Trump Correct about Mail-In Votes / Italy may Flee European Union

President Trump is absolutely correct in suggesting that the coming presidential election could be rife with fraud if balloting is done by mail-in votes. He also suggested a possible election delay to assure integrity by voting in the traditional way at the polls.

We know that the US Postal Service is a dysfunctional agency that would not be able to professionally handle more than 125 million mail-in ballots, and that studies show that mail-in ballots all over the country have been delayed, altered or lost in significant numbers.

We also know that if hundreds of millions of ballots are mailed out to every registered voter that millions of them will be returned under fraudulent circumstances. For instance, if a dead person has not been removed from the voter rolls and gets a ballot – and this could easily add up to many millions of ballots all over the country – it could be returned by a neighbor or other family member.

If completed ballots are received late, there could be months of disputes over how to count them, for instance in a close election race. A June 23 primary race in New York state using mail-in ballots still is not fully counted. Here is Fox News reporting on another case:

More than 100,000 mail-in ballots were rejected by California election officials during the March presidential primary, according to data obtained by The Associated Press in July, highlighting a glaring gap in the state’s effort to ensure every vote is counted.

The California secretary of state’s election data showed 102,428 mail-in ballots were disqualified in the state’s 58 counties, about 1.5 percent of the nearly 7 million mail-in ballots returned. That percentage is the highest in a primary since 2014, and the overall number is the highest in a statewide election since 2010.

Two years ago, the national average of rejected mail ballots in the general election was about 1.4 percent and in the 2016 presidential election year it was 1 percent, according to a U.S. Election Assistance Commission study.

The most common problem, by far, in California was missing the deadline for the ballot to be mailed and arrive. To count in the election, ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day and received within three days afterward. Statewide, 70,330 ballots missed those marks.

An additional 27,525 either didn’t have a signature, or the signature didn’t match the one on record for the voter.

It is plain to see how mail-in voting is rife with problems that we don’t have with in-person voting. Meanwhile Breitbart News reported:

A local television station conducted an experiment with vote-by-mail and it exposed the shortcomings of the system.

WRDW in Philadelphia sent 100 “mock ballots” from across the city to a P.O. box set up specifically for the test.

A few days later, reporter Tony Dokoupil sent 100 more. He sought to mimic the size and weight of ballot envelopes to ensure the most accurate results.

A week later, Dokoupil went to the post office to pick up the delivered ballots at the PO Box he had created for them.

At first, a worker could not find his mail. When he sought to confirm the answer, he was dismissed.

“Alright then, have a good day,” he was told curtly.

It wasn’t until he spoke to a manager and explained the experiment that he finally found what he was looking for.

“They had them somewhere else,” he was told from behind the protective glass.

Dokoupil tabulated the results:

21 percent of the votes hadn’t been delivered within the same city after four days.
Some mailed a week prior were also missing.

At the end of the experiment, only 97 percent of the ballots arrived. Three percent were missing, leading Dokoupil to declare those mock voters were “disenfranchised by mail.”

The reporter then hit the streets and couldn’t find a resident who would say a kind thing about the mail service.

These are terrible numbers that are going to lead to fraud and mis-counting of mail-in ballots. 97% means that 3% didn’t arrive, and elections are often won by 3% or less. So once again, Trump is correct. Naturally all of the Trump haters are going nuts over Trump’s suggestion of an election delay.

Mail-in votes would be very expensive. Imagine that a state mails out 5 million ballots to every registered voter. That would be very expensive and would require a great deal of manpower as well as cost. Then imagine that only 3 million ballots are returned. That would represent an enormous wasted cost to the state.

Imagine that lawsuits are filed against a state over the mail-in ballots that did not arrive in time, that went to the wrong address, etc. That could drag out the vote count for weeks or months. Then imagine Democrats demanding that Trump step aside until the votes are fully counted. It would be a mess. And it will be a mess.

Meanwhile the same Democrats who think that the China virus is no threat when leftists riot and protest think that the virus is mortally dangerous for citizens to go to vote at the polls and thus that we must use mail-in voting. believes that we should hold the election in the traditional way – that all polling places should be open on election day but that anyone who is afraid for their health or who wants to vote by mail must formally apply for an absentee mail-in ballot. Period. Problem solved.

Will Italy Leave the European Union?

Reuters reported:

A well-known Italian senator is set to launch a political movement with a mission to take Italy out of the European Union, seeking to capitalise on anti-Brussels sentiment as the country struggles to revive its coronavirus-hit economy.

Gianluigi Paragone, a former TV journalist, met Brexit architect Nigel Farage in London on Monday before announcing the formal birth of his “Italexit” party later this week.

