake News media have been extraordinarily and intentionally negligent in their reporting. With no real knowledge of the virus, the media have reported this “fact” and that “fact”. Yet most of that reporting was unconfirmed or outright false.

And if you think about the way that the same media have reported for decades on ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’ then you get the idea. Their reporting has been almost always false and full of misrepresentations. They have claimed, for instance, that sea levels are rising, but they are not rising. Or if you think about how the same media reported scrupulously and obsessively for two years that president Trump colluded with Russia – which was proven 100% false – then you see who these media skunks really are. recommends that you decline to believe a single word reported in the Fake News media on any subject whatsoever unless you have verified it elsewhere.

We know that virus death totals have been being “spiked” in order to make the crisis look much worse than it is and to harm president Trump. And indeed the virus is somewhat dangerous, but largely to elderly people with pre-existing health conditions who make up the overwhelming majority of deaths.

For instance, the brother of 2020 presidential aspirant Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren, a gentleman named Don Reid, died at age 86. He was listed as a virus death yet he had cancer and was in a hospice, i.e., close to death already. He then allegedly contracted the virus and died and was deemed a virus death.

But there is a big difference between dying OF the virus and dying WITH the virus. The Fake News media make no distinction whatsoever. Meanwhile it is being reported that deaths with no connection at all to the virus, like a heart attack death, are being reported as virus deaths. With a total of 132,009 US virus deaths reported as of July 8, would calculate that the real number is 50,000 and that the number of deaths among young or younger people (under age 45) without pre-existing conditions is very small, probably a few hundred or a few thousand. Many of these deaths are probably among health-care workers who were heavily exposed to the virus.

We know that the virus has swept through nursing homes, killing tens of thousands, but has left young people virtually unscathed. And we know that ultra-liberal governor Andrew Cuomo in New York state ordered nursing homes to accept infected patients, spreading the disease rapidly and killing more than 6,000 New Yorkers.

We know that Dr. Fauci, of Trump’s virus task force, has been repeatedly wrong and has made contradictory statements, even going so far as to say in January that the virus was harmless and then saying in March that it was a serious threat.

Yet Fauci is one of America’s top epidemiologists… Amazing. Fauci is the fraudster who said in the 1980s that AIDS was going to “break out” into the heterosexual population and kill millions. It never happened yet he never lost his job for being spectacularly wrong. And that shows how government bureaucrats like Fauci continue to thrive and prosper despite massive dereliction of duty.

Now we see the Fake News media focusing obsessively about increases in virus infections in two states – Florida and Texas. These are not deaths but infections, which the media want you to forget that there is a distinction. The media are using the numbers to frighten us and to smear the conservative governors of those states who opened up their states early and have refused to take the virus as seriously as Democrat governors who have shut down their economies.

But we are seeing increases in infections in these states for one simple reason – because we are doing more testing and thus large states like Florida and Texas are going to see some of the largest numbers of infections as testing increases. Yet at the same time, deaths from the virus are plummeting nationwide.

Meanwhile the same Fake News media mention only in passing the big increase in infections in California, which has a left-wing governor who has kept his state locked down.

At the same time, the media demand that restaurants and bars be shut down while ignoring the real cause for a nationwide increase in cases – the riots and protests that the media uttered not a peep about as dangerous ways to spread the virus. In fact the mayor of Atlanta was found to have the virus just a short time after she participated in a Black Lives Matter rally. This fact is not being reported in most of the major Fake News media.

The graph about virus deaths shows that number sinking rapidly since April. Look at this from Breitbart News:

Coronavirus-linked deaths across the U.S. continued on a downward trend as of Monday afternoon (July 6), even after the country hit historic levels in the number of new (infections) late last week, a Breitbart News analysis of the seven-day average of fatalities showed.

Health experts have warned about the lag between infection identification and death that could take weeks or more, which means the fatalities could increase down the road. The current spike in the number of cases intensified almost three weeks ago around mid-June.

OK, so deaths are decreasing rapidly, but we are not supposed to let that good news interfere with the media narrative that infections are increasing in a few places.

Then notice where it says, “The current spike in the number of cases intensified almost three weeks ago around mid-June”. And then notice that mid-June is just a few weeks after the riots and protests. The link is obvious – the riots and protests spread the virus but the media will ignore that fact. At the same time, well-meaning and law-abiding Americans who go out for dinner or a drink are being blamed for the the increase in infections as Summer concerts, arts events and country fairs are shut down. This is all a great travesty. Breitbart continued:

A moving average of cases and deaths reported each day provides a clearer picture of the COVID-19 (coronavirus disease) pandemic because the daily numbers tend to fluctuate.

As of Monday, the seven-day average of deaths in the United States continued to plunge, according to data maintained by the COVID-Tracking Project, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington,, Worldometer, and even the New York Times.

Last Sunday (July 5), the U.S. recorded a historically low single-day number of fatalities (over 200), below any other day since late March, data from the COVID-Tracking Project showed, echoing figures by Worldometer.

And this, friends, is why the media are reporting obsessively about every single new person who is reported to be infected with the virus, like a celebrity or the members of a baseball team. It is to distract us from the fact that up to 99% or more of those infected people recover perfectly well and that death numbers have fallen through the floor since April.

Update: Faker Fauci said that it is a “false narrative” to put too much stock into the dramatically lower death rate. This guy is a sicko. called for Trump to fire Fauci back in March. was correct again.

This virus is so new and unknown that even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has stated that there may be 30 million infections in the US, not the 3 million reported as of July 8. In other words, nobody really knows what is going on and the virus seems to be much less dangerous than we think.

Naturally the Fake News media continue to refuse to report the word “China” in any of their reporting, in order to seek to cover up the virus’ origin. Worse, the media refuse to investigate where exactly in China the virus came from (when it certainly came from the Wuhan virology lab); how it was released to the world (it was released intentionally by China which allowed tens of thousands of Chinese from the infected area to travel all over the world); or the source of the virus in the US (which was New York City where the outbreak was fed by Democrat politicians giving out false information).

These people in New York City then spread the virus all over the country through their travels. How did a tiny church in rural Greers Ferry, Arkansas end up with its outbreak way back in March? Good question.

It is then important to look at the massive economic damage that the virus has done. This damage has been self-inflicted by shutting down the economy unnecessarily which has caused permanent harm to tens of millions of Americans, particularly in liberal states like Michigan and New York.

Do Democrats care? Are you kidding? This is what they want. They want economic pain to hurt the president, no matter who gets ruined. At the same time, the same Democrats are silent when black rioters burn and loot our cities, and spread the virus too.

We should have protected the elderly and sick and allowed the rest of America to go about its daily business, with precautions like social distancing. Instead we went the other way, killed tens of thousands of elderly people and ruined the economy. It is all shocking.

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