Trump Will Win Washington state, Oregon Electoral Votes/ Backlash Against China Begins predicts that president Trump will win an easy re-election, including the Electoral College votes in Washington state and Oregon. These are two states which have voted Democrat in presidential elections for decades.

In 2016 Hillary Clinton won Oregon by 11 points and Washington state by 17 points. But believes that many independent voters in both states, and some Democrat voters too, who have been swinging the states to the Democrats for decades, are going to move to Trump in big numbers as rioters have looted and burned their largest cities of Seattle and Portland. Both cities have far-left Democrat mayors, and both states have far-left Democrat governors, while president Trump is making this urban chaos a major issue in his re-election.

Oregon and Washington are examples of once-conservative states that have drifted further and further to the left in recent decades, starting in the 1970s. You have to go back to 1984 for the last time that a Republican – incumbent president Ronald Reagan – won either state’s Electoral College votes.

But these riots have changed everything, including conditions in liberal Minnesota. President Trump came close to winning the electoral votes in Minnesota in 2016, losing by only 45,000 votes or .5 points. You have to go all the way back to 1972 to find the last time that Minnesota voted for a Republican presidential candidate.

The riots in Minneapolis shocked Minnesotans to their cores. An estimated 200 businesses were burned and there was $500 million in property damage. This happened after the far-left mayor of Minneapolis allowed the rioting to go on for four nights before finally calling out the National Guard to restore order. The daughter of the left-wing Minnesota governor even was found to have tweeted out sensitive information on the whereabouts of Guard troops, which she obviously got from her father. This information helped the rioters.

Even before the riots suggested in a commentary that Trump was going to win Minnesota in 2020. Now sees it as a sure thing.

There already is talk about recall elections against the leftist mayor of Seattle. This may spread to include the Democrat governors of Washington, Michigan and Oregon, and the Democrat mayors of Portland, Boise, Idaho and Minneapolis. This all will redound to the benefit of president Trump, and even if there are not formal recall elections. The anger of voters is never going to be recalled.

In Oregon, there has been rioting in Portland for seven straight weeks now, which is not being covered by the Fake News media. This is certainly deeply disturbing to many Oregonians who have voted Democrat for many years and even decades but who have watched the destruction of downtown Portland in horror by communist mobs like ‘antifa’ and another groups called “black lives matter”.

At the same time, there is a significant congressional race brewing that will probably bring president Trump to Oregon for a rally that could tip the state. In the 4th congressional district, in the largely rural southwestern and coastal part of Oregon, the seat has been held by a leftist Democrat for decades. Unfortunately the district includes the college towns of Eugene and Corvallis, which have helped to assure that the seat is held by a Democrat.

But a strong Republican challenger has emerged this year. His name is Alek Skarlatos and he is a former US Army National Guard soldier who, along with fellow Americans Spencer Stone and Anthony Sadler, stopped a terrorist gunman from attacking a Paris-bound train in August 2015. Skarlatos received international attention for the feat and was awarded France’s highest decoration, Knights of the Legion of Honour (Chevaliers de la Légion d’honneur) for his heroism.

In this age of domestic terrorism in our American cities, believes that Skarlatos will win the seat as his candidacy contrasts starkly to the riots in Portland and nearby Seattle, and the permissive Democrats who are allowing them.

Backlash Against China Begins has said several times that there is one very good outcome of the virus pandemic and that is that the world is putting the brakes on communist Chinese expansion around the globe. This would not have happened without the pandemic.

Over the last 20 years China has been using its vast wealth (the Chinese economy is the world’s second largest at $12 trillion in annual GDP. The US is #1 at $22 trillion.) to spread communist propaganda and to fund infrastructure development projects (railroads, roads, ports, bridges, etc.) in poor nations under the so-called Belt and Road Initiative. This indebted these nations to China, which effectively put them into China’s orbit. This was part of China’s long-term plan for global dominance, starting with the poorest countries.

But since the pandemic has exposed evil China for what it really is, the world is striking back. reports about just one recent example:

The Government of Japan is going to pay 87 Japanese companies a total of 70 billion yen (worth $653 million US) to move factories out of China to Southeast Asia or Japan, reports financial newspaper Nikkei.

On Friday, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry unveiled the first group of Japanese companies to subsidise for shifting manufacturing out of China.

The move came in a bid to reduce Japan’s reliance on its large neighbour (China) and build resilient supply chains.

China is normally Japan’s biggest trading partner and Japanese companies have some massive investments there. The Covid-19 pandemic has damaged economic ties between the two countries as well as China’s image in Japan.

OK, this is just the beginning of the global backlash that is going to de-fund the Chinese economy, all to the benefit of the free world. has suggested that the US do the following to punish China: Renege on more than $1 trillion in US debt paper held by China; seize all Chinese assets in the US and sell them off to the highest bidder (China is reported to have part or full ownership of 2,400 US companies along with real estate, land, etc.); reduce or halt the importation of Chinese products into the US; finance the return of all US factories from China to the US, as Japan has begun doing; and expel all Chinese nationals from the US. believes that president Trump may institute some or all of these policies. also suggests that poor countries that owe money to China for infrastructure projects simply refuse to repay China as revenge for the economic destruction that the virus has inflicted on them and the world.

