Another French Cathedral Fire / Police Group Backs Trump/ Virus Lockdown Backlash

A major fire broke out at an historic French cathedral on July 18, 2020. Yahoo News reports:

An arson investigation has been launched after a major fire broke out in a historic French cathedral.

The blaze blasted out stained glass windows and destroyed the grand organ in the 15th-century building in the city of Nantes on Saturday, officials said.

The incident is being treated as a criminal act, a prosecutor said at the scene. Pierre Sennes said three fires had been started at the site.

Images have shown smoke billowing from the cathedral, while a blaze lit up the building.

Residents and tourists watched aghast, and emergency workers cordoned off the area around the St Peter and St Paul Cathedral, which sits in the historical centre of Nantes, a city in western France.

The fire had broken out behind the grand organ, which was completely destroyed, local fire chief Laurent Ferlay said.

Stained glassed windows at the front of the cathedral were blown out.

OK, first, notice that this fire is already considered to be arson since the evidence clearly points that way. believes that is was the work of muslim terrorists or anti-Christian factions like communists in France.

Second, the organ was destroyed. It will be impossible to replace since it is such a complex and historic instrument.

Third, this is part of a pattern of attacks on Europe and on Christianity that has been going on over the last 25 years sparked by the migration of millions of radical muslims into Europe. This is happening in the US too, like in the July 11 arson attack on the historic California church named for St. Junipero Serra.

On April 15, 2019, the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned. Every Fake News media report has suggested that the fire was accidental since the roof was being worked on at the time even though nobody knows to this day what started the fire. has said many times that the Notre Dame fire was certainly a terrorist attack on the heart of European Christianity since Notre Dame has been suggested many times by islamists as a target and would be an obvious target.

And the evidence points to arson since construction projects are scrupulously monitored in these very historic buildings by multiple groups like fire safety experts, church officials, architects and historical groups. There is virtually zero chance that the Notre Dame fire was an accident from a cigarette, a hastily-strung electrical cord or an open flame like a heater or torch. These things are simply not allowed.

The Notre Dame fire broke out after work crews had left the site. believes that the fire was started by a terrorist incendiary device planted in the attic area, which is made of 800-year-old wood that is totally dry. believes that the device was triggered by a cell phone and that the device was planted by a muslim, pro-muslim or anti-Christian worker at the site.

After searching on the web has found no final report about the fire, which we should expect after more than a year. But we know that globalist, socialist, communist, open-borders and anti-Christian forces in the French government and media certainly would do everything in their power to divert us from knowing that it was a terror attack in order to protect muslims. fully expects the final report to say that the fire was an accident and that terrorism will never be mentioned.

It is time for Europe and the United States to start a mass deportation program against muslims who have immigrated illegally. The war in Syria is over, and thus these islamists can return there, as well as to Pakistan, Afghanistan and other backward muslim nations. Or they can go to oil-rich islamic nations like Saudi Arabia or Dubai, which have the wealth to take care of them.

Most muslims who have come to the Christian nations have poor work habits, low economic achievement or a propensity for violence. In Paris, there are sections of the city controlled by muslims that the police are afraid to go into. This runs contrary to everything that an open society is supposed to stand for.

Police Group Backs Trump

After decades in which unionized police officers have increasingly supported Democrat candidates, the tide is turning to pro-police president Trump. This was manifested in this recent report from The New York Post.

A coalition of police unions and associations across the country is endorsing President Trump’s re-election bid, recognizing his “steadfast and very public support” of law enforcement officers.

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO), which represents more than 1,000 police units and associations nationwide, threw its support behind Trump in a letter released Wednesday acknowledging his “continued strong support” of cops tasked to protect Americans.

“Our endorsement recognizes your steadfast and very public support for our men and women on the front lines, especially during this time of unfair and inaccurate opprobrium being directed at our members by so many,” wrote the group’s president, Michael McHale.

The group also praised Trump for directing Attorney General Bill Barr to “aggressively prosecute those who attack our officers,” a reference to ongoing nationwide protests against racial injustice in the aftermath of George Floyd’s police-custody death, some of which have included violence against police officers.

The endorsement by the association — which met with Trump on Monday — comes after it did not back a candidate in the 2016 election, Fox News reports. It did, however, support former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in both the 2008 and 2012 elections.

This is more good new for the president’s re-election after his polls have been surging recently. This comes after police have been shifting to the Democrat left all over the country for decades, particularly in cities. This was usually a result of their union status and Democrats’ support for unions but also represented many police officers (there are variously reported to be 800,000 to 900,000 police officers in the US) being propagandized by the left over many years.

NAPO’s endorsement of Trump comes after a widespread spike in public fear about crime in the wake of the riots and lawlessness that have gripped our cities in recent weeks. It is certain to boost president Trump’s re-election bid as fears over the riots have certainly shifted millions of voters to law-and-order Trump.

And Trump is not just posturing. He is truly pro-police and pro-military and so his support for cops is genuine and in stark contrast to Democrats and their anti-police and de-fund the police movement.

