Far-Left Democrat Mayors are Ruining their own Cities

Far-left Democrat mayors in New York, San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, Minneapolis and others appear to be allowing the destruction of their own cities.

A rational person would say that this can’t be true, and it does sound utterly implausible. Yet it is happening, but millions of Americans will never believe it.

You should see the videos of Portland, Oregon, which has been in a state of chaos for years as it shifted further and further to the left. After six weeks of full-scale street rioting since the beginning of June 2020, blocks of the downtown are boarded up or empty. Every night the rioters do more damage and the police are powerless to stop it as hundreds of rioters have been arrested but the local district attorney has set them free. The national media are ignoring this story.

So we must wonder if these mayors and other city officials are intentionally trying to destroy their own cities. And the answer is yes they are. But the question is, Why?

And the answer is found in the very basis of far-left socialism and communism. They both are ultimately ideologies of negativity and destruction and these cities are simply acting out this negativity and destruction.

It is important to remember how the left works. It attracts people who are doubtful, crazy, self-loathing, insecure, fearful, angry and violent. These people are like the enraged woman who will break all of her fine china in a fit of rage. And then when she is finished, she won’t even care. She might just find something else to break.

We all know that “city people” (liberals) and “country people” (conservatives) are opposites. And we could expect nothing else. We know that city people aren’t going to go to bed at 8 and rise at 5 to plow the fields. City people are often just getting to bed at 5 in the morning.

We also know that cities have vastly more wealth, extravagance, crime, gays, sex, flamboyance, people of color, corruption, lying, cheating etc. And vastly less common sense. We also know that city people are more permissive and more likely to experiment with various non-traditional arrangements from social to financial to cultural.

We also know that American cities today are run by political leaders who are going to the extreme left after decades of drifting in that direction. They are allowing the cities to deteriorate at an alarming pace.

Just look at San Francisco, which was considered for many decades to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Today it is known for its belligerent homeless population, and streets covered in drug needles and human waste. I know this from news reports, and from an acquaintance who visits there regularly.

This decline came through permissiveness, and this permissiveness is accelerating as things have spun out of control. San Francisco had a reputation since its founding as a place of bawdiness and depravity that re-emerged in the Summer of Love of 1967 when the ‘hippies’ by the tens of thousands from all over America collected in San Francisco to “make the scene” and take drugs in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. Two years later the neighborhood was a boarded-up dump full of homeless people as the story took on a life of its own. This was an omen for the future.

Nikitas3.com visited Portland, Oregon on a few occasions back in the 1970s. It was a totally beautiful and orderly city, fairly conservative, with its famous Rose Festival and stunning views of Mount Hood to the west. But starting back then, a radical element started to move in from California. There was a saying among Oregonians – ‘Don’t Californicate Oregon’.

Well, it happened. Over the next few decades, Portland went from being a regional center open to Western American travelers (railroad hobos, vagabonds, drifters, seasonal migrants, etc.) to being a place where downtown streets and parks were occupied by hard-core homeless, drug addicts, troublemakers and panhandlers.

Today the city has become the home of the radical ‘antifa’ domestic terrorists. Portland is in total crisis with rioting in the downtown, all happening with the approval of the mayor, a guy named Ted Wheeler. The Oregon governor, a bisexual female named Kate Brown, is allowing Portland to sink into chaos too. She called out fifty (wow, count ’em, fifty) National Guard members but only in a supporting role. In other words, burn baby burn.

This makes no sense, that these politicians would intentionally allow their cities to spiral down and be destroyed, but then again, look at the radical socialist and communist nations of the world for proof of how it works.

Cuba, which has been dominated by the communists since 1959, was a very modern and prosperous island nation up until then. Since then, communist rule has turned Cuba into a poor, backward and oppressed country where they still drive American cars from the 1950s. The Cuban people are easy to hold down since they have no money or means to fight back against the government. This is what the communists want – to weaken the people in order to have power over them. The communists essentially welcomed anyone with intelligence, independence and self-reliance to leave, first of all by taking away their property.

Venezuela is the same. It has the world’s largest oil reserves and was the richest nation in South America for decades, yet the ‘socialist’ government, which has become increasingly militant since it first came to power in 1998, has made the nation poor, where people are starving, millions have fled, and where there are energy shortages in a nation full of energy.

This is what communism does – it destroys. The people of communist North Korea have 7% the standard of living of people in capitalist South Korea. This makes them easier to control by the communist government. Starvation is widespread in North Korea and there is no electricity outside of the capital city. But if you are part of the elite, you have everything that you want or need, just like the wealthy elites in San Francisco and Portland have everything that they want as their cities deteriorate around them.

Today we see the mayor of New York City ruining his own city. The mayor, Bill De Blasio (his real name is Warren Wilhelm, Jr.) is ratcheting up taxes, letting criminals run free, insulting the police, allowing the homeless to take over subways and parks, chasing business out with an aggressive attitude and policies, and he allowed riots to fester for several days in his city.

De Blasio is frequently referred to as an outright communist, and his intention is the same as all communists – he wants to drive away productive people in order to get an even more iron-handed grip on the city. The poorer the people are, the more they need the government and people like De Blasio.

President Trump, who was born in New York City and lived there for his entire life and made his fortune there, has moved his official residence to Florida. By forcing out anyone who might oppose his agenda, De Blasio is sacrificing the well-being of the city in order to concentrate his power.

Does he care? Hell, no. This is intentional. It’s like the communists in Cuba or Venezuela who took over prosperous nations and turned them into misery.

Worst of all, De Blasio has been at war with his police department since he was first elected in 2013. Many New Yorkers HATE De Blasio. The NYPD HATES De Blasio and the feeling is mutual. And now De Blasio and the radical city council are going to cut the police budget by a whopping $1 billion, or 15% of the total. He even helped to paint a Black Lives Matter street mural in front of Trump Tower.

Sounds familiar, like the mayor of Portland handcuffing his own police. And the city council of Minneapolis saying that it wants to eliminate the police department entirely. The mayor in Minneapolis is famous for letting his city burn for four nights before calling out the National Guard to end the crisis.

Meanwhile the very liberal people of these cities are being hurt most by these policies. And Nikitas3.com predicts a mass exodus from the cities after these riots, on top of the virus. This exodus will include younger, whiter, more rational, wealthier, better educated and skilled people including many conservatives, who do exist in these cities and who will be the first to flee. This will leave behind a blacker, browner, poorer, less educated, older and sicker population. This includes many unemployed radicals who are so crazy that they don’t even care, and other poor people who don’t care about anything.

This sounds familiar. Ted Wheeler and Bill De Blasio don’t care if one million residents flee; in fact they will be happy. This will leave their cities with more hard-core supporters. Do these mayors care that attacks on Catholic churches are increasing? No. Yet Catholics played a huge role in building these cities.

Poor black and brown people in New York are going to suffer most when jobs disappear and crime goes through the roof, as it already is doing, and when businesses and productive people flee. But their voices will be ignored by the Fake News media. We should never forge the militant congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez fighting to keep 25,000 Amazon jobs OUT of New York City. Amazing. See the pattern?

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