Meanwhile China has been hit with massive floods that have affected 50% of the country. Damages could reach $100 billion and possibly more. So it appears that the world is turning against China, and mother nature too.

Another Illegal Immigrant, Another Crime

When president Trump was savaged for saying in 2015 that “rapists” are coming over the border as illegal immigrants from Mexico, he was indeed guilty of not being totally accurate. We know that he should have gone much further in that a large proportion of these illegal immigrants are not just rapists, but murderers, assaulters, drug dealers, terrorists, child molesters and drunk drivers who kill good Americans, among the many crimes that they commit. Let’s start out with an assault. Breitbart News reports:

An illegal alien has been arrested for allegedly attacking a female jogger just one day after he was released from police custody in Denver, Colorado, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials say.

Julio Andres Gonzalez-Palacios, a 23-year-old illegal alien from Guatemala, was in Denver Police Department custody on July 9 after being arrested and charged with assault and burglary.

ICE officials said they placed a detainer on Gonzalez-Palacios on July 10, requesting that he be held in local custody until federal immigration agents could transfer him into their custody. The Denver Police Department said they notified ICE three and half hours before Gonzalez-Palacios’ release.

The heads-up, though, was not enough time for ICE agents to take Gonzalez-Palacios into their custody, and he was freed into the general public. Colorado’s sanctuary state policy prohibits law enforcement from holding a suspect for ICE.

The next day, on July 11, Gonzalez-Palacios allegedly attacked a female jogger with a board. The woman has been seriously injured and is still recovering in the hospital. Gonzalez-Palacios was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

According to ICE, Gonzalez-Palacios has been convicted of multiple crimes in Denver since 2017, including theft, assault, failure to appear in court, and trespassing.

But sadly it gets vastly worse. Look at this from the Associated Press:

A man remained jailed Sunday after being charged in a fatal crash in Central Texas that killed three people and injured nine others.

Members of the Thin Blue Line Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club were on a ride Saturday south of Kerrville when a vehicle crossed a highway center strip and crashed into the group, according to the Kerr County Sheriff’s Office. Kerrville is located about 65 miles (105 kilometers) northwest of San Antonio.

“The ride was in celebration of the club’s birthday when the accident occurred,” the sheriff’s office said.

The motorcycle club is part of a national group that is made up of active duty, retired and reserve law enforcement officers.

The vehicle’s driver, 28-year-old Ivan Robles (Navejas), was arrested and has been charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter and six counts of intoxication assault.

Court records did not list an attorney for Robles, who is from Center Point, Texas, which is southeast of Kerrville.

The nine motorcycle club members who were hospitalized were listed in critical condition, according to the sheriff’s office.

Gee, Ivan Robles Navejas sounds like an hispanic name. Is he an illegal? Well, look here… reports:

A 28-year-old man arrested Saturday on suspicion of causing a crash on Medina Highway that killed three motorcyclists has been accused of being in the United States illegally.

Ivan Robles Navejas is in the Kerr County jail this morning on bonds totaling $500,000, according to jail records. But even if he could make bail, Navejas wouldn’t be released without the approval of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, because an “immigration hold” has been placed on his file, according to records.

Navejas’ alleged country of origin was not immediately available.

So there you go. Build the Wall! Stop illegal immigration! But wait. There’s more. Fox News reports:

A Georgia deputy was killed in the line of duty after being struck by a vehicle while working the scene of an accident along Interstate-85, police say.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, according to Fox Carolina, said William Garner had just joined the department around a year ago and now leaves behind his wife, parents and brother.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s family,” the sheriff’s office added in a statement.

The driver behind the wheel of the car that allegedly hit him, identified by Fox Carolina as 21-year-old Abdulhafiz Tawfik Abdullahi, is now facing a first-degree homicide by vehicle charge.

Hmmmm… Abdulhafiz Tawfik Abdullahi. That is not an Irish name. It sounds like a muslim name. Let’s find out if he is illegal or maybe “a refugee”…

Travel Advisory for… New York City!?!

We are accustomed to liberals telling us how dangerous it is to visit this country or that state, usually out of political correctness. For instance, the state of California has repeatedly told its state employees that they cannot travel to certain conservative states in response to various political transgressions in those states.

Now the tables have been turned. A city councilman from East Fishkill, NY, which is 70 miles north of New York City, has issued a travel advisory for the City, warning residents to stay away from the City due to a rise in crime.

NYPD data shows that the city saw a 130% rise in shooting incidents in June 2020 compared with June 2019, and a 51% rise in car thefts.

“Due to the rising rate of violence and major crimes, it is recommended that area residents exercise increased caution while visiting New York City,” Anil Beephan said in the advisory posted on Facebook. He noted that “armed criminals have been known to target and attack individuals, both pre-meditated and at random.”

Imagine that. Indeed we all know that everything that liberals say and do really reflects themselves. In other words, if they call you a racist, it means that they are racists. And if they say that conservatives make people poor, it is really Democrats who make people poor. And that the real places we should avoid are not conservative states – where Americans are running to by the millions – but liberal cities, from which millions are fleeing.

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