Tens of millions of rank-and-file Democrats over the last few decades have passively supported their party’s soft-on-crime agenda because it did not seem to affect them personally. In particular we have seen lenient judges, light sentences, criminals’ rights expanded, aggressive defense attorneys using every technicality to get criminals exonerated, criminal arrogance and even criminals portrayed in a positive light, like the black Philadelphia cop killer who has been made out be a hero in left-wing communities across the US.

But the nation has watched in shock and horror in recent weeks as arson and looting tore apart our cities and criminals brazenly attacked police. believes that this reality has changed many minds, that millions of Democrats have shifted strongly away from their party’s governors and mayors who allowed their own cities to suffer and burn.

In New York City, a thug who attacked the police department’s top uniformed cop has been released without bail since New York state adopted a no-bail law that became effective on January 1. And when this attacker is due in court, chances are that he won’t show up, but it may not make any difference anyway. The judge will probably let him go free as left-wing judges have joined Democrat politicians in dismantling our criminal justice system.

Here are some other examples of criminals acting with increasing fearlessness:

*In Portland, Oregon, hundreds of rioters turn out every night to attack the cops and deface and smash windows in the city’s downtown buildings, including the federal courthouse. The police are powerless to stop them since many rioters have been arrested while the radical district attorney is prosecuting none of them.

*On president Trump’s inauguration day on January 20, 2017, hundreds of rioters smashed windows and burned cars in downtown Washington, DC, yet none of them were convicted of crimes.

*Thousands of criminals have been released from jails nationwide under the guise of the virus pandemic.

This friends, is what a ‘pro-criminal’ agenda looks like. And this all started in the 1960s in a culture that glorified illegal drug use, which was the trigger for the current crisis.

Once that the ‘hippies’ considered themselves free to openly use illegal drugs without major repercussions, the horse was out of the barn. This illegal drug agenda coincided with a “do whatever you want” mindset from the ‘hippie’ left that evolved in the 1960s, meaning that every type of activity was condoned.

Just look at how Democrats have been fighting in recent decades to offer voting rights back to convicted felons. It gets worse. Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders wants all prisoners in jails to have the right to vote.

It is obvious where this all has taken us. A sense of lawlessness had gripped cities for many decades. There was a backlash, for instance in the election of law-and-order mayor Rudy Giuliani in New York City in 1993, and most New Yorkers were happy with Giuliani’s crackdown on crime.

But the tide has turned in the last 7 years since a radical leftist mayor was elected. Many mayors across the US today are militants like the mayor of New York who is stoking crime and lawlessness with his pronouncements against police. Interestingly very high numbers of even New York liberals despise this mayor. Many of them will vote for Trump.

Virus Lockdown Backlash Emerges

1980s Hollywood TV actress/activist Alyssa Milano has called for a national lockdown in response to the virus pandemic. She tweeted:

“F— this, And all these a–holes are talking about our kids going back to school?! We need a NATIONAL shut down NOW. Print cash. Give people (universal basic income) until we get this pandemic under control,”

This is easy to say for someone with a $10 million net worth and a wealthy husband, who probably sends her kids to private school and can afford paid nannies to deal with her two children. Meanwhile government workers, who are generally on the political left with Milano, are not losing their jobs by the millions in the shutdowns.

What does Milano know about the virus? Does she know that US virus deaths are at an all-time low? Of course not. She simply feeds off of the media hysteria about spikes in infections here and there without regard for the fraud in reporting them, like dozens of Florida testing centers reporting 100% positivity rates, which is obviously impossible. In another recent case, a Floridian killed in a motorcycle crash was listed as a virus death.

Ironically Milano cannot explain how her own state of California has surging virus cases after the most stringent lockdown in the US, while South Dakota has remained open throughout the crisis but has very few cases.

This is typical of how the elites support things like the virus lockdown and de-funding the police while they live in their gated communities in wealthy towns in California.

Meanwhile a California pastor pastor said that he would defy California governor Gavin Newsom’s latest coronavirus lockdown and may even challenge Newsom at the polls. Newsom could be recalled by angry voters before his re-election cycle in 2022.

Pastor Greg Fairrington, leader of 3,500-members Destiny Christian Church outside of Sacramento, said he plans to continue holding in-person services despite Newsom’s new shutdown order.

“We need to collectively take a stand and say, ‘We are the church, and we have a Biblical and First Amendment right to worship together,’” the pastor added.

Fairrington represents a major political backlash against Democrat mayors and governors who have allowed rioters and protesters to run free in their cities while locking down law-abiding citizens over the virus epidemic. believes that Fairrington could beat Newsom, that everything has changed with the virus and the riots.

There are potential recall campaigns brewing against Newsom, against the mayors of Seattle and Boise, Idaho, and against the governor of Michigan, all Democrats. In other words, The Silent Majority is awakening. Expect these recall campaigns to grow and pick up steam.

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