“We can no longer be blackmailed by countries that offend the great prestige of Italy,” Paragone said, adding that only a “really sovereign state”, like Britain, can address the economic crisis the pandemic has provoked.

The European Union issue has dominated Italian politics in recent years, with eurosceptics blaming the EU for the country’s chronic economic stagnation and its difficulties in handling migrant arrivals from Africa.

A Eurobarometer survey in 1998 showed 69% of Italians supported EU membership, while in 2002, after the introduction of euro notes and coins, Italy was the second most pro-euro nation after Luxembourg, with 79% expressing a positive opinion.

A survey by pollster SWG at the end of May (2020) showed just 39% of Italians said they trusted the EU.

OK, look at that astounding figure… just 39% trust the EU in a very liberal place like Italy where past support for the EU has been sky-high. This is a huge blow to the prestige of the 27-year-old European Union whose popularity is sinking Europe-wide as the EU seeks to micro-manage the everyday lives of Europeans and imposes deadening socialist policies on the Continent.

Let’s watch this Italian movement. believes that it will become more and more powerful, and that its strength is being underestimated by political pundits just like the strength of Britain’s Brexit movement was underestimated, but then shocked the world.

And as it grows, we can expect more and more European nations to join in in a snowball effect, which is what the globalists fear most.

You Can’t Beat Something (Trump) with Nothing (Biden)

There is an old adage that “you can’t beat something with nothing…” and as the 2020 presidential election approaches, it is becoming clear that president Trump indeed is “something” and that Joe Biden is “nothing”.

Biden is not even campaigning. He has barely been outside of his house in Delaware for months. This offers a terrible image to the voting public of a confused, pale, sickly-looking old man who is intentionally avoiding public exposure. He should be flying all over the country like Trump is doing. believes that Biden is simply not registering with Americans. When voters ask themselves as they head to the polls in November, “Who is Joe Biden and what has he done to earn my vote?” they are going to come up empty. On the other hand, president Trump is seen as bold and commanding. Something versus nothing. The choice is obvious.

Wacky Fauci Must Go

Dr. Fauci is a lunatic. has been calling since March for him to be fired as a virus advisor to Trump. His most bizarre statement came when he suggested that wearing a mask is not enough and that we need to wear… goggles… to fight the Chinese virus.

It really is time to tell this fraudster Fauci to go and play in traffic. He has screwed up the whole country and our economy with his stupidity. has been much more correct about the virus than Fauci. But then again, that is not hard to do. After all I have common sense and Fauci does not.

Black Congressman’s Endless Funeral

The funeral for a black Democrat congressman named John Lewis, who was involved with the civil rights movement back in the 1960s, went on for more than a week. They kept moving his casket here, there and everywhere… Alabama, Washington, Atlanta – and holding services.

It was a typically theatrical Democrat affair. It is amazing just how much liberals think of themselves. They are always obsessed with self-glorification.

For instance president John F. Kennedy is buried in the biggest single plot right near the entrance to Arlington National Cemetery so that visitors can see the Kennedy site first when they enter the cemetery. His brothers are also buried there even though they did not serve in the military. The Kennedy grave is illuminated by an ‘eternal flame’ fueled by natural gas. No worry about ‘global warming’ there.

At Lewis’ final funeral service, one of the speakers blamed Republican president Ronald Reagan – who was in the White House from 1981 to 1989 – for a lack of housing today for blacks because Reagan allegedly cut housing funds from the federal budget (which he did not do). This blame was insulting in that it portrayed blacks as dependent on the government for housing and too lazy and stupid to care for themselves. But then again, this is how the black Democrat political establishment (Lewis, Maxine Waters, Clyburn, etc.) sees its own black constituency.

Obama then used his eulogy at Lewis’ funeral to attack president Trump, which shows once again how low-class Obama really is. In short, Democrats never, ever stop politicizing everything, including funerals and even sports.

Seattle is Reacting Unfavorably to De-Funding Police

After just a few weeks in the public eye, the “defund the police” movement is becoming increasingly unpopular even in left-wing Seattle where it got its start.

Hundreds of Seattle residents spoke out against the proposal to defund the police during a recent city council budget meeting.

The council is considering a plan that could slash the budget of the city’s police department by 50% at the same time that Seattle deals with the coronavirus outbreak, riots and increasing crime.

“Defunding the police is a radical experiment that will hurt the vulnerable,” one member of the public, calling in to the phone-in meeting, told the council.

At the same time, the Seattle Police Officers Guild, the union that represents police officers, said that it has collected more than 20,000 signatures on a “Stop Defunding” petition.

This is good news. We may even get a few thousand extra Trump votes out of Seattle. Meanwhile public opinion polls show strong opposition to police defunding all over the nation, as high as 85% in one poll. believes that the defunding movement will fade away quickly as reality dawns.

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