Trusted Study Predicts Trump Win/ Virus Fades, Liberals Panic

A statistical model that has correctly forecast virtually every presidential winner since 1912 has predicted that president Trump has a 91% chance of winning the November election. has predicted many times that Trump will win in November, probably in a landslide, while the polls showing Biden winning are the same polls that have been wrong for decades. For instance they said that Hillary Clinton was going to win an overwhelming victory in 2016 and that Republican challenger Ronald Reagan could never defeat incumbent president Jimmy Carter in 1980, whom Reagan went on to beat in a landslide.

The Primary Model statistical study correctly predicted Trump’s win nine months before the 2016 election based on Trump’s primary vote totals. It now forecasts that Trump will win by an even wider margin in 2020 with 362 electoral votes (67% of the total) versus the 304 (57%) that he earned against Hillary Clinton.

This prediction is based on the the astronomical primary vote totals that Trump accumulated in 2020 even though he was the incumbent and had virtually no challenger. These totals demonstrated voter “enthusiasm” for Trump, and “enthusiasm” is a known factor in winning elections.

As Virus Fades, Mask Wearers Warn Us Sternly

As the death toll for the Chinese virus drops dramatically with the Summer weather, as predicted, and as the country opens up again, the virus fanatics are panicking and are stepping up their warnings about masks.

Joe Biden has been campaigning in a black mask, making him look sinister and weak. predicts that the image of Biden in the mask is going to be very damaging to Biden in the election. also predicts that Biden will wear the mask until the November election as it will be considered politically-correct by the Democrats to do so.

President Trump, on the other hand, has not been seen in public with a mask.

Democrats are proposing that all Americans be required to wear masks precisely as death numbers from the virus plummet. Liberals do this as a way to control us all and to make us feel weak and afraid. believes that the worst of the virus has passed us, and that the virus was nowhere near as bad as the Democrats/media made it seem with most deaths preventable and generally limited to elderly people who already were sick.

For instance, grocery stores, Walmarts and Home Depots have stayed open during the crisis, yet we have not seen any huge death toll among workers at grocery stores, Walmart or Home Depot. If there were a big death toll, it would be all over the alarmist media.

At the same time, the effectiveness of masks has never been proven; there is much disagreement about whether they work at all while the pro-maskers ignore the negative aspects of masks – that masks reduce a wearer’s oxygen intake; that masks trap the carbon dioxide that we expel with every breath and thus wearers breathe some of it back in, robbing us further of oxygen; and that masks trap germs that wearers normally would expel from their bodies with every breath, and thus force them to re-inhale some of those germs.

In other words, believes that masks are a bad idea just as I have said that the quarantines are a bad idea and are having a vastly worse effect that the virus itself.

But these inconvenient truths do not seem to have much effect on the virus maniacs who want to control every aspect of our lives just as the same people want to do with ‘global warming’. Breitbart News reported about the TV “science guy” Bill Nye, who also is a radical “global warming” alarmist:

Netflix host “Science Guy” Bill Nye shared a video warning that wearing masks is “literally a matter of life and death.”

“So the reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure,” said Nye. “But the main reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect me from you, and the particles from your respiratory system from getting into my respiratory system.”

“Everybody, this is a matter literally of life and death,” he insisted. “And when I use the word literally I mean literally a matter of life and death. So when you’re out in public, please wear a mask.”

Nye is not the only celebrity to lecture the public with doomsday rhetoric about the need to cover up.

On the Fourth of July, actor Matthew McConaughey suggested in order to see America’s next birthday, everyone needs to “wear the damn mask.”

“We individually make these changes, that’s how we make a collective change,” said McConaughey. “That’s how we get to next year’s birthday and birthdays beyond that.”

Last week, actor Tom Hanks proclaimed anyone who refuses to wear a mask is a “pussy,” adding, “shame on you” to anyone who doesn’t cover up.

“Those things are so simple, so easy, if anybody cannot find it in themselves to practice those three very basic things — I just think shame on you,” said Hanks. “Don’t be a pussy, get on with it, do your part.”

Actually, people who wear masks are the real “pussies”. They are afraid of everything – the virus, ‘global warming’, guns, cars, rising sea levels, Trump, fast food, white people, police officers, even power lines, which they have claimed for decades cause cancer (they don’t).

It is impossible for us conservatives to imagine being so frightened. This is why conservatives don’t wear masks and oppose their use; because we conservatives are bold people who don’t live our lives in fear of every little thing. We also don’t want to look like fools and weaklings, which the mask wearers look like.

