Chaotic Political Conditions Will Assure Trump Victory

The convergence of the virus lockdowns and the urban riots strongly favors president Trump’s re-election. Here are the ways that that is true:

*The riots are causing chaos in some of our cities. If this chaos continues until election day, which expects, then voting in the cities could be significantly disrupted. Since the cities are centers of Democrat power, this will harm Democrat turnout and help president Trump’s re-election.

If urban voters are afraid to go out to vote, or if the virus restrictions cause them to stay home out of fear of getting sick, there will be a much stronger Trump victory than expected.

*Since Democrat mayors and governors are letting their cities burn and be looted, then millions of Democrats and independents, including city dwellers, are going to shift their votes to law-and-order Trump. This will aid Trump’s re-election greatly. These riots are doing irreparable and irreversible damage to the image of the Democrat party.

*Since conservatives and Trump supporters are much less afraid of the virus than liberals and Democrats in the cities, then conservatives and Republicans are vastly more likely to go out and vote if the virus is still around on election day, which it very likely will be. If they are forced to wear masks in the polling places, they will do it to vote for Trump.

*Trump’s support is strongest in suburban, small-town and rural areas where people are much less likely to be afraid to go out and vote, either because they are less afraid of the virus than Democrats; because the virus is much less prevalent in those areas; or because there are not going to be violent anarchists roaming the streets as there are in cities.

*Trump voters are vastly more “enthusiastic” about voting for the president than Biden supporters are about voting for Biden. And ‘enthusiasm’ is a known political phenomenon that wins elections. So if urban voters feel afraid of the virus and/or the riots, and are not “enthusiastic” to begin with, then that is going to be a double whammy on Biden’s vote total.

*If the weather is bad on election day, Trump voters won’t care. They are “enthusiastic” about their candidate and will be sure to vote. Biden voters are much less ‘enthusiastic’ and may stay home if there is rain or maybe even snow on election day.

*Biden will probably not hold any campaign rallies. He is probably not capable of doing so since he seems to be suffering mentally. Biden is probably terrified of the virus as well, and of traveling, since he is much more frail than Trump. Biden may have other significant health problems that we don’t even know about. All added up, it is bad news for Biden versus a vigorous and fearless Trump.

*With the riots and virus dominating the news, it is very difficult for Biden to get his message out in any way, shape or form as Trump continues to dominate the news cycle as president. Biden is simply missing and avoiding public appearances. Chris Wallace of Fox News has asked Biden for an interview but Biden has turned him down. This is a major sign of weakness since Wallace is anti-Trump and would certainly handle Biden with kid gloves. But Biden does not want to face any kind of scrutiny at all.

*President Trump will be holding rallies that will dominate news coverage in the states that he visits. But these rallies will be different from past rallies.

Because of the virus, Trump will most likely hold rallies right at the airports where Air Force One lands, where a smaller crowd – perhaps a few thousand compared to 20,000 at his previous indoor arena rallies – meets him outdoors or in a hangar at the airport rather than Trump going in his motorcade to a downtown arena.

These rallies will be much easier to organize and will allow Trump to hold more and shorter rallies, like five or six rallies in a day hopping from airport to airport, and thus to cover many more cities and states. This would be a smart political strategy. Trump’s long 90-minute rallies are very theatrical, but as the election nears, he needs to focus on getting out a more succinct and hard-hitting message, like a 30-minute speech, and then going on to the next rally.

Meanwhile a new phenomenon has emerged where Trump rallies are being watched on the internet. An estimated 14 MILLION people viewed Trump’s Tulsa rally on the internet and on the Fox News channel. If this continues, as expects it will, then Trump will reach many more people through his rallies with much less work.

*Americans are turning in large numbers against ‘black lives matter’ and other radical Democrat-supported groups. This is going to redound greatly to president Trump’s benefit. Americans are also overwhelmingly opposed to de-funding the police, which is a Democrat/leftist idea.

*If colleges are closed or curtailed due to the virus, this will cut into Biden’s vote totals. has personally witnessed how colleges chauffeur students to local polling places in vans in big numbers.

In addition, millions of kids are registered to vote at their college addresses. If they don’t go back to school and/or don’t change their voting address in time for election day, then they cannot vote.

*With the violence roiling our cities, Democrats are going to be blamed as Democrat mayors allow the cities to deteriorate. This is going to help law-and-order Trump greatly with all but the most extreme Democrats constituencies. In the 1968 election, riots at the Democrat national convention in Chicago tipped a close election to Republican Richard Nixon.

*Millions of voters in crucial swing states like North Carolina, Virginia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are furious at the way that their Democrat governors have locked them down so severely with the virus. Trump is going to appear at rallies in those states and take full advantage of that anger to take those states’ electoral votes for himself and win the election.

*Trump has had a strongly pro-American and anti-China agenda right from the start. With the virus having come from China, Trump is going to stress his anti-China agenda, which will resonate with a clear majority of Americans. Meanwhile Trump will stress Biden’s long connections to China in the Obama administration and in his son Hunter Biden’s corrupt ties to China through his fake hedge fund.

*Threats of violence against Trump supporters are going to backfire. Americans don’t want to hear this stuff. It comes from extremists.

*Notre Dame University has opted out of holding the first presidential debate on September 29. believes that this is a step in a strategy to try to get the debates cancelled entirely in order to save Biden, who would do very poorly in a debate with president Trump.

But this strategy won’t work; Americans want to see the candidates debate. Notre Dame is blaming the virus for the debate cancellation, but they could easily put on the debate without an audience and be perfectly fine.

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