‘Black Swan’ Riots, Virus Perfectly Timed for Trump Re-election

One year before every presidential election we hear a wise old adage that “the events that will decide the election have not happened yet”. This means that the events that will affect the election most strongly are likely to happen just before the election, or even a few months out.

While this is not always significantly true in every election cycle, none of us would have guessed in Autumn 2019 that we would have two such ‘black swan’ events coinciding – the Chinese virus and the riots in some American cities.

Nikitas3.com believes that the timing of both of these events is going to greatly benefit president Trump’s re-election, which Nikitas3.com was predicting long before the riots or the virus.

China-loving Democrats are trying desperately to blame the virus on president Trump. They also are trying to ignore the fact that China unleashed the virus on the world and that president Trump probably saved one million American lives by halting travel to and from China on January 31, significantly cutting the inflow of infected people to the US.

Trump already is touting his bold travel ban while at the same time Democrats called him “racist” and “xenophobic” for imposing it. But Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is going to greatly benefit from imposing this ban and from the ban on European travel after that source of the virus was discovered.

Nikitas3.com conjectures that if Hillary Clinton had been elected in 2016 that she never would have imposed the travel ban and that we would have a massive virus crisis on our hands with no end in sight. Nikitas3.com also predicts that if elected president in November that Joe Biden would do everything in his power to patch up relations with China and ignore it as the source of the virus.

At the same time, we have seen endless media manipulation of the virus numbers to make it look worse that it is. This is all part of the Fake News media plot to harm the president, but it will not work. The vast majority of the American public does not blame the president for the virus while there is increasing skepticism about the severity of the virus.

On the other hand, increasing numbers of of Americans see the virus quarantines, which were imposed largely by Washington, DC bureaucrat Dr. Anthony Fauci and Democrat governors, as being economically destructive to tens of millions of people who live in low-infection areas and who could have dealt with the virus in other ways.

The imposition of draconian lockdowns by Democrat governors in crucial electoral states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Virginia and Michigan are going to help Trump’s re-election significantly, Nikitas3.com believes.

Also in Trump’s favor, he has been warning us about China for 20 years. And that too is going to help his re-election. He is going to constantly tout the warnings that he issued about the Chinese ripping us off economically, and the tough economic actions that he has taken on China, as in tariffs on China trade. Add the virus on top, and Trump will make a strong case for his re-election on the issue of China alone.

Trump even recently closed the Chinese consulate in Houston, which was believed to have been a hotbed of Chinese spying on US industries and universities. No Democrat ever would have done this and it is going to be seen by a clear majority of Americans as a bold move to protect us from Chinese espionage. Nikitas3.com believes that Trump is on the path to much more severe actions against Chinese nationals in the US, perhaps even mass arrests of spies and expulsions of Chinese operating in our universities and in our industries.

This strategy is going to prove highly effective during the Fall election campaign, which is coming up fast. Meanwhile we know that Trump is going to tie Joe Biden to China through his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt ties to a fake hedge fund that got $1.5 billion in investment from the Bank of China, which is really from the Chinese government. This was effectively a payoff to Joe Biden, done back when he was vice president.

All in all, Nikitas3.com believes that the virus, and the other issues related to China, will not harm Trump at all but will greatly boost his re-election.

The second “black swan event” (an unforeseen event with major consequences) that is going to usher the president back for a second term is the riots that are wracking US cities. While there may have been a brief span of a few days in which anti-police sentiment spiked over the death of black career criminal George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer, that sentiment went up in smoke with the riots that swept the USA and that continue to plague some cities to this day.

If these riots continue into the election season, which Nikitas3.com expects, then they are going to boost Trump’s law-and-order image as he threatens to send more federal agents into cities. These agents are quietly arresting many people for their criminal behavior and arrests are going to increase in the coming weeks and months.

President Trump is fearlessly denouncing the riots in “Democrat-run cities”. This is a very effective strategy at a time when Americans are frightened by these mob actions. Not only is the president going to benefit from pointing out that the cities are run by Democrats, but that these Democrats are intentionally allowing the cities to burn by restraining the police.

Yet virtually no American would have believed just a few months ago that such a thing could happen.

Put together, these two ‘black swan’ events – the virus and the riots – are going to lift Trump to a strong victory in the November election. And it is important to remember that these two events come on top of Trump already getting strong marks for his handling of the economy, international relations, illegal immigration, law-and-order, and building The Wall on the Mexican border.

Americans see Trump as a strong leader, which is a quality that ‘we the people’ seek in a president. This is something that the Fake News media will never admit to. There are unspoken qualities about Trump that sit well with the voting public – a sense of confidence and strength.

Democrats and their media cronies also would like to forget that Trump “has nine lives”, that he has survived every media and legal assault on him and that he got himself elected on the first try, that Donald Trump has political powers far beyond anything else that we have seen in the USA ever before.

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