And of course the wearing of masks gives leftists the opportunity to play police. There are many videos of mask fanatics shouting at people without masks. The latest example was a schoolteacher in Illinois who spit into a man’s face when he removed his mask as he was leaving a store. Apparently he was not quite out the door when the woman attacked him.

Perhaps you have noticed the Fake News media’s obsessive reporting on virus “cases” (infections) as the death toll falls. This is being reported so as to keep the virus story alive in the public mind and to dispirit us. Yet ‘cases’ are rising in many places simply because more testing is getting done.

Naturally the Fake News media won’t report that most of the new “cases” are mild or have no symptoms at all, as up to 95% or more of infections appear to be harmless. These media skunks also refuse to report that there are many new infections in a heavily-locked-down state like California as there are anywhere else after we have been told that the quarantines are the only way to end the crisis.

Warning: Do not believe anything you read in the media about the virus. You should verify any information you hear against several different sources, including conservative ones.

There also has been heavy coverage of the Chinese virus as it has affected Brazil, which has a Trump-like president whom the global media hate. That leader, Jair Bolsonaro, even caught the virus, but he is fine and is smiling about it.

Leftist Judge Thinks that Law Does Not Matter

A left-wing black judge named Emmet Sullivan is refusing to dismiss the case against Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn even after he was ordered to do so by a federal appeals court. Sullivan is trying to drag the case out as long as he can. National Review reports:

The presiding judge in the case of former national-security adviser Michael Flynn refused to dismiss the case on Thursday, even after a federal appeals court ordered the judge to do so.

U.S. District Court judge Emmet Sullivan issued a petition for an “en banc” hearing of the case before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. If accepted, the case would be reargued for all the judges on the appeals court.

Flynn’s legal team had petitioned the appeals court to force Sullivan to drop the case, after the Justice Department announced it would cease prosecuting Flynn. A three-judge panel on the appeals court agreed that the case should be dropped.

In other words, people on the left think that the law is theirs to decide. Just as big-city mayors are allowing rioters and looters to run free and escape prosecution, this judge now says that the decision of a federal court somehow does not apply to him.

This is how nations sink into tyranny. Any nation that embraces liberty also embraces the rule of law. The nation must abide by the laws as approved by the people. It cannot pick and choose which laws to enforce and which to ignore; that would be the essence of tyranny.

But this is the modern-day Democrat party. It is the increasingly radical party of lawlessness, despair and failure. If you go into the black urban neighborhoods with the highest rates of crime, violence and poverty, you will see the highest percentage of votes for Democrats, up to 99%.

It is important to remember that the prosecution and persecution of general Flynn was part of the plot to bring down president Trump over the Russia collusion hoax. Since it all has failed, people on the left, including Sullivan, must hang on to any shred of hope that they might have to harm the president.

Another Book is Aimed at Bringing Down Trump (yawn…)

President Trump’s niece has written a book about the Trump family that portrays the president in a very bad light. Obviously this female is out to make money on the book, which predicts will fail, just like all of the other books that were supposed to bring down Trump also failed.

Mary Trump alleges in her book that Donald Trump’s sister called him “a clown” yet she offers no proof that she said it. The book also alleges that Donald Trump paid a friend to take a college admissions SAT test for him more than 50 years ago. But that would have been impossible since the man who was alleged to have taken the test was not even acquainted with Trump until they both were already in college.

Pam Shriver, a former US tennis star, who was married to the man who allegedly took the test, has denied that the payoff ever happened and defended her late husband as a man of honor who would never do such a thing. She said:

“My late husband Joe Shapiro passed away 21 years ago. He was a man of great integrity, honesty; he was a hard worker. He was literally the smartest person I ever met. He went to University of Pennsylvania, member of the class of 1968. It was while he was at University of Pennsylvania where he met Donald Trump. They became friends; they loved the sport of golf. They shared the same hometown of New York City; they shared the same campus. They stayed in a little bit of touch through the years.”

She continued: “But obviously Joe’s not here to defend himself and say what happened, but I just want to recollect what he told me about where he met Mr. Trump. And I want to thank all of Joe’s close friends and his sister Beth for our talks in the past 24 hours about what an upstanding, outstanding man Joe Shapiro was.”

The White House said the “absurd SAT allegation is completely false” and denounced the book as full of “falsehoods.” In other words, this book is just like all of the other books that were supposed to bring down the president by people like Michael Wolf and fired White House intern Omarosa Manigault.

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