Visit New Hampshire to see Conservative Success

The state of New Hampshire, in the far northeastern corner of the US, has a history as the most faithfully and ideologically conservative state in the union. Tucked away in ultra-liberal New England, New Hampshire stands out. Its state motto, printed on every license plate, is ‘Live Free or Die’. What a place. was born and raised in next-door Massachusetts and so I know about New Hampshire. As I was growing up, we didn’t hear much about NH. It was “different” from the rest of New England but nothing special. We didn’t know anyone there. The first reference I had to New Hampshire was that a boyhood friend had moved there after college, and I visited a few times.

But as time has passed, anyone with a brain realizes that there is something totally magical about the place. The first thing you notice if you visit in Summer, as I recently did for a weekend, is that motorcyclists are not required under law to wear helmets. That is the ultimate personal-freedom statement. When you see a hogger flash by you at 90 miles per hour on Route 101 with his hair flowing in the wind, you know that you are in the ‘Live Free or Die’ state. And when you see a lady biker without a helmet astride her burly Harley, you know that you are in a very unique place.

In the late 1970s when I lived in Vermont for a few (thankfully) brief years, I remember the contempt that the liberals had for New Hampshire. They said that it was a nutty, right-wing state without a sales tax or state income tax and suggested that nobody in their right mind would live there.

Today, however, the success of New Hampshire is nationally known. In a sea of declining New England and Northeastern economies including flailing New York state, New Hampshire stands out as the success story. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over New England and the US, including many, many liberals, have flocked to The Granite State for its economic success, just as the same people have flocked to Texas, Georgia, South Carolina, Montana and other conservative bastions.

In other words, once liberalism has destroyed your state, you pack up and head to a ‘right-wing’ state for peace and prosperity. This fact alone alone proves the superiority of capitalism and conservatism, contradicting the Fake News media reports and college professors’ opinions about the superiority of socialism. In other words, there’s nothing like the real world to affirm our conservative ideals.

The roads in New Hampshire are remarkably wide and well-maintained. Main highways are 4 and 6 full lanes and even more. ‘Strip’ roads in every town, with grocery stores, Home Depot and Walmart on the side, are broad avenues of commerce with plenty of room for all to maneuver. Gas stations are spotless, expansive lots with plenty of room to fuel up and stop for a snack in the well-stocked stores.

Despite some negative impact from the Chinese virus, New Hampshire is still humming. Even the cars show the state’s prosperity. In just 24 hours, spotted a Lamborghini, rare Porsches and Jaguars, two Ferraris and even an antique 1990s Acura NSX, which is a pretty rare car. Even the state’s everyday cars are shiny, new and bright.

Every town, even a small town, is neat and well-kept, with fresh paint and well-maintained buildings, some of them very historic. I visited the town of Portsmouth, near the coast. Incorporated in 1643, the place is historically significant. It has a vibrant downtown full of shops catering to the tourist trade. Portsmouth also is home to a former Air Force SAC base and has been the site of a Navy shipyard for more than 200 years.

The best part of New Hampshire is its people. They are open, courteous and friendly. They radiate conservative optimism. They will help you out whenever you need it. They don’t act like you owe them a thing. They are classic conservatives – they will do whatever you need them to do, with a smile on their faces.

And that is the manifestation of conservative optimism. You won’t see scowling liberals watching your every move, like not wearing a mask. In two days in NH, I saw virtually no masks. Virus? What virus?

For the last 40 years, as New England has declined in its economic might – Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts are classic examples of socialist economic decline – New Hampshire has boomed. Everywhere you look there are NEW homes, NEW factories, NEW businesses.

But that does not mean that the state is overdeveloped. It has some of the most beautiful New England forest land you have ever seen and its mountains are spectacular, including Mount Washington, the highest point in the Eastern US.

Mostly what you notice is that you are in a different world the moment that you enter The Granite State. recommends that you take a trip there if you want to have your conservative credentials affirmed and if you just want to have a good time in a really nice place.

Now here is a commentary from December 2019 called Global Warming Debunked Again/ Why are So Many Women Unhappy. It is still pertinent today.

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