The Goal of Socialism is to Ruin Our Lives & Happiness recently took a day-trip to Vermont, a state that is beautiful beyond words. The mountains, blanketed in trees like a million green fuzzballs, and the verdant farm fields in the valleys, are spectacularly scenic. Umber rock cliffs towered 1,000 feet over one farm where I stopped to buy tomatoes.

Unfortunately Vermont has been overtaken by communist radicals like Bernie Sanders who moved there from the cities and suburbs in the 1960s and 1970s as part of the “back to the land” movement. But if you look at the state closely, you will still see many good people living normal lives who are not radicals and who adhere to old-fashioned values like family, faith, friends, flag and firearms. It is important to remember that 31% of Vermonters voted for Trump in 2016, and so there is some hope for the state.

In my 7 hours in Vermont, I saw one single person with a virus mask. It was a police officer who was certainly forced to wear the mask and he was blocking the parking lot at a famous swimming hole to keep people away. It must have been a local anti-virus ordinance that shut down the swimming hole since drove 20 miles north to another town and had a wonderful afternoon swimming at picturesque Lake St. Catherine. Nobody there was wearing a mask. Nobody. It was as if the virus did not even exist.

When I saw that police officer, and the swimming hole shut down on one of the hottest days of the year, it reminded me once again that Democrats and socialists always try to destroy any vestige of normalcy and happiness. They are angry, immature, frustrated, confused people. They are weak people who are targeted and cultivated by the hysterical left to go out and spread misery.

Look at how the news media are covering the Chinese virus. They tally every new case and death in apocalyptic terms even though we don’t even know what the real numbers are, but that death rates are falling. Every newscast carries dire warnings about every athlete, actor and singer who catches the virus. It is all intended to make us sad, fearful and depressed.

They are harassing us about masks. They never stop. There are videos on the internet of people being badgered about not wearing masks which demonstrates the way that liberals try to make us miserable every day, and to control us in every possible way.

Leftists take normal things that make our lives worth living like hard work, faith and family and impugn them ruthlessly. But then they encourage bad things like wild drug-taking, rioting and promiscuous sex, which have done a massive amount of harm to tens of millions of Americans. There even is a movement on the left to legitimize the taking of LSD, which is a drug that has destroyed millions of people. It is a very dangerous mind-altering hallucinogen that has sent many people on “trips” from which they never returned.

If you look at an issue like so-called ‘global warming’ you see the same thing – angry, controlling, joy-killing leftists hard at work. They tell us over and over that the world is coming to an end, which it clearly is not. There has been record cold weather and snow in New England over the last ten years. This ‘warming’ alarmism is intended to ruin our lives with worry, just like they are trying to ruin our lives with fear over the Chinese virus by making a day of swimming impossible.

What is wrong with these people? Why do they insist on demonizing anything that is positive in this world like law-and-order and working hard and a day in the cool waters of a swimming hole.

These riots are another way to make us fearful for our own safety. And it is getting worse. In Memphis a miniature-golf entertainment center was trashed by a gang of black teenagers. This looks like a staged attack, to show us how the violent left is working even with kids to spread fear and misery.

On my trip to Vermont, it was an awesome Sunday with hot sun, great clouds, and lots of folks out for a drive to enjoy the day. But this did stop the scowling lefty lunatics. I saw one guy and girl holding signs by the roadside saying that ‘Trump is a White Supremacist’. And I thought to myself that it would be nice if these people would take one single day off from their rage and anger to enjoy a nice afternoon.

But they never do. They can never stop. They are do deeply immersed in their insecurity, anger and self-hatred that they cannot stop themselves from trying to spread their social poison every minute of every day. saw through this stuff decades ago. In college, I joined an environmental group back in 1973. I was told that the world was running out of oil. After a brief period, I quit the group because I did not believe that the world was coming to an end or that oil was running out. And today we have proof that I was correct, with more oil supplies than ever and some of the lowest gasoline prices in history.

Of course we can see the opposite happening too. When we should be really concerned about very bad news, like the riots in our cities, the same Democrats tell us not to worry, that the riots are just ‘peaceful protests’. One Democrat congressman said that the riots are “a myth” while suddenly thousands of people protesting and rioting are not dangerously spreading the virus, like, say, people going to church or attending a family gathering are allegedly doing.

In fact these protesters are so crazy that Seattle is planning to cut the police budget by 50% and to shut down the county jail. And they see this as a positive thing while thousands of residents prepare to flee the city in fear.

You can rest assured that if Joe Biden is elected president in November – which predicts he will never be – that the virus story will disappear from the media overnight since it exists solely to dispirit us and make us feel unhappy in the Age of Trump.

But basically, friends, people on the left are insane and they are getting worse every day. This is the fundamental crisis in today’s politics. Their mental illness is debilitating them and they wish to spread their dysfunction and unhappiness to everyone. As the old expression goes, “Misery loves company